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Nano Dimension Ltd. (NNDM)

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    I believe in the market for NNDM in the long run and that formula is more involved.

    However on a simpler look, the current price right now is just too attractive; strictly based on the balance sheet. After all the offerings NNDM raised about 1.5B in cash and has almost no debt. And while you need cash to run a smooth operation, excess cash has the least value to investor. The investment of that cash will create more value for investors. So, as we have lots of cash in the short run, I can see nndm explode on any news announcement to deploy that cash; no matter how... of-course I am exaggerating to illustrate a point that any form of investment or pursuit will be most likely better than sitting on a pile of cash at this level.

    And I don't think this next step has been factored into the price yet because nndm did not clearly reveal how they will use this cash; likely acquisition but no specific direction yet.

    I am banking on the added value from that cash in the short run. And I believe the SP will trend side way until NNDM say where they are gonna throw this pile of cash.

    In the long run, I believe we are in a good position to compete and have a sizable market.

    Love to hear what y'all think.
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    Here is a stock metric you rarely see, since for most companies the ratio would be very small: cash on hand to share price. For NNDM that number right now is .534. That's right - every share costing $11.26 on the market is backed by $6.05 for a percentage 53.4% of the market cap backed in cash.

    As an example, Apple has $76.8 billion in cash, that translates to $4.58 per share. With Apple trading at $126, the ratio of cash to share price is .036 - that's right Apple's share price is backed up by 3.6% cash to the stock's price. Apple also has 112 billion in debt, so in reality, Apple actually has no cash "on hand" when one factors their debt. NNDM has no debt. Apple's book value is $3.94 per share and that must be the value of hard assets and IP as their cash position, as noted, is a net negative $35 billion (when accounting for long term debt.)

    NNDM's book value per share is somewhere between 7.5 and 8 dollars per share. There is $6.05 per share in cash, and an 80 million dollar write-off that will have value against future earnings, their physical property, intellectual property and 13 3D printing patents (with another 35 applied for). It is pretty difficult to assign a hard value to a patent, so I under-estimated.
    So, as an asset play, Apple’s share price is backed up by about 3% of real and intangible assets. NNDM’s share price is backed up by about 70% of its stock price in real and intangible assets. I have been investing for over three decades and I only remember one similar asset ratio like this in a tech stock. Apple back in 2003 when it had about $7 billion but no business to speak of (pre-IPOD, Mac resurgence).
    Of course, I am not saying that NNDM is Apple. Apple has a PE of 34 and pays a (low .65%) dividend. What I am saying that NNDM is an incredible risk / reward proposition. So much of the stock’s price is now backed up by assets that it is very unlikely to have a fall of more than 30% in absolutely terrible, total bear market conditions, as it would then start trading below book value. Book value can sometimes be meaningless, but not when it is in cash. Because of NNDM’s shrewd offerings, it is now a high potential tech company with an incredible balance sheet and a near once in a lifetime asset play.
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    For those complaining about the company's offerings - I have always said they have been brilliantly managed. NNDM now has 1.49 billion dollars. It tapped the equity markets at exactly the right time!

    For those who sold in the panic this morning - I say thank you. I now have 40,500 shares. Money is made when the blood is in the streets. While many companies are vastly overvalued right now, NNDM is not one - thanks to their shrewd offerings - $6.05 per share in cash, $80 million in sunk R&D costs, 13 patents and more than 35 more applied for, a customer base of 60 large companies and key educational institutues, and the promise of revolutionizing the elctronics production industry. An underwriter was willing to pay $500 million at $12.80 - that was the only vote of confidence I needed.

    Thanks again for the shares at a discount! Regards,
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    🚨 FACTS 🔥

    Comment and like if you want more updates like this.

    1. Biden signs executive order today to solve global chip shortages. *Cough* NNDM can help with this.

    2. $1.5 billion cash on hand.

    3. It’s big part of 3 ARK funds

    4. Potential to be added to ARKX

    5. The 3D printing market is set to double yearly over the next decade.

    6. This is a post Covid play, the DragonFly machine will sell best to universities and the industrials sector once things return to normal

    7. And last but least, we’ll likely see an acquisition of 1-3 competitors / other 3D printing companies very soon.
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    Among so many stocks, why did I choose NNDM as LONG? I put nearly half of my total asset into NNDM. If you follow the flow of money, the behavior of people, the movement of stock prices will be understood. The sole purpose of Tech Analysis is to find the flow of BIG MONEY! 1.5 Billion is still quite a bit of money to invest in PENNY STOCK without any meaningful)revenue like NNDM. In addition, ARK is investing on an unusually large scale on NNDM. What makes them to put such a large sum of money , that I don't know. But what I believe is that the "Money has it's own logic!" So I decided to put my meager amount of my assets on NNDM. I feel most safe so I can increase the size of betting on NNDM.
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    If you see a trend reversal; where $plug and other speculative stocks such as $NIO $NNDM $FCEL start to rise towards close then this is an indication that the correction period is over. The last week and a half (except last friday) there has been a steady drop from approximately 2pm to close, followed by a flat post market and sharp drop in pre market. If the trend breaks today then i’ll be stacking a few more at this discount price.,
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    I normally do not chase falling stocks but averaging down on NNDM is to good to be true...they did a 500mil DIRECT offering at 12.8 and the fact it's direct means in went to institutions. No companies would be buying this stock if they were not going to make serious cash off it. Just need an acquisition new to come out and this baby will POP, we are already in oversold side of RSI reversal coming in the near future. Enjoy the sale longs :)
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    “ Dr. Eli David is a world renowned AI expert specializing in deep learning and evolutionary computation with over fifty papers published in leading artificial intelligence journals and conferences, mostly focusing on applications of deep learning and genetic algorithms in various real-world domains.”

    New board member
    1.5B cash on the balance sheet
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    $6.05 per share in cash and it is trading at $12.60. Basically 50% of the stock's value is backed up by cash, not including the value of 13 patents and more 35 other applied for, existing IP. This is a nice risk/reward case right here.
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    Finally i entered to NNDM
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    Today i got the amazing opportunity to avg down from 14.5 per share to 13 :)
    I have a total of 2000 shares now.
    Cant wait to see what the next years bring with NNDM!
    My PT is currently 50+ with a length of around 1-2 years.
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    I didn't sell any shares and I bought more shares this morning when it was down %20. I'm quite pleased with myself.
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    This dip has nothing to do with NNDM and everything to do with a general dip in tech stocks. Tomorrow is the AME conference, and news on at least one merger/acquisition will be coming shortly. There is no need to be concerned.
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    Unimaginable people got an opportunity to buy NNDM below $10, amongst many other sales across the board. While anything below $15 was my advice, today's pullback is unsustainable and a gift. Keep buying as much as you can and HODL. NNDM is going to sky rocket on any single positive news from the company.
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    More info on patent published 18 February 2021: “Inkjet Printing of Three Dimensional Ceramic Pattern.”

    These three paragraphs are from the actual text of the patent and explain usage and uniqueness for process within industry.

    "The aerospace industry exhibits recent increase in demand for flexibility in the design and fabrication of ceramic materials), as well as various components (e.g., multilayer ceramic capacitors, inductors, piezoelectric elements, thermistors, and the like). The increase in demand can be attributed, at least in part, to the requirement for complex geometries, as well as tolerance in extreme environments.
    Traditional manufacturing methods cannot support such complex geometries of ceramic materials. Another main issue is the ability to fabricate composite materials that are combination of various materials in one object. Finally, traditional manufacturing methods has the disadvantage of relatively low resolution of fine details, which may be needed in these complex geometries.
    Industrial ceramic 3D printing is mainly based on using ceramic particles. For example, by the DLP technique or SLA techniques, inks composed of ceramic particles dispersed in photopolymerizable monomers can be printed. However, these techniques do not enable rapid polymerization in thin layers, nor the necessary resolution."

    What I find fairly interesting is that with this patent, NNDM will have had four major patent grants since December. They used to Press Release their patent wins. I wonder if they are saving those PRs as sort of a consolation for the underwriters. Without some pretty deep digging, a retail investor wouldn't know about these patent win although they are public information. By not PRing them NNDM has a means to show how impressive their Intellectual Property protection is becoming to the underwriters - sort of mitigates the risk they are taking. Otherwise, I don't know why they aren't putting out press releases each time. Just for review, here are the other recent patent grants:

    - Fabrication of PCB and FPC with shielded tracks and/or components using 3D inkjet printing
    - Rigid-flexible printed circuit bord fabrication using inkjet printing

    Best regards,
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    the CEO is a genius considering the situation the market is in right now; the dude is a visionary and a fortune teller... got 1.5 billions... holding up the share price through the offerings... without the offerings, this thing could have gone down to maybe 7 or even entertaining 5...
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    Looking forward to the next couple of years.
    i believe all longs will get great gains from NNDM if they just hold and wait.
    This is a fairly safe and high rewarding stock long term.
    (This is all my opinion and not straight facts, do your own DD)
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    Should i buy the NNDM. Or is it too late now u think?
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    Just sharing the information
    NNDM has almost 54% institutional ownership. Great news.

    Security NNDM / Nano Dimension Ltd (63008G104)
    LEI 529900VO8AZA0A4ZUM77
    Industry Printed Circuit Boards
    Institutional Owners 108
    Shares Outstanding 46,357,175 shares
    Institutional Shares 24,988,768 - 53.90% (ex 13D/G)
    Institutional Value $ 234,965 USD ($1000)
    Related NNDMY / Nano Dimension Ltd (0 owners)
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    Hope new good news comes up. Its been long time since nndm announced any. Hold.