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    Just out of curiosity has anyone else’s portfolio been primarily red since mid February or am I just that bad of an investor?
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    I was shocked to just check my TD AMeritrade statistics on NNDM and see they show a 61% short position on the stock. I normally find my brokerage account to be among the most reliable, but that seems almost hard to believe.
    Yahoo is showing 6.5%, so no sure what to think. Anyone else have proof of current outstanding short shares ?
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    In case you didn't know, ARK bought 337,200 shares in NNDM yesterday for their IZRL ETF. An increase of 74.59% of their NNDM holding in IZRL ETF. This is calculated based on tracking on is not sent via email.
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    ARK again Bought shares of NNDM Systems on 14th April after purchasing on 12th and 13th April as per ARK Tracking Website .
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    Just an observation. The 5/21 $7.50 puts are paying a $1.09 premium. I sold more puts this morning. I firmly believe that NNDM will be above $7.50 on 5/21. The worst thing that could happen is I get more stock put to me so it's a win-win in my eyes. A good opportunity to add some green to your portfolio.
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    Quick update. This patent was granted yesterday - "CHIP EMBEDDED PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARDS AND METHODS OF FABRICATION." Here is the status as recorded on the USPTO website: "04-13-2021 Recordation of Patent Grant Mailed. Issue of patent date 4-13-2021 Patent number 10,980,131." The full description of the patent is available at various sites, including the USPTO portal.

    Having a patent that protects the process for embedding integrated circuits into a 3D printed circuit board is obviously worth a great deal. I am surprised that NNDM continues to trade at basically book value when counting their cash per share (6 dollars cash per share) and the value of all the patents and also the $108 million in accrued losses (8 years worth of expenses on R&D etc) that will be used to offset future profits.

    Pretty obvious why ARK purchased almost 700K more shares yesterday.

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    I just invested my remaining cash in more shares of NNDM BNGO PLTR and NIO. Going to hold them for at least five plus years.
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    Thanks to the seller, I totally bought 80k today with the average cost of 6.90. i guess Ark bought a lot today also since the price went up a lot at the end.
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    16 April:

    ARKQ: sold 42 189 shares.
    ARK IZRL: bought 337 200 shares.
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    Etrade shows 46.1 million shares outstanding with short interest at 61%, these numbers are way different than what Anonymous posted so not sure about the disconnect. The CEO may be looking long term and not concerned about stock price but the shorts are ravaging the stock right now. Some positive news would go a long way in fixing the problem and even the long term holders I'm sure would appreciate that. ARK is up to 8.5million shares owned, by the way.
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    I know a lot of you are frustrated. However, these are nothing but numbers. Numbers go down, and will someday go up. Stop looking at this everyday. Stocks just like running a business are long term investments.

    Company A started with $100.00 revenue in year one.
    Company A at year 5 was generating $500,000

    Moral of the story, day to day numbers mean nothing. Put your money in there, and let it stay. Check back in 6 months.
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    Rico Russo
    Cathy Wood - 4/13 - another huge BUY:
    Trades for ARK Autonomous Technology & Robotics ETF (BATS: ARKQ)
    (NASDAQ: NNDM): Bought 463,128 shares of the 3D printing company, representing about 0.0996% of the ETF.


    HUGE News Coming Next Week.
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    The end is near!
    I think the big boys are shorting everything Kathy buys now:)
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    My reaction when I'm not worried about the dips because I'm confident in my long term investment ;)
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    “A marvel of modern technology”.
    “A miracle machine”.

    The DragonFly LDM hybrid 3D printer from Nano Dimension.

    Here’s an excellent article from the University Communications of Bielefeld University of Applied Sciences, who began using the machine on March 26th, 2021.


    Key points I translated:

    • A new combination of different materials, microscopic structures, fast production from a single source.

    • This hybrid 3D printer is unique on the market with a very special performance that is currently only available from this manufacturer.

    • the hybrid 3D printer combines two or even more different printing processes. They can create objects with the finest structures, which consist of plastic and silver, for example, and are produced by the machine in one go.

    • "The device is so well developed that it can carry out a print job without further user intervention and without supervision from A to Z". If several parts have to be produced, the dimensions always stay within the given specification. In addition, the printer can work around the clock. This makes it the ideal instrument for industrial companies or research groups that need to produce prototypes quickly and inexpensively. "

    • the combined production of an object from two or more very different materials is very special. “There are various areas of application for this. The hybrid 3D printer can, for example, produce electrically conductive structures of high precision, for things like printed circuit boards that are built into electronic devices”.

    • The basic materials are sprayed on in tiny droplets layer by layer and hardened after each layer. Once the hybrid 3D printer has distributed its droplets in a targeted manner, a fine microstructure is created. The printer produces extremely small droplets with a volume of only ten picoliters. To understand: it would take 100 billion droplets to fill one liter. “It is fascinating to be able to print structures designed on the PC with dimensions between several centimeters and microscopic structures of 40 micrometers in one object - 40 micrometers, that's smaller than a paramecium! In the past, this was only possible with photolithographic processes, if at all”. In this way, the printer can produce complex electronic components including coils, capacitors and resistors in one piece. In the future, entire electronic circuits are to be manufactured additively at CiMT using the hybrid 3D printing process - that is, step by step and layer by layer.

    • This opens up completely new possibilities for industrial production, reports “The external shape of a component can be designed precisely for the application. A three-dimensional space in which the component must be enclosed - for example a pipe - can be used much more efficiently. In the past, however, designers had to deal with the fact that a circuit board was flat and rigid and needed a certain amount of space”.
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    No one left to wear or scare out below book value. This is an extreme growth and value stock here someone will bid for them i can feel it. Cash hoard
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    Great webinar today on etoro (watched it on YT tho) Overall the CEO tells investors that NNDM is a great long term investment. They are serious and dedicated to succeed! Can't wait to see what price we will see in some few years.
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    I am surprised Wall Street has not jumped on this custom fabrication of circuit boards OEM !!! Guess my engineering geekness is showing. No wave soldering, No Tape'n Reel, No pick and place....no several passes with doctor blade over dielectric and screening of electrode material.....3D printing of circuit boards...Awesome. !!!
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    If you want to get rich, never sell. NNDM isn’t going bankrupt. It’s going down because weak hands are selling. It will keep going down until all the weaklings are gone. I have a friend who sold ENPH @5 because it was going down. It bottomed @0.65. Now ENPH is over 100. If you never sell, it doesn’t matter how low it goes. And while I’ll be sick to my stomach if NNDM goes to 0.65, I can buy 10x as much at 0.65 as I could at 6.50. I’ll just think of those shares I bought at 11.50 as practice. The short sellers can take away my paper profits, but they can’t take away my shares. I’ve got 50 years of trading experience on Wall Street and learned the hard way. 99% of all traders eventually go broke. If you want to get filthy rich, never sell.
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    i mean why hasnt someone just bough nndm? equal cash to their market cap? isnt it rare you see that?