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    1. First Stage---Disaster (Deteriorating fundamentals 1–2-years prior to dividend elimination) Shares decline 40 to 80 percent in value.

    2. Second Stage----Crisis Management (1-2-years)
    Company cuts spending, eliminates dividend, cash flow improves, improved company prospects. Shares still priced at a substantial discount to pears.

    3. The Third Stage----Financial Stabilization (3 years after dividend elimination)
    Company can operate on the cash it receives from its customers. Still not earning anything for its shareholders. However, survival is no longer in doubt and investors who bought shares of the company in stage one or two have doubled their money.

    4. The Fourth Stage----Recovery (4 years after dividend elimination)
    Company is capable of earning something for the shareholders and there is reason to expect improved earnings and the reinstatement of the dividend. The shares have now quadruple from the low reached at the end of stage one or sometime in stage two. How things progress from here depend on how competitive the company has become versus its peers.


    1. Nokia’s First Stage --- Disaster (2016-2018)
    Deteriorating fundamentals, management’s fails to efficiently merge Alcatel-Lucent with Nokia and develop competitive 5G products, company in danger of losing its customer base.

    2. Nokia’s Second Stage --- Crisis Management (2017 through 2020 )
    2017 Nokia institutes an austerity program and budget, July of 2019 eliminates. Dividend, March of 2020 shares decline to $2.54, 5G products still not competitive, September 2020 loses $6 billion Verizon contract to Samsung, yearend 2020 cash flow improving. Nokia’s “second stage” ended roughly at the 3-year mark from the ALU/NOK merger.

    3. Nokia’s Third Stage --- Financial Stabilization (2021 through 2022)
    January 2021 Nokia is still not earning anything meaningful for its shareholders, however, prospects have greatly improved. At the current rate of improvement by the end of stage 3 around 8-01-2022 its survival will no longer be in doubt and investors who bought shares of Nokia in stage one or two most likely will have doubled or tripled their money.

    4. Nokia’s Fourth Stage --- Recovery (2023-- four years after dividend elimination)
    If all has gone well, Nokia is once again capable of earning something for its shareholders and investors should expect improved earnings and the reinstatement of the dividend. At this stage, the shares have likely quadrupled from the $2.54 low reached in March of 2020.

    The above represents what some analysts call a “Four Stage Dividend Recovery Cycle”. It represents the likely timelines and share price performance for a company that has executed a successful turnaround and reinstated its dividend. The timelines and stages are very common. So far, Nokia is tracking the timelines of the four stages very well. In fact, recently Nokia shares have broken a downtrend line that has existed for 21 years!

    Having a framework by which to judge a company’s performance is essential to acquiring that company’s shares “Ahead of The Crowd”. ………...Tickerguy


    It does seem Nokia is trending toward a higher market evaluation as a result of its surprisingly good numbers in Q1 and the expectation by some analysts that Nokia will revise its 2021 revenue and margin numbers upward after it reports it Q2 results. The company continues to make excellent progress in the enterprise market and appears to be in a position to receive some unexpected revenue from China if all goes well over the next few months.

    Also, it chart pattern seems bullish. The golden cross (50 day moving average crossing the 200 day moving average) is viewed by chartist as bullish and in addition the 5 year chart indicates a breakout to the upside with a price target above $6 a share in the not to distant future (1 to 8 months).

    It has been some time since Nokia's fundamentals and its technical price pattern have been in agreement. With the current downdraft in the market there is a very small group of stocks that have resisted moving to the downside and in fact have increased in price recently--Nokia is among that group.

    At the moment the risk to reward matrix appears very favorable for investors to expand current position or establish new positions in Nokia ahead of its second quarter report and "Ahead of The Crowd". ........Tickerguy
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    Tommi Uitto, president of Mobile Networks:
    #5g Single RAN capacity scaling up over the air with #Nokia AirScale on June 24. Prepare for a future where your radio access gives you more capacity and more bandwidth, while cutting your energy costs, power consumption and space requirements. https://nokia.ly/35i77M9 https://twitter.com/tommiuitto/status/1403941756085940225
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    @RobertVG Robert, a few things in play here and this is all just my opinion but others feel free to chime in. Computerized trading doesn't know that Nokia recently signed a five-year deal with AT&T, nor does it know Nokia and AT&T today announced that they have successfully completed the first call on AT&T’s network utilizing C-Band spectrum. You really had to expect there would be a pullback from the recent run-up. Where and when it would happen was anyone's guess but we now know at $5.60 we ran out of steam and it appears we have settled at 5.40ish. Not too bad coming from $4.90. So I like to look at things in a positive light. Good thing we announced the deal for ATT C-Band today or we may have settled at $5.35. I strongly believe Nokia is now sitting on a ton of good news but felt no need to release it during and on the heels of the jump from $4.90 to $5.40ish. The last real news that would have a big impact was the Daimler settlement 8 days ago! Good things ahead for this company fantastic job by the PR department knowing just how and when to release news. I couldn't be happier right now with the performance really clicking on ALL cylinders.
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    NOKIA AND AT&T ACCELERATE U.S C-BAND ROLLOUT WITH FIRST COMMERCIAL EQUIPMENT CALL. Nokia and AT&T today announced that they have successfully completed the first call on AT&T’s network utilizing C-Band spectrum, which was awarded just three months ago. The call was made using a 5G smartphone form factor mobile test device powered by the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ X55 5G Modem-RF System using the Nokia AirScale baseband and 5G massive MIMO (mMIMO) 64T64R C-Band radio. Nokia recently signed a five-year deal with AT&T to deploy the mobile operator’s C-Band network across the U.S. AT&T has announced plans to cover 200 million people with C-Band by the end of 2023. https://www.globenewswire.com/news-release/2021/06/10/2245291/0/en/Nokia-and-AT-T-accelerate-U-S-C-Band-rollout-with-first-commercial-equipment-call.html
    First call on C-Band spectrum milestone achieved ahead of commercial network deployment expected later this year AT&T remains committed to extend 5G...
    First call on C-Band spectrum milestone achieved ahead of commercial network deployment expected later this year AT&T remains committed to extend 5G...
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    10 June 2021
    Dallas, Texas – Nokia and AT&T today announced that they have successfully completed the first call on AT&T’s network utilizing C-Band spectrum, which was awarded just three months ago. The call was made using a 5G smartphone form factor mobile test device powered by the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ X55 5G Modem-RF System using the Nokia AirScale baseband and 5G massive MIMO (mMIMO) 64T64R C-Band radio. C-Band spectrum provides a good balance of both coverage and capacity and will further enhance AT&T’s ambitions of expanding 5G coverage and performance across the nation. AT&T has announced plans to cover 200 million people with C-Band by the end of 2023.
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    This stock is becoming a joke. Another technological breakthrough announced today with AT&T. Stock up a penny. Hopefully, though, when the next earnings report comes out the joke will be on the short-sellers. Nokia’s explosive number of deals are not pro bono---they are revenue producing contracts that will feed the bottom line—possibly hugely.
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    Increased my position this morning. Continue to gain confidence that this stock is going to be a retirement builder.
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    $NOK Japan partners with Nokia, China may follow, leaving Ericsson behind
    In addition, according to Nikkei, Japan has teamed up with Finland on 6G development. NTT and Nokia enlisted to help set standards in race with China.

    Japan’s Beyond 5G Promotion Consortium will sign the agreement soon with Finnish group 6G Flagship. The accord is to be announced Tuesday at the Global Digital Summit 2021, an event organized by Nikkei and Japan’s Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.

    The initiative follows a $4.5 billion commitment by Japan and the U.S. toward the development of next-generation communications technology, in a partnership announced in April. Extending the cooperation to “third-countries” to promote secure connectivity is seen helping in the competition with China to set global standards.

    The Beyond 5G Promotion Consortium, which aims to commercialize 6G technology in the 2030s, includes the University of Tokyo along with major Japanese telecom players such as Nippon Telegraph & Telephone, NTT Docomo, KDDI, SoftBank Corp. and Rakuten Mobile. 6G Flagship is led by Finland’s University of Oulu.

    Members of the Japanese consortium will engage in joint research projects and personnel exchange. The group is in talks for future collaboration with an American counterpart that includes telecom supplier Cisco Systems and chipmaker Intel.

    Shares of 5G patents owned by Japanese developers have fallen behind the likes of South Korea’s Samsung Electronics and U.S. player Qualcomm. NTT Docomo holds about 6% of 5G patents, compared with roughly 10% for Qualcomm and China’s Huawei Technologies.

    The internal affairs ministry aims for Japan to command at least a 10% share in 6G patents together with a slice of 30% or more in equipment and software.

    Many investors expect China to follow and partner with Nokia for it’s own initiatives.
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    Nokia and AT&T accelerate U.S C-Band rollout with first commercial equipment call. Dallas, Texas – Nokia and AT&T today announced that they have successfully completed the first call on AT&T's network utilizing C-Band spectrum, which was awarded just three months ago.
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    @walid You are again complaining "loser Pekka is destroying shareholder value" when he doesn't raise guidance for 2021 and 2022. MY COMMENT: The CEO is not called Maddoff and his company is not Enron! If there is an upward revision it will come when the facts support it. The q1-q2 figures are already 50% of the year whereas q1 was just 25% so there may possibly come a revised guidance after the completion of q2. We know the CEO said in the q1 presentation the upper part of the guidance is now more likely but that the prospects are not yet crystal clear:

    So how does that relate to our guidance? It is clear, of course, that we are off to a strong start for the year, and there is a lot to be excited about: net sales growth, improved gross margin, strong operating margin and cash flow.

    At this point, we are maintaining our outlook for the full year as we want to see how 2021 continues to develop. The solid first quarter provides a good foundation for achieving the higher end of the 7 to 10 comparable -- 7% to 10% comparable operating margin range.

    What is important to understand is that we expect the seasonality we usually see between quarters to be less pronounced in 2021. The first quarter has typically been one of the weaker quarters for us, and volatility throughout the year has tended to be significant.

    In addition, there is now less visibility to the semiconductor market in the second half of the year. Due to our robust supply chain management, we have been able to successfully deliver to our customers during the global shortage. But we want to see how the situation develops and continue to give it our full attention in close dialogue with our suppliers. So that sums up the Nokia level results.
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    $ASXC conversation
    1:12 - 2:58 look at the day pattern, this is my favorite chart, every time you see price action like this simply mean ROCKET in next 48 hours... ENJOY unlimited potential, with higher volume $20 is around the corner..
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    I don't think we'll see any really significant news get released before the Q2 report. Here's why.

    We just had a lot of insider buying. If that happens just in front of market moving news, those insiders will be scrutinized for insider trading. So they do their buying in front of an expected quiet period to keep them safe from any suspicion. They know the long-term trend is excellent, so they carefully pick the time when they make large buys of their own company shares.
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    Greg M.
    Just remember the fundamentals!! About 1X sales, great Balance Sheet with almost no debt n positive Net Cash, recurring material Royalties, expanding Margins, 5G leader n taking business from Ericsson and massively expanding in China, etc!! Accumulate and IMO we.will all be rewarded!! This will pop, just a matter of time, buy when everybody else is selling or fearful!!!
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    Whenever China allows a Western company to do business in their country it's NOT because they have a kind heart. It's an opportunity for them to steal from naive Westerners and hold them hostage after the investment is made by threatening to expel them if they don't go along. And because these Western countries by then have invested billions of dollars they are caught in a dilemma, stay or leave and lose millions upon millions of $$$. I hope that Nokia will be careful when doing business with them. It's not good to put too much money into one investment no matter how "promising" it looks.
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    shorts, option traders, and hedge funds can not make money honestly by DD and focusing on fundamentals and technicals, so they and market maker manipulators use computer algorithm trading to force down the stock prices of good businesses.
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    Surely Nokia can reach Ericsson stock price
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    NOK owns the legacy of Bell Labs + western electric. Provenance of AT&T(MaBell)-->Lucent-->Alcatel. They just needed competent management. Now with Pekka Lundmark at the wheel I think they have it.
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    Much of the internet was down for as much as an hour today due to a malfunction of Fastly cloud services.
    This is further evidence of the need for Nokia's cloud and 5G service. $6.00 is looking closer by the day.
    Hey NYSE, are you still on the wrong side of this undervalued beauty?
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    Nokia is a five.and a half dollar a share stock with 40 million shares trading today and AMC is almost ten times the value in share price with a third of a billion shares trading today. Folks, don’t even think about lumping Nokia into the Reddit casino, it’s not even close. And to suggest that AMC is moving like this solely on Reddit/ retail investors is hogwash. With the huge number of shares trading, it’s obvious that big institutions with.high speed computer systems trading on algorithms has been rapidly maneuvering and trading intraday thanks in part to the fact they can take in orders on their computer systems, and delay the action for a matter of seconds which is all they need to interject their own trade ahead of the execution and then sell back to the retail guy. The fix is definitely alive and well and explains how JPM, GS, and the other large institutions make obscene amounts of money everyday. Even a billion dollar fine is just ‘the cost of doing business’ for this corrupt system. There will be books written in the future that may hopefully open up and explain how the dominance of the US financial system, and the success of the US has been bankrolled through this casino of deceit.
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    gosh do I love a nice long term growth stock like NOK 🤑🤑🤑❤ The fact its holding this price range all week is great. Even if it went below $5 I'm still buying more!