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    New Zyesami trial added to clinical trial site today. AVICOVID-3
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    How does this make any sense…
    FDA advisory panel narrowly endorses Merck's oral Covid treatment pill, despite reduced efficacy and safety questions
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    PR says Aviptadil is 2.5x to 4x better results.

    Remdesivir has $8B+ in annual revenue with results to patient to be released from hospital 1 to 5 days sooner and with risks of more side effects.

    Sounds like good news for NRX.
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    Good News tomorrow. I've been watching Dr Javitt for a year and a half (1 1/2) now, and I've got to hand it to him. He's tenacious. If anyone on this planet can get this therapy approved, it's the good Doctor. Go team NRXP!!!
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    Aside from the day-trading price dynamics of NRXP and RLFTF,
    The mounting clinical evidence for Avip/Zyesami/Rlf100 shows that once approval happens, those who have been patient will be richly rewarded. This is a ten bagger any way you look at it.
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    30.66% is the Short Borrow Interest Rate on Fintel tonight. I tried to short shares of NRXP this morning with Schwab, and no joy. No shares available to short. (I was just checking BTW). Now from the messaging I was getting during the day on my News Feed, HUGE numbers of Calls on this stock indicating a powerful expectation on the Upside. Soooo.....with only a paltry 5.15% Float Shorted according to MarketWatch, someone must have loaded up BIG recently, perhaps today, expecting this stock to dive. I see this stock very much in play tomorrow, anyone's guess, a total Wild Card. Let the games begin, and may all SHORTS FRY!!!
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    Today is the A-Meeting with the FDA.
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    The vaccine differs from other COVID-19 vaccines by presenting the entire COVID-19 spike protein to the body's immune system. The spike protein complex from variants may be added to the BriLife vaccine as new variants are discovered. The BriLife™ vaccine also differs from other COVID-19 vaccine approaches. It is a self-propagating, live-virus vaccine that may be updated to address new variants of COVID-19 more rapidly than some other vaccine platforms.

    In its collaboration with NRx, the Israel Institute for Biological Research (IIBR) confirmed it would provide technical assistance while receiving customary royalty and milestone payments for its intellectual property. NRx has further committed to supplying all required doses of the vaccine for the population of Israel. Israel completed the vaccination of 240 patients on November 16, 2021. The immunologic response was such that vaccinated patients were given “green passports” and were not required to be vaccinated with mRNA vaccines. Serologic testing of a sample of those patients demonstrated neutralizing antibody levels against the Delta variant that was comparable to the neutralizing antibody levels generated against the wild-type virus.

    NRx has committed to supplying all required doses of the vaccine for the population of Israel.
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    In at 8.24 , am I good?
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    $RLF.SW conversation
    For new investors to clearify the possibilities - some simple math:
    Assuming U.S. IV only orders/sales of 1,000,000 treatments at $10,000 each gives a Gross Income of $10 Billion X 1/2 for NET Profit and then 1/2 for Relief's share , that's $2.5 B Net X the avg pharma P/E of 23 gives a Market Cap of $57.5B divided by 4B Shares Outstanding gives an SP of around $15.
    + IV worldwide
    + Inhaler worldwide
    + all other uses in diseases with respiratory failure
    It should work out fine for both entities... $rlftf $nrxp
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    Halt at the opening heading to 20’s?
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    Again, this isn’t a covid play. Nrxp has the potential to make billions from covid but the money maker will be every other lung disease that can be treated with Zyesami. From asthma to pulmonary hypertension many studies have already shown synthetic VIP works. In the past there was no stable manufacturable formulation but now nrxp has created a stable formulation.
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    $RLFTF conversation
    Unfortunately, Relief learned too late that, despite the severity of the COVID-19 crisis, Dr. Javitt is primarily motivated by greed. As detailed herein, rather than work collaboratively with Relief on helping to alleviate the pandemic, once Dr. Javitt saw evidence of aviptadil's potential, he immediately began engaging in a scheme to shut Relief out, using the American clinical trials as leverage to extract as many concessions as possible. Aside from being incredibly self-interested, Dr. Javitt's actions have regrettably delayed the global deployment of a potentially life-saving drug in the middle of the worst pandemic in a century. $NRXP
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    The most profound implication of today's news is that patients who never had remdesivir have a better chance of survival with Zyesami only. Bye-bye rem-death-is-near. Heloooo standard of care!
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    Significantly positive verified results in fighting a global pandemic 😷
    2.5 times more effective at preventing loss of life.
    Game changer. Wake up investors.
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    AO Invest
    Anyone think this company has a chance of getting acquired?

    Would love to get some history from some bulls here. What led to the rapid increase in SP earlier this year and then to the fall?

    I have no positions in this company, but have been monitoring this stock. Really impossible to predict what's going to happen here, as far as I can tell a pill and a vaccine that have been been picking up steam with the new variant and a few positive results, but large swings given that we are still in the very early stages.
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    The NRXP cycle:
    1. Positive news release.
    2. PPS runs up.
    3. New short positions formed.
    4. PPS drifts down.
    5. People get in a dither.
    6. Some people add shares
    7. Positive news release.
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    What does this mean :

    NRx to Commence Phase 2b/3 Registration Trial of BriLife® After Upcoming Phase 2 Data Safety Monitoring Board Review
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    Read Next: NRx Pharma Skyrockets After BriLife COVID-19 Vaccine Data Against Delta Variant.
    The analysis identified a statistically significant 2.5 fold increased odds of being alive and free of respiratory failure at 60 days (the primary endpoint) and a statistically significant four-fold higher odds of being alive at day 60 among patients treated with aviptadil compared to those treated with placebo.