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  • The real world is much smaller than the imaginary. http://dataunion.tistory.com/12471

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  • Hmmmm...big day.
    Squires giving up?
  • anyone have any idea how the vote is going on the can?
  • Headline: "NSC is Delivering on Commitments, CEO tells shareholders."

    I guess. If you call saying you'll try to get to 65 by 2020 a 'commitment'...despite no disclosed plan to get there. (I don't)
    And if you think they'll get there. (I don't).
    And IF you think being 10+ points behind the competition at that point is any achievement. (I don't)
    And if you think the sum total of all management "commitments" over the next 3 years ($$$$) is a single,highly unlikely number (I don't)

    Break out the cigars.
  • LIl Smokey how about earnings report?
  • First question on the conf call: OR

    Allison Landry, Crédit Suisse:
    "So, I guess, I'll take the obvious one here, since I have the first question but you put up solid operating results if you adjust out some of the onetime-ish items from the prior years as well as the current quarter. But if we think about the numbers that CSX, put up last week and an indication that the 2018 OR could be in the low 60s, does this up the ante for your long-term targets? And is there anything that you've observed in terms of the operational changes that CSX, so far including yard rationalization, etc. that you think you could adopt for your own network to bring out additional costs? I guess, long story short, does better competition breed better competition?"

    Jim Squires: "....We're watching closely what's happening in the industry with our peer and we are doing many of the same things albeit at a somewhat more measured pace and we will continue to do so. But we will focus on our strategy, which revolves around safety, service, productivity and growth. Safety, because it's absolutely the most important thing we do. We never take a day off when it comes to safety. Service, because we're a service company. Service excellence defined by our customers because we serve them not vice versa. Productivity because we have a very large asset base and it's our responsibility to manage it every day. Cost consciousness is in our bones. And lastly, growth, our customers want to go grow and we want to go with them, provided we can do so profitably."
    Utter BS answer.
    Play the "safety first" card, secretly hoping there's a big accidnet that might make you get some completely undeserved credit for nothing.
    And dismiss "profit" as some kind of evil, greedy mistake that arises when people cut corners and cheat....because any other view of profit would be a self-indictment of your career (especially the last 18 months, when the chance was handed to you to treat shareholders to a great return and national economic improvement) as an utter and complete miserable failure.

    And that's where it will remain as long as you're in charge, you incompetent blowhard.

    ....and no, Allison ..."better competion does not breed better competition":
    Skill, effort, leadership, vision, desire to achieve, basic interest in your job. Those things do.
  • 70% OR.
    It was 70.1% a year ago.
    And Squires is on the 2nd year of his "top secret" plan.

    Get it yet, you eejots ?
  • Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

    Back when Harrison was reporting great improvements at CN, investors started to bid up CP stock, presuming it was just an automatic that it too would follow suit. Because money managers are idiotic lemmings without any clue how anything in the real world works.

    Before 2005, CP was a moribund $32 stock. Harrison started working his magic over at CN, and CP stock started to tag along upwards.
    By mid-2007, CP was up to $80...almost a triple!!....on the vapors of speculation, hope and unwarranted expectations.

    After several quarters of executive BS promises, excuses, and apologies from CP --and while CN left it even further in the dust --- these CP "investors" realized they were flat wrong. By the end of 2008, the stock fell back down to $35, and the market considered it poisonous...to even consider putting this POS in your book a career-ender.

    And that's largely how Hunter Harrison was eventually able to take over, and do his thing.

    This NSC "run of hope" is absolute deja vu.
  • LIsten to the CSX conf call....I dare you.
    Because after you listen to it, holding NSC shares will take staunch defiance.
    Or don't listen to it.
    Because willful ignorance would work too.
  • Two questions:
    1) Who were the utter idiots buying this POS at $123+ a few weeks ago ?! Seriously.
    2) Who are the idiots now buying it at $112 ?! Is it the same fools, dollar cost averaging their way to poverty? Or a whole new set of dunces paying a 20 PE for a company with no plans, ideas, answers or basic desire to improve?
  • NS has already done many of the things that EHH is beginning to do at CSX. EHH will run off some business at CSX with his ultra-efficient operating plan. NS will be the only other option for those shippers.
  • ........Amtrak knew of track problems before a New Jersey Transit commuter train derailed at New York’s Penn Station on Monday, April 3, turning the hub into a four-day quagmire of cancellations and delays for thousands of commuters.

    ......“It’s our job to make sure that commuters and intercity passengers can safely and reliably travel along the Northeast Corridor, and we know we let them down,” said Moorman. “Our customers and our partners deserve better.”....
    All better! And THAT'S why you take a big job working for government, folks.

    Just imagine if that accident was a Class 1 (with nothing as important as human beings on it). They'd still be interrupting 'Trump TV' with televised hearings and lynchings every day.

    BTW..... "Teflon" Wick Moorman taught Jim Squires all his "CEO skills" at Norfolk. So there's that.
  • Met coal up even more today.
    Thermal coal remains doomed.
    Guess which one NSC hauls.
  • Norfolk's 2016 Annual Report was just released. Titled "Delivering on our Commitments".

    As a reminder, for shareholders, the only concrete number or measure they've set out is a goal of getting the OR down to 65.
    By 2020.
    When asked on the Q3 conference call about what the market should expect in 2017 wrt the OR, Squires replied they would not be providing any interim targets.

    (Free tip for y'all: that's what's called a red flag)

    So "Delivering on our Commitments" for 2016 is pretty slick. Because by not setting any, they can't fail.
    Even though they're the still the second worst run railroad in North America --- and were just put on notice by CSX that they'll (quite soon) be the worst --- they're bragging.
    About not doing much of anything.

    So enjoy reading your glossy AR. You paid for it.
  • Trump trade unwinding.

    Realization an idiot is in charge.

    Will buy at $107-108.
  • Yahoo reports that revenue has declined over the last three years. While the company reports earning about the same, I suspect that eventually the lack of maintenance will cost this company a bundle. I want out.
  • So! Crazy right? Not only was this 'CSX thing' not a red herring while Harrison secretly negotiated his arrival at NSC (....seriously!?!).....he has indeed gone to CSX.

    A complete (and expensive) shock to the rube population. And NSC's worst nightmare.
    Enjoy the best part of the roller coaster ride --- you paid up for it.
  • CSX just officially entered the 21st century with a bang.

    Meanwhile, over at Conrail, a 39-year geriatric takes over from a 46-year lifer
    To the tired, boilerplate congratulations of Jim Squires....skeezball lawyer boss of NSC.