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  • Ram, Allen, and The NTN Board Members,

    In the last few years you have failed to enhance shareholder value. You have failed to advance the business. You have failed.

    Every year, you are losing money and venues. In the last 5 years, money was raised at $12.50, $27.50, $6.64, and $7.85. Whoever invests with you, loses. Despite that, every year management is receiving bonuses. Bonuses are supposed to be paid as a reward for positive performance. Do shareholder loses constitute positive performance? Does losing venues seem to be something to reward? Does it make sense for the management team of a business with declining revenues and declining market value to be bonused?

    With a valuation of $15.7m, you are officially the smallest publicly traded company on the NYSE. How about take the company private, and bonus your employees and management as much as you'd like when it is on your own dime.

    On July 10, 2017, you announced that you are replacing two board members. Why is Jeff Berg, the worst CEO in NTN's history, who raised money at $27.50/share, caused the company to lose millions of dollars and developed faulty tablets, still the acting Chairman of the Board? After 9 years, it is clear that Jeff has failed and is incapable of adding value to the company. It is about time to replace him and show him the door.

    Every quarter you announce how great the company is doing and how much progress the company is making, but since November 2016 there has not been a single insider stock purchase.

    It is clear that you are unwilling to face reality. You are unable to increase sales. You are not doing anything with the 9 million registered players. You are not moving the technology forward. There a few things that are very clear. You need to restructure the company and move it to profitability, which can be done with just a few cuts. You need to develop a restaurant app and disrupt the industry. Without any changes, we are on a sure path to bankruptcy.

    Thank you,

  • jeff berg is a incompetent person
  • We need sales!! Ram
  • Lets go Ram! Share price should be 15+
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  • You know it would be so nice to find that this move is real and has real legs - we shall see. Has been a lot of false moves though. Glad I have a gain on this play but have held for years waiting.......is this real or just another false move. Boolean
  • http://monstastocks.com/?s=NTN has an alert for $NTN. Did anyone happen to see it as well? Looking for some good positive information from the company! The single biggest time-waster in the world is not complettingwhat you start. john garner Investing making money.

  • Nice steady slow climb up
  • Buzztime Logo

    Your Buzztime Investor Update

    It's All About the Tablet.

    At the heart of Buzztime is our handheld tablet. It’s where the magic happens.

    Our tablets transform bars into local hotspots, and restaurants into venues for nationwide trivia challenges. Our tablets turn wait time into game time and printed menus into beautiful, digital versions.

    When we say “our” tablet, we really mean it.

    We’re shifting to a custom, Android-based tablet built to our exact specs. As our business model has evolved, so has our need for specific tablet functionality. Now, form follows function in our truly custom tablet.

    Check out the 5 ways our transition to our own tablet is a smart move. We hope you can get your hands on one soon.

    -Allen & Ram

    5 Reasons Why Buzztime Took the Tablet in House

    Improving Efficiencies through Customization
    By building our own tablet, we get more of what we need - and less of what we don’t. We’re not paying for extras that come standard on most consumer-based tablets like a physical home button, more than one camera, polished chrome features, or leather-textured plastic. We can invest in the key features for which our venue partners are asking for.

    Streamlined Inventory and Adjacent Cost Savings
    Standard tablet designs change every 18-24 months, which required us to redesign, reengineer, and retest the tablet case. Small changes like moving port locations or adjusting screen size resulted in complete tablet case rebuilds. Now, Buzztime can maintain our tablet form factor, which simplifies inventory and saves on repeat case redesign.

    Custom OS
    More Features, More Control, Longer Tablet Lifecycle
    A major advantage of owning the tablet is our ability to control the operating system. We have access to every aspect of the OS: from displaying the Buzztime logo on start up to programming tablets to automatically turn on when charged. Additionally, future updates can be launched through the OS instead of requiring completely new tablets.

    Innovative Experience
    Enhancing the User Experience
    We can now optimize tablets to provide Buzztime users with the best possible in-venue experience. For example, we built a display with an extremely wide viewing angle so all guests at the table can clearly see the screen. We engineered a backlight that’s bright for outdoor use or appropriately dim in a dark bar. And crowded venues pose no connectivity issues thanks to the tablet’s powerful Wi-Fi antenna. Finally, our next version will also include contact-less payment – only possible by owning the tablet form factor.

    Superior Supply Chain
    Powerhouse Partners
    To build out the Buzztime tablet, we partnered with two industry leaders. Rockchip, a leading Android chipset developer, provided a fully customizable binary build of Android. Our other partner specializes in Android device assembly for Buzztime and other major retailers.

    What's Next With Owning Our Tablet?

    New Opportunities
    Others Want What We’ve Got
    Several companies have expressed interest in purchasing the Buzztime hardware for other commercial uses. By owning the tablet, we now have resale abilities and believe can capitalize on these opportunities, potentially opening additional revenue streams.

    Rapid Market Response
    Scalable Tablet Tech
    When a tech trend takes off – like 3D cameras or pressure-sensitive touch – we believe Buzztime can be first to market by integrating tablet features faster than competitors. Our in-house tablet solution is scalable – future upgrades can be made quickly, with minimal development cost.
  • player of the week JEFF BERG
    9 YEARS CEO ,Chairman of the Board
    raises. money @ $27.5 AND TWO YEARS later THE COMPANY RAISE @ $ 6.64
    company lost millions because OF HIM
    the Board awarded him a 10k share bonus,As the Chairman of the Board, he receives an annual salary of $40,000 annually
    you are the real success
  • trivia question
    a. What does hazer mean in yiddish
    b.and who is a hazer

    a.hazer is a pig
    b.JEFF BERG is a hazer (pig)
  • trivia question
    how many investors did JEFF BERG killed ?
  • all of us
  • Let Go! Merge or get be bought out already!!!!!!!!!!
  • Ram are you awake?
  • jeff berg incompetent and a loser
  • incompetent company
  • WHAT A JOKE ram!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Ram, Allen, and the Board of Directors,

    In the last five years, you have gone through four money raises. The first one at $12.50/share, second at $20/share, third at $27.50/share, and the most recent one at 75% discount of $6.64/share. If you had looked for a strategic partnership, the valuation would have been significantly higher.

    After so many years, it is about time to make changes to the Board of Directors.

    1. Mr. Berg was a horrible CEO. He caused the company to lose millions. Still, the Board awarded him a 10k share bonus upon resigning from his position as CEO. As the Chairman of the Board, he receives an annual salary of $40,000. He should be ashamed to take ANY compensation from the company after his lack of performance for so long. Ram Krishnan can easily replace Jeff Berg as the Chairman and give Jeff a normal seat to save the $40,000 annually.

    2. Ram and Allen are doing a great job. However, the Board is doing a disservice to the company and shareholders by awarding them bonuses for 2015 of $25k and $20k, respectively. That year the stock price fell over 50%. Is this simply a repayment for the shares they purchased in the open market for 2015? Was the Board making the decision to reimburse them for their losses? Shareholders definitely do not receive that perk.

    3. Aside from Paul Yanover, not one of the Board Members contributed to the success of NTN other than posing as Mr. Berg’s puppets.

    4. It is about time to bring new blood to the Board with people who have restaurant and gaming experience. We need savvy people with value and connections to drive the company to the next level. The current Board is complacent.

    5. Other subscription based companies such as cable and satellite television companies are losing massive amounts of subscribers with companies like Netflix disrupting the market. They are looking for ways to invest money and resources to regain subscribers in new and creative ways. This is an opportunity for us to partner with one of these giants and offer them the benefits of our stacked technology and 9 million registered players. It is time to think outside the box and go for these partnerships.

    Thank you,
  • What is ZEE TV?!?