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  • I wonder what inspired these two newbie Bloomberg reporters to solely do a hack job on Nuance, rather than actually researching and reporting something meaningful about cyber security and responses across the emerging medical space. But admittedly that would have required some real work and effort, which is likely asking too much.
  • Halted.
  • So I hung my hat on Ricci's CC comments on the next 2 Q's guidance and this happens. We're told that Q4 will also be impacted. Well, the malware has lasted longer into Q4 than it was at the end of Q3 so imagine this revisions that they are working on that will slap us silly for next Q. Retire already!
  • NUAN suspended trading? For the sake of the longs here I hope it is a buyout!
  • Question for IR, did I misinterpret your email to me regarding the impacts of the malware attack? I think not! You should be prosecuted for lack of transparency! I think that's coming. Unbelievably disappointing all around. Ricci got his money so what does he have to stress about? Frankenberg and Co just need to keep their noses clean to keep getting their stock rewards. Easy game if you are on the first string!
  • So after reading the "hit" piece from Bloomberg Technology, it seems certain Nuance will take a beating from the cyber attack. But one thing I've learned from my years of trading is that it will probably do the opposite. I think the attack is baked in!
  • If Bloomberg Technology didn't come out with heir piece, Ricci and scam would still be quiet. They were called out but were hoping to keep us in the dark. I've called this mess from day one and was told by IR that They were reading my posts on the Yahoo message board and I was wrong. I can't tell you how #$%$ I am with this POC
  • Also, has anyone considered that these hack jobs - at their core a form of corporate espionage - are possibly being carried out or commissioned by competitors operating in the same space with the aim of benefiting materially due to the reputational damage exacted on their business rivals? (Didn't the Bloomberg article allude to how some competitors of Nuance may already be benefiting from this illicit act?) This angle certainly seems worthy for journalistic follow-up and discussion, but once again is probably too deep or weighty for the two newbie reporters at Bloomberg to stumble upon or consider.
  • Malware baked in?????? looks like it's not:( Oh the pain of it all. This has to be the most pitiful performance I've ever seen! Over and out
  • Ok...just read the 8k! The attack hit just a couple of days before the end of the Q yet they claim as much as a .05 miss and up to $20 million rev hit? Something ain't right
  • Never in my wildest dreams did I think we'd see the $16's again:(
  • Again...does anyone here think Ricci would have filed the 8K had Bloomberg not written their piece? I think not! Pure BS
  • Yah the calm before the story...on Bloomberg Technology! We get our lunch handed to us IMO. RR sucks
  • I can't believe the same guys are still on this board #$%$. You all had ample opportunity to sell at a higher price. Stop complaining about the management. What a waste of time!
  • Wow...another impressive move!
  • Dead money - wish it was dead CEO!
  • in 2013, Ricci's compensation was $37.1 million as the 13th highest paid CEO in the country. His compensation has increased 79% since 1999. That was 2013!!!!! Now, what has Nuance's stock price done since 2013? The 5 year chart has us down 18.18%. Jan of 2013 had the stock price around $24. What is good about this performance????? Pull up the 5 year chart on the Nasdaq Composite.
  • I don't know why I'm so hacked off this morning. I think it's from dwelling on Ricci's past/present performances and his disregard for shareholder value.
  • Ricci has "spent" his CEO career at Nuance with a growth through acquisition strategy. Anyone who has owned it for an extended period of time knows how many worthless companies he took out. He is now heading into retirement in March 2018. The only way this goes up is via a buyout. Otherwise, it seems like a slow bleed, especially with poor management. IMHO. I'm holding for some sort of breakup/buyout. Wishful thinking?
  • I wonder how many investors here remember the games Ricci played with timing of earnings releases? Most notably the 1:45 am .06 miss as reported by Joe Kernen as I just happened to turn on the TV while not sleeping. I believe it was also a couple of days early. Or the ER on a Thursday after the close when the stock was $22 and change. I believe Ricci had recently orchestrated a long term senior debt deal and a portion of the proceeds went to purchase 770,000 shares of Ricci's stock at $21.35. I could be wrong with the timing of the Ricci sale at $21.35 but needless to say, the stock was down $4.50 AH. It burns in my memory because my wife and I had just checked into our hotel in Westwood to attend the UW/UCLA basketball game with our Bruin daughter that evening (daddy/daughter rivalry). Talk about spoiling the weekend!! So...our criticism of Ricci is warranted until he proves otherwise.