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Novavax, Inc. (NVAX)

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  • Everyone here knows, that I am long, and I am going to support Novavax with my posts.
    However, there is one concern I have, even as a long; why would Novavax management ever be interested in selling out, when there is no way, some other company would begin to pay
    the large salaries they are currently being paid?
    Now, really, doesn't a major pay cut seem reasonable here, UNTIL they produce a full success?
    I have written Investor Relations with concerns. I figure less than half of my email to them have been addressed. Is that appropriate for a company's
    Investor Relations person?
    I say fire them, if they can't do better than that!
    Management needs to accept responsibility, get off their duff, and address the issues they failed to address in the news release, so that NVAX shareholders are not tossed around like a bag of cookies.
    Another news release should be made to address those ignored issues, so that those like Adam F. don't have a leg to stand on, in the first place.
    I hope someone in management sees this and gets it to the others in charge and do something about all of this.
  • Novavax lost ($157,000,000) in 2015 and ($280,000,000) in 2016.
    The accumulated deficit is nearly ($1,000,000,000) and they have developed nothing?
    Founded in 1987, they produced nothing, just burned sheet loads of stockholders cash.
    Bernie Madoff was in the wrong business.
  • Until NVAX can demonstrate clinical efficacy for their various vaccines, Daddybird is afraid that the stock price will languish at this level for a long time. Daddybird will continue to hold although the funds allocated to NVAX could probably be more effectively elsewhere. For now, Daddybird is still in. Oh, and by the way, message for Anthony - you have been muted!
  • Note the pumpers who are paid here , Trub being one it appears. Nauseating.
  • 2016 Executive Compensation:
    Erck .................. $3,877,819
    Phillips .............. $3,081,024
    Glenn ................ $1,642,670
    Herrmann .......... $1,132,815
    Trizzino .............. $1,157,202

    At least someone is making money here!
    It's good to see where managements priorities lay.
  • I agree that this company is nothing more than a very expensive "lab project" as Chris calls it. It is a money train for the a few executives that continue to build super wealth at the expense of investors. The BOD here cares about themselves ONLY and never cared about shareholder value and never will. This pre announced press release was engineered to pump the stock up, as high as possible knowing that when they announced what everyone already knew, the stock would take a real hit, but because of the pump, it might have a chance at staying above the 1 dollar mark. ALL PLANNED and orchestrated. The announcement provided no NEW news, and only stated what investors already knew.... the vaccine is dead without another expensive and long drawn out trial. But they pre announced it like it would be HUGE NEW news, so that buyers would come in and drive up the share price. Once the announcement was out, smart money bailed and the stock tanked. Class action law suits? SEC ? If this is not stock manipulation by insiders, I don't know what is. All this while the Execs are eating caviar and drinking expensive wine tonight, knowing that their money train is working just fine.
  • They are years and millions away from anything that will generate an FDA approval.

    The stock is $1 for a reason. Forget the BS manipulation excuses. These guys have little if anything
  • 20 years. Nothing but dilution, management bonuses, and 75% loss from IPO 20 years ago. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me 8 times, shame on me.
  • Thought for this eve. Trublurain swears she has over $800k in this POS invested largely around $1.55 average. Why is she NOT listed as a top holder ? Why is she not an insider based on that? She has more than any direct holder. Lmao. Of course I realize she is living this fable but it's amusing how dumb people like her take you all to be.
  • Ok. Here's the plan. Buy more options on TWTR today . Wanna make up your losses??? Head over to TWTR which I have been buying since $16.
  • REVERSE SPLIT needed.
  • Word on the street is that a great deal of staff are running for the exits down there in Gaithersburg. Kinda like rats jumping from a sinking ship.I guess the last one out should turn off the lights!
  • Not only is there no reason to buy it here, There's no reason to hang on either.
  • Novavax is going to eventually be forced to raise additional funds to carry out its plan to execute another costly mid-stage RSV trial in older adults. This decision to forgo a pivotal-stage trial also significantly delays the possibility of a regulatory filing for this indication. As such, it's not surprising that the market is reacting rather poorly to this series of clinical updates -- with Novavax's shares responding by dropping by over 11% in after-hours trading. MORE DILUTION COMING!
  • Any predictions for today?
  • maybe my 1.12 prediction was a little over zealous. I'm going to downgrade it to 1.10
  • Help, I'm falling and I can't get back up!!!
  • I will be a buyer here. The firm is on track and delivered what was promised. The lazy losers want to derail the confidence of the firm by speaking some trash. I am sorry...but I have seen this happen before and shouldn't let this happen to active investors who do their DD and invest. This is a short-term blip and after the latest results the efficacy result is a just a given!

    Don't let simple logic and commonsense be trampled by the arrogance of few. I hope smart investors squeeze this from here to minimum 2 today.
  • Life is SOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks to you dummy longs . Please , I will hold a special place for all you loser longs as I have a chastening of my new yacht, NoNo Novavax!!! Your congratulations in advance are appreciated. Oh, and also.....YOU're welcome!