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    CEPI Funding (Gates)
    Novavax (USA) 388 Million
    University of Oxford/AstraZeneca (UK) 383 Million
    Clover Biopharmaceuticals (China) 69.5 Million
    Sichuan Clover Biopharmaceuticals (China) 66 Million
    Inovio (USA) 17 Million
    University of Queensland (Australia) 4.5 million

    EIB Funding (Europe)
    University of Oxford/AstraZeneca (UK) 843 Million
    CureVac (Germany) 75 Million

    Barda Funding (USA)
    NovaVax (USA) 1.6 Billion
    University of Oxford/AstraZeneca (UK) 1.2 billion (UK)
    Moderna (USA) 483 Million
    Johnson & Johnson (USA) 456 Million
    Merck 38 Million (USA)
    Sanofi(France)/ GlaxoSmithKline(UK) 31 Million

    DOD (USA)
    Novavax (USA) 60 Million
    Inovio (USA) $71 million

    UK (united Kingdom)
    Sanofi(France)/ GlaxoSmithKline(UK) 624 Million

    Self Funded
    Sanofi(France)/ GlaxoSmithKline(UK)
    Johnson & Johnson (USA)
    Merck (USA)
    BioNtech SE (Germany)/Pfizer (USA)

    Significant Funding
    University of Oxford/AstraZeneca (UK) 2.4 Billion - Non-Replicating Viral Vector
    Novavax (USA) 2 Billion - Protein Subunit
    Moderna (USA) 483 Million - RNA
    Sanofi(France)/ GlaxoSmithKline(UK) 624 Million plus self-funded -
    Johnson & Johnson (USA) 456 Million plus self-funded
    Merck (USA) self-funded
    BioNtech SE (Germany)/Pfizer (USA) self-funded

    Started phase 1 trials with significant funding
    University of Oxford/AstraZeneca (UK) 2.4 Billion - Non-Replicating Viral Vector
    Novavax (USA) 2 Billion - Protein Subunit
    Moderna (USA) 483 Million - RNA
    BioNtech SE (Germany)/Pfizer (USA) self-funded - RNA

    EU funding coming very soon... Novavax has by far reported the best results.
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    Why the mRNA’s are a no match to NVAX ? (hence will loose market share immediately after NVAX is authorized ?

    The answer to your question lies in the design of the antigen and the adjuvant. NVAX unlike the mRNA vaccines has incorporated the Furin-like cleavage site (FCS) in spike protein which increases the specificity of the NAB added to the fact that the adjuvant used is highly effective in provoking a sterilizing immunological response.

    Furthermore NVAX has already developed a modified version of Spike protein antigen specifically to fight the K417N mutation of the Beta variant. This will very likely be added following EUA to improve further efficacy against Beta and gamma variant.

    Another factor which weighs in favor of NVAX is the fact that the NAB titers induced will not wane as quickly as mRNA and can be boosted by repeated boosters with minimal side-effects. Note that there has not been any evidence of Myocarditis or Pericarditis following NVAX.

    The fact that NVAX can be safely stored in a refrigerator for six months are longer makes it easy to be distributed by PMDs and remote locations.

    Prospect of combination with Flu vaccine is a big selling point as well.
  • d
    Just posted this on SA:

    It's interesting how the fear of COVID is so far reaching many people, including leaders of countries, are just bypassing WHO and FDA warnings and just doing their own thing.

    ''German Chancellor Angela Merkel did it. So did Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Italian Premier Mario Draghi. They bucked the advice of health agencies and mixed their COVID-19 vaccines after doubts about the effectiveness of the AstraZeneca version against the Delta variant began circulating.
    In what appears to be a growing trend across Europe, the three leaders first received a dose of an adenovirus vaccine (AstraZeneca) before switching to an mRNA vaccine for the second.

    The growing popularity of mix-and-matching vaccines is worrisome to some public health officials. “It's a little bit of a dangerous trend here where people are in a data-free, evidence-free zone as far as mix-and-match,” Dr. Soumya Swaminathan, WHO’s chief scientist, noted during an online press conference last week.''

    As a side note my new opinion are those mRNA vaccines are the greatest invention ever from the Pharmaceutical industry....guaranteed to print billions in profits for a generation or more.

    For me growing up in the Midwest catching a few colds every winter was normal. No one ever created a vaccine yet the pharmaceutical industry still made billions off of medicine that alleviated symptoms....which was probably why a vaccine was never created.

    mRNA vaccines are reaching a similar state, based on the latest data available out of the UK and Israel that shows just how fast their effectiveness wanes (last week UK data, where the Delta variant is 99% of cases, showed only 6% catching COVID in the first four months but by the 5th month that number soared 10 fold....and from Israel just yesterday the effectiveness dropped from the 65% to 39% in just two weeks).
    Now preventing severe illness is still 91% in Israel (down from 95% in two weeks) but that just adds to money making ability of the vaccines (dead people don't need vaccines).

    So what you have is a vaccine that not only requires booster shots every 6 to 9 months (as stated by the Pfizer CEO last month) to stay effective (not kill you) but equally important (from a money making perspective) does not prevent either the spread or the mutation of the virus (a win win for mRNA companies).

    Meaning all the haters of those refusing to get on the mRNA vaccine merry go round are the same ones who a few months after getting vaccinated are out spreading COVID to not only those unvaccinated by those vaccinated, too.

    It's a beautiful thing for the companies selling mRNA vaccines. Once on the mRNA merry go round it's impossible to get off.

    The good news is, for the most part, those 5% of the population at risk from dying due to COVID will still survive (90% effective in preventing deaths as long as you keep getting shots), but the bad part is the rest of the population is going to pay a very high economic and personal price to save those lives (COVID is still going to circulate around the globe killing people and economic restrictions are going to always be pushed by those making the rules.....because those making the rules are old and rich and at risk).

    It will be interesting to see if NVAX, or any other second generation vaccine, can upset this merry go round or whether they just jump in a start grabbing some of the profits.

    For NVAX, I still think it will become the vaccine of choice for the safety aspect of it (99% of those they call anti vaxers in the media are really just anti mRNA vaccines....you can bet those 99% all have their kids fully vaccinated, and themselves, against childhood diseases). So once Novavax is approved it will start taking market share limited by only how fast they can up their production numbers.

    But can it do something mRNA vaccines are incapable of doing....stopping the spread/mutation and getting the merry go round to end?
  • J
    Johnny Lawrence
    Not to sound negative but the more infection rates and hospitalizations goes back up. The more the need for NVAX. Look what happened with the PPS last Tuesday with all the Delta hysteria. I'm not rooting for PF or MRNA waning immunity and I'm not cheering for more people to die or anything, but if NVAX management won't put out any news or updates to their life saving vaccine then maybe we can rely on the media pumping up their scare tactics to boost the need for NVAX.
  • M
    Filing of EUA is likely imminent. As Blue mentioned in his post result of UK booster trial is weeks away. I expect both within the next two weeks. I expect NVAX to outperform others in the booster trial (3:1). Even If they all show similar results, cost and logistics will play a outsized role in Vaccine selection. NVAX is likely to corner 60-75 % of global booster market. Annual revenue of $ 10-15 billion is a conservative estimate even in the unlikely event of a delay in the filing of EUA. Best case scenario will be $ 20-25 billion in annual revenue from the booster market. The above estimate would lead to a market cap of $ 75 billion (conservative with delay) to $ 125-140 billion (best case scenario, no delay). So either way longs are in for a treat of a lifetime. 🚀
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    Sadly my wife and I are going to the dark side and getting our 1st Pfizer shot tonight. I was so hoping that we would have gotten approval by now in the U.S. I have believed in the technology and am long with several hundred shares bought below $100. We are both disappointed that we've had to resort to a technology with no long term health data when we have such a great product. We continue to hold long.
  • M
    There are a lot of people on this board that do provide valuable insight. And there are not the ones that constantly post “we are going to the moon” the aforesaid may be true at some point but no one here knows that or even when. So be careful. There are many that post fact. They are attacked for that. Why? Because it’s not what everyone wants to hear! In life, on a daily basis there are disappointments, challenges, things we don’t want to deal with, but that’s life and beyond our control. This is no different. I am not attempting to counsel anyone, just pointing out reality. Unless you speak of the shorts who demean the stock and offer nothing but fear. Gail is a pumper, she owns all the shares by now, she posts constantly, never replies to comments. There’s a pumping bot right there! Dab is the other end of the spectrum along with Drax. But if you read some good points… Pima potter has made a few, etc. Some of their predictions have been spot on, albeit not what we wanted to hear. I am just as bothered by these delays as anyone else. If anyone says they aren’t they are lying through their teeth! I am the first to be beligerant to the nasty, dirty shorties, and there are lots! I wish all of you, us nothing but the best rewards. Patience is a virtue but we really need something in short order. Blessed weekend to you all.
  • m
    I don't hold any NVAX shares but intend to start buying now. That's despite the clear frustrations of investors, waiting for the company to release news that it has applied for EUA after the great phase 3 data results. IMO, NVAX should to release that news soon, surely. Sorry, if I'm not as up-to-speed at those commenting here. But from someone who's looking to buy NOW and who hasn't been through all the frustrations (caused by the company's poor communications and PR), NVAX looks like a very good investment.
  • J
    Just a thought for those that constantly sell when it has gone up a bit and then buy back in when it goes down, there will come a time (and very soon) when you have just sold and the news comes out and you are left in the dust. It may be too late then to get back in and if you do, it will be at a premium and any small gains you have made with the above method will be more than wiped out. The "real" evidence points to a can't miss for NVAX. If you have been a student of the news and research, you know this is a can't miss. All the shorts and manipulators can't stop this company but they can rob you of significant gains if you let them. To all the true longs, I congratulate you for your patience. It will be rewarded.
  • D
    I keep reading posts criticizing management for their failures and suggesting we need to get rid of them. This is amazing and absurd in my view. Sure, there were difficulties along the way and perhaps, in retrospect, there were some things that they could have done to bring the vaccine to market sooner. On the other hand consider what they have accomplished for stockholders. On April 8, 2020 they issued a press release announcing Novavax had identified a Coronavirus vaccine candidate. The closing price of the stock on the afternoon before the announcement the stock was $14.90. Friday's close at $203.24 represents a gain of 1,264%. How many other stocks have performed that well? High profile vaccine producers like Merck, Roche, GSK, Sanofi and Pfizer have had little success in developing a useful covid vaccine. Pfizer has gained about 20% from their partnership with Biontech, but the others have not benefitted at all from their efforts to cash in on Covid. So NVAX has outperformed all other vaccine producing companies since their announcement. Even BNTX and MRNA cannot match the 1,264% gain since April 7, 2020 when NVAX announced their vaccine. BNTX has gained 518% in the period, MRNA 989%. So, I ask those who want to rid themselves of Stan Erck and his team, WHY?
  • K
    For the sake of all longs, I hope everything comes true. Just no hidden surprise or delays. Then all this waiting and suffering will pay off. Just can't dispute what NVAX has to offer and its marketability. B.Riley at least reiterated buy again today just to add.
  • J
    UK trial members. I received the following email from the trial today that allowed me to register with the NHS App which confirms my Vaccine Passport for UK.
    The last paragraph is interesting, stating Your NHS App should now give you a COVID vaccine status for use at any domestic event, and the Government is working on it being recognised internationally. It will be replaced shortly by details of the exact vaccine you have had. This will be achieved in the next couple of weeks by way of a bulk upload of the relevant data to the NHS Digital data collection service.

    When the data from this bulk upload is imported, it will overwrite any deployed vaccine data that already exists for you, leaving only the 1st and last NOVAVAX vaccine dates recorded.
  • O
    Just curious about something, and I'm sure that many hereabouts will know.

    Has Novavax ever issued a major PR during after hours trading?

    (Long, locked, and optimistic)
  • M
    I want to make it clear. I have believed in NVAX from the beginning of this pandemic. Many were here before me! Those people are the real troopers having been through the reverse split. I have done well with NVAX, I got in early. Some got in a a much higher sp and may be in a loss position. I feel for you, this will rocket at some point. My previous post was to point out what I believe personally are the hurdles. I will not bash this stock or the company. I believe things would have worked a bit better done differently. Hang tight, best of luck to all of us on this board.
  • N
    Is it possible they will just tell us one day the vaccine is approved without telling us they applied prior? Considering rolling review process taking place for many months, do you need to formally apply or the rolling review is actually the application itself?
  • G
    I’m just as frustrated with management as everyone else with the delays and silence but to think that these scheduled sales have anything to do with material news being withheld and cashed in on by management is beyond hilarious. Small biotech execs receive most of their compensation in stock, which is great because it’s a performance driver. Further, pretty sure some of Trizzinos scheduled sales bit him as they were scheduled prior to the big pop. Do Stan and Doc Glenn deserve the millions they’ve made without bringing a product to market? ABSOLUTELY YES they do. Stan secured over a billion dollars from OWS, put together manufacturing deals all over the world, secured billions in contracts and licensing agreements, and the team created the best, safest and most efficacious vaccine on the market in less than a year. They deserve every penny for hitting those milestones. The problem is the company is not a big pharma player and they don’t have the same access, influence, or connections. Despite all of their challenges they will still bring the vaccine to market and the applications for Matrix M are now proven, and they have the money and legitimacy for a robust future pipeline of drugs. I wish Stan was better at communicating both in person and through PR but I do understand why he is ambiguous and cautious. The company has been involved in lawsuits with whiny investors who lost money. In fact I think there is currently one underway as we speak. Biotechs are tough to hold, if you can’t take the heat, bail out but don’t do it because of the lies spread on message boards. Horus is a joke and I’d be surprised if he is not a paid shill. Anyone who asks for reactions and feverishly posts is usually paid.
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    Money Man
    Moderna may lap around Novavax again today, with a market cap approaching 9 times that of Novavax. Lesson learned, invest in management of a company rather than the science?
  • W
    Once we file for EUA, that will signal to the market that production is good to go. The market will automatically price in approvals ahead of time. We could go to a 40B market cap in a week. Buy now, or buy the dip at 400.
  • K
    Great job Novavax. Really appreciate being in the complete dark. It’s nice to hear absolutely nothing for weeks. Warms the heart to know we are Just A Few Weeks from something (for the better part of a YEAR already).

    Sorry guys (investor community). Reached the end of my rope over here. Approaching the breaking point. Need to write this as a therapeutic attempt. Versus doing something drastic.
  • O
    Israel MOH released its time-dependent estimates of vaccine efficacy. Those immunized in January showed a low 16% efficacy for prevention of infection or symptomatic disease but still 82%+ from prevention of severe disease or hospitalization. The media only reports part of the story.

  • W
    The CEO of Zendal, Andrés Fernández, will be the town crier of the act in Castrelos

    The act for the Day of Galicia in Vigo will have the CEO of Zendal, Andrés Fernández, as a town crier. Abel Caballero stressed that the company, belonging to the business conglomerate in which Biofabri is integrated, is an example in the development of vaccines against the coronavirus, specifically that of the Novavax laboratory that will be produced at the company's facilities in O Porriño.
    The councilor explained that the act seeks to "pay tribute to science", which allowed the availability of vaccines to deal with this pathology, as well as the professionals who worked to develop them.
    In this way, he highlighted the "great social debt" contracted by citizens with the professionals who worked to respond to the pandemic, to whom he conveyed his "infinite gratitude." Thus, he pointed out that he aspires to "pay tribute to these heroic people in the fight against the covid" through the town crier chosen for the act.

    Biofabri and Grupo Zendal took the lead in biotechnology by being the first Spanish company to enter the manufacturing process of coronavirus vaccines after signing an alliance with the American laboratory Novavax in September 2020. Recently this pharmaceutical company presented new data on its efficacy, yielding in phase 3 of the study a result of 93% efficacy against the main variants of the virus currently circulating. This vaccine is not like the ones currently inoculated in Spain, since it is neither made from messenger RNA –such as Pfizer and Moderna– nor adenovirus –as is the case with AstraZeneca or Janssen- when using harmless fragments of SARS-CoV-2 combined with a substance obtained from a Chilean tree.