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NVIDIA Corporation (NVDA)

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  • Upcoming FOMC meeting announcment on Wednesday can change the atmosphere in the markets, does anyone have a predicition of what can happen to Nvidia on that day?
  • Just a few months ago, I was cursing myself for getting in at 115 in Dec 2016. I held and held. And I bought more to lower my average when it was low 100s for several months in early 2017. Now, I wish I had bought a ton more at 115. It is not too late to get on the NVDA train! This company will be a leader in multiple areas for years to come!
  • Nick, you're a moron too. Moreover, you're a liar. Anyone who claims to be tossing the amount of money that you say your doing isn't posting on yahoo. Furthermore, nobody would toss in the amount you claim to just make a quick 1000 or 2. You're a liar and everyone on the board knows it. Hence the reason you get so many thumbs down on your posts
  • 202.00 after ER.
  • Turbulent week ahead...my prediction: amd will tank, intc won't do much...and nvda will run up moderately. If amd loses more than 15% I might pick some up for a quick buck. Even a dead cat bounces.
  • Remember all the people who refused to by Amzn and Goog at 150 because it was too late and how they missed the boat? Don't miss out again...
  • I just want to admit to everyone that I'm gay.
  • Once you mute half of these morons targeting each other, this board doesn't look so bad...
  • shorts have lost 1.5 billion this year on nvda, never learn, like degenerate gamblers chasing their loses.
  • Shorted some $172.5 calls, more $180 calls & bunch more $185 calls. Collecting nearly $2K premium overall. Taking risk but at this price I am not concern + I can short Puts to collect lot of premium if it exercised.

    Reason I am not concern,
    While NVDA has great business going, Lot of possible good news already priced in. Stock Price moving too fast as well can't continue such way. It's already $100B company.

    While Bull think it's reason to invest, I think it reason to short. not long ago I was long on this stock around $95. I exit quickly with good profit back then.

    This is solid company but not worth $100B for sure.
  • Kalpesh is a fraud who has probably caused some poor fools to lose money. That's what makes me mad. He's a fraud, pretending to be a "stock expert." And if we don't downvote him and call him "moron" on all of his posts, someone else might listen to him and lose money.
    So he can either stop trying to appear to be an expert, which misleads the gullible, or I will keep warning those gullible people in the way that has the most impact. Which is, unfortunately, name calling. I tried reason. people don't react to that. But when they see me, David and one or two others responding to every Kalpesh post with demeaning names, that might actually prevent them from following this fool into huge money losses.
  • check out one of David's awesome calls...LMAO...Posted in NVIDIA Corporation

    David23 days ago
    Tom, agree. i also plan to buy more around 135"
  • My guess - $185-195 on Aug 8/9
  • Kap & Nick - you two have managed to ruin the board. It's no longer worth reading
  • when i read posts on this board, i felt like we were in year 2000 when every idiot could make money!
  • 7.1 b loss for shorts just in 6 months. Tgat could double by December
    Careful shorting any stock in a bull market like this.
  • MSFT had huge quarter because of cloud computing, and guess whose cards they use for their cloud servers?
  • Going to 200.00 or higher, ai chips, games, and other new faster chips coming out.
  • Upvote if Kalpesh is an idiot, downvote if I'm an idiot.
  • Took profits at the top here, may go up more but 3rd Qtr looks iffy. Probably beat on earnings sell off on down guidance and stock goes up from there to beat again, same old pony trick.