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  • I really don’t understand the animus between AMD and NVDA investors. I realize the competition in product lines but the scenarios in which one of the companies does very well and the other very poorly are highly unlikely. If AMD flies, so will NVDA and vice versa. I wish AMD longs well and hope they get to $50 soon because I expect NVDA to be at $500. I hope AMD investors make a ton of money because that means it is likely that NVDA investors also make a ton.
  • I know this is the NVDA board, but maybe you know I've been pounding the table on $FB for a long time. I'm pounding it harder than ever now. FB may earn $10/share in 2018, putting it at a 17 forward P/E. I'm more heavily invested in NVDA, but at this insane level of profitability the risk/reward for Facebook just soared after this earnings report. It is almost funny, how assuredly that stock will hit $300+ in the next couple of years. At $10 EPS, $300/share is only 30 PE. It could get to $300 IN LESS THAN 1 YEAR! Heck, it could hit $400-500 next year if the general market goes into bubble mode. But even without bubble mode, $400-500 in 3-4 years looks incredibly likely. I can't be nearly so sure about NVDA hitting $400-500, or even $300. BUT, I would say that over the next 6 months, there's a good chance NVDA beats FB to the $200 mark. I just don't have good longer-term visibility on NVDA like I do on FB. If I sold all my NVDA tomorrow at $168 and bought FB at 173, I don't think I would regret it in the long run. But I might regret it in the short run if NVDA runs to $275 in November while FB is still at $180-190. So that's where I'm at right now.
  • Another great day tomorrow.
  • may i add kalpesh 170 call today was wrong again not bashing
  • Great Buying OP. !! There shaking the trees, DON'T SELL, Hang on, you will be rewarded!!
  • You peeps really are too high-strung. If this stock doesn't go up 1-2% every single day, you start wetting your pants. We went from $104 to $166 in just a few short months. #$%$ more is there? Stop sweating bullets over nothing. This stock has another 15 years in it or more. Just go long and stop the constant whining about every 50-cent pullback..
  • I have no idea why anyone would sell this stock, especially now. No one in their right mind sells a great stock like Nvidia before an earnings report that is just around the corner. AMD came in positive and to sell Nvidia before Intel's earnings report today is rediculous which was also positive. I agree with several on this message board that it was pure profit taking. I can see taking some off the top with Netflix because they have already reported, but Nvidia now was a mistake. I only can surmise that there are many rookies that do not even know when Nvidia report their earnings. WOW....good luck to the longs.
  • I hope your happy Kalpesh.You said buy so I sunk my children's college fund in it. Now its tanking!
  • Looks like (((they))) will push down NVDA one last time before earnings.
  • My biggest purchases ever of $FB just happened. 173.50-174.50. Cheapest shares I ever bought.
    ( this after I sold yesterday's 171.30's for 176-179 in pre market )
  • We gotta hit $170.
  • Nvidia is the future and could replace Intel.
  • only got one filled order 1500 at 158.06
  • I'm buying
  • If NVDA were to hit $200 in a few weeks, that would be a 100% gain in about 100 days. That is insane. Do you really think the earnings will justify such a huge valuation increase, from $59B in May to $119B in August? Please, only intelligent responses.
    (cue the crickets)
  • Just a very healthy pullback. Buy the dips. If we get lower to, let s say, 140 I don t mind. 5 years from now NVIDIA will be at least 500.....
  • hey kalpesh....remember your $AAOI prediction of a pull-back. Another 4% today. that's over 6% in the past in the 2 days and 40% in the past 2 weeks for those keeping track at home.
  • What happened to AMD's slam bangin monstrous earnings beat? AMD Sucks! BWAAHAAHAAHAHAHHAHAA!
  • David is actually the dumbest person here