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NVIDIA Corporation (NVDA)

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169.53+4.18 (+2.53%)
As of 10:10AM EDT. Market open.
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  • I really don’t understand the animus between AMD and NVDA investors. I realize the competition in product lines but the scenarios in which one of the companies does very well and the other very poorly are highly unlikely. If AMD flies, so will NVDA and vice versa. I wish AMD longs well and hope they get to $50 soon because I expect NVDA to be at $500. I hope AMD investors make a ton of money because that means it is likely that NVDA investors also make a ton.
  • You peeps really are too high-strung. If this stock doesn't go up 1-2% every single day, you start wetting your pants. We went from $104 to $166 in just a few short months. #$%$ more is there? Stop sweating bullets over nothing. This stock has another 15 years in it or more. Just go long and stop the constant whining about every 50-cent pullback..
  • If NVDA were to hit $200 in a few weeks, that would be a 100% gain in about 100 days. That is insane. Do you really think the earnings will justify such a huge valuation increase, from $59B in May to $119B in August? Please, only intelligent responses.
    (cue the crickets)
  • should be 175 on earnings after 10th next month
  • I think the run is ready to start, better jump in if you haven't yet.
  • I'm an AMD investor but you guys helped us get our footing last earnings when we lost it, you're welcome this time around
  • Many people in this board have insulting and mean full responses to me, I suggest if you don't have good words to say then keep your thoughts to yourself.
  • Nvidia is the future and could replace Intel.
  • amd up 7%. nvda earnings and outlook will be fat more impressive but I'll take a 7% bump in one day. lol
  • Let me take the suspense out of this for you: $175 when the ER settles & $200 by EOY. Period. The rest is fluff and froth. 4th quarter 17 ER will come with a 4:1 split and then the march back to $100 (after split; $400 pre-split valuation) by EOY '18 will resume in earnest. This is all foretold. Bank it!
  • With AMD higher revenue and guidance, is it possible that AMD is taking some market shares out from NVDA?
  • What you guys need is me to crunch the numbers for NVDA like I did for AMD :p
    I got in the $150s, out at $160, told you guys it would hit the $130s (and it did), and said that would be the buying time. NVDA should do good too.
  • I wrote out a really long, well structured analysis for you but most of you have moderate brain damage, so I'm just going to summarize, using as few numbers as possible.
    In short: there is hard evidence that demand is strong in Data Center, which is the biggest story for Nvidia right now. And there's no reason to believe Gaming or other segments would slow down so much as to negate that. Any cryptocurrency demand is just icing on the cake. This quarter WILL BE A BLOWOUT. And I am 90% certain it will support a stock price over 150. Good chance over 160. And decent chance for much higher.
  • $200 after earning.
  • I think Google is a great company and stock. But I must sell my daytrading shares today at 977 and 982 (GOOGL). I would hold, but I can't. I must hold onto my $NVDA and $FB instead.
  • @Whooz yor daddy have you been thinking of buying lrcx?
  • Message to shorts: Please Add to your short position. lol
  • AMD up nearly 11% after hours and the chip sector has bee out of favor for the last week so we're due for a turnaround anyways. NVDA has a much better hand and even a 5% jump from these levels puts us into record territory. Zero worries here and shorts will be covering very quickly.
  • correction to 155 range would be normal. i guess that would be bullish.... 155 low
    ..245 may target.. best wishes for traders and even those hold and pump every freakin day....