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    I quoted this recently “But Nvidia is not just any chip maker . They lead the field in multiple areas from gaming, machine learning, and autonomous driving technology to Artificial intelligence, medical imaging and hyper scale computing “. Cook, June 11, 2021 title “Nvidia bull of the day”.
  • '
    Impressive! most impressive is my feelings about this DeepMap acquisition.
    Founded by James Wu and Mark Wheeler after working at Alphabet and Apple, among other places, are just Brilliant Minds and have come up with a fantastic product.
    High Definition Mapping software with centimeter level precision… WOW!!!
    I’ve worked with commercial GPS receivers like Trimble and achieving this level of precision is Amazing!!!
    NVDA’s 8BILLION plus automotive win pipeline just got better and with the next generation self driving chip ATLAN coming, we are the leader of this huge growth opportunity!

    Go Long NVDA!
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    I bought 25 shares at price 610. Looking forward to owning 100 NVDA shares after the split.
    Happy with my three tech stocks: NVDA, MSft and NIO
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    All indicators which includes the Dow, the S&P, Nasdaq and Russell are up but Nvidia is slightly down in the future market. Nvidia will turnaround and rise after the open . And it will probably rise sharply so keep your positivity up and your chin too.
  • F
    Just secured 5 shares. This company is just a good long term hold, period. The fact that there will be bullish buying pressure for the next 20 days then a 4-1 split is a very sweet expensive icing on a very affordable cake.
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    Just managed to buy another share. Ok, I am late to the Nvidia buy n hold cus I am an impulsive swing trader, but I am holding these gems for a retirement present in 20 or so years time.
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    Nvidia Files For Potential Four-Part Notes Offering
    Transaction Overview
    Issuer: NVIDIA Corporation
    Issue: Senior Unsecured Notes
    Issue Size: $5,000,000,000
    Use of Proceeds:
    General corporate purposes, which may include,
    among other things, repayment of indebtedness
    Saw this posted at my Fidelity account. Have no idea what NVDA will be using it for. My guess would be additional acquisitions or building their war chest to pay for ARM when it is approved.
  • M
    Jensen is playing '3 level chess' while most CEO's are playing checkers. The man is a complete genius and is planning his moves years in advance. I have absolute faith in him and know that in 5 years NVDA will lead the world in at least 5 different areas. The stock price will reflect that as well!
  • J
    just for grins. this was written on March 29th (Seeking Alpha), 2.5 months ago:

    ...NVIDIA currently ticks all my boxes and is an excellent company. It is clearly a Tier 1 company and at the right price, it would be an excellent addition to anyone’s portfolio.

    NVIDIA appears to be expensive at the current market price and I would not recommend purchasing stock at these prices.

    Although NVIDIA’s share price has already declined nearly 20% from its all-time high price of $613, I would not be surprised if the price continued to move lower. There is still a lot of optimism baked into the current price.

    Sadly, I have never owned NVIDIA, but if I was a holder, I would have been trimming my allocation over the last couple of months as the price is appears to be significantly higher than my estimate of the company’s intrinsic value.

    I will be waiting for a major market correction before adding NVIDIA to my portfolio. I want a price around $235... Patience is the key with this one.
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    Before this stock reaches $500 per share (post split) there will be many 'pull backs', that is a given. It is also a given that this stock will reach $500 per share (post split). So why try to time the market to the nano-second and miss out on the big increases?!? Just cost average in and hold and when NVDA is sitting at $500 per share post split will you care or even remember those times it pulled back? Of course not.... you'll be too busy counting your money!
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    Bought my last 3 shares today to total out at 25. Holding for the long run
  • H
    NVDA = a real technology company; a mega tech 😀
  • S
    There is a big difference between "application of tech" and real "tech." NVDA is real tech.
  • H
    Heavy tech accumulation into the close in multiple stocks. Fantastic.
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    Grand Poobah
    Rotation back into tech! Inflation fears going be short lived! Growth will outdo Value! When you are talking tech and growth NVDA is King!
  • g
    Apple moved from $94 to $134 , more than 45 percent increase in a month after the stock split was announced.

    Nvdia is merely at 18% increase after the stock split announcement. With street high estimates of $800 and just 20 trading days before the split, I am holding for $200+ after split price!
  • D
    I have a modest number of shares (low 100's) of NVDA which I plan to hold for a long time.
    I also have an interest in electric utilities too.
    I get this feeling that utilites are going to become a tech play with the increase interest in electric cars.
    Check out EIX, PCG, VST, DUK, etc...etc....etc.
    Anybody else here have an interest in electric utility stocks ?
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    Investor place by Faisal Humayun June 11, 2021 “4 unstoppable stocks that are too risky to bet against “ and NVIDIA is on the list.
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    Ladles and gentlemen, fasten your seat belts and and add more NVDA shares because we are soon going to climb to $800 a share levels before the split.
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    As I've mentioned before, NVDA leads the field in multiple areas, from gaming, machine learning, and autonomous driving technology to artificial intelligence, medical imaging, and hyperscale computing for scientific research. This stock has NO TOP END!

    I truly believe that NVDA will split again in the next 3 or 4 years. Keep adding whenever you can and be sure to add to your Roth or 401k!