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InVivo Therapeutics Holdings Corp. (NVIV)

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  • Congratulations to Thomas Jefferson University Hospital and InVivo Therapeutics for enrolling the 17th out of 20 patients!

    It gives me great pleasure to feature a "Hall of Fame" report this Tuesday morning instead of a "Hall of Shame" report featuring the "do-nothing" slacker sites who have no doubt let disenfranchised patients through the cracks. In this case, Dr. James Harrop will be recognized as a hero who is part of the new pioneers of acute SCI intervention who took the bull by the horns and are among the first to embrace the revolutionary new approach of implanting the Neuro-Spinal Scaffold which magnifies the chances for some recovery from this horrible injury. A new Standard of Care can only emerge when everybody does their part. Inventive minds like the brilliant Robert Langer, bright, skillful, and brave doctors who take that early adopter leadership spirit and run forward, and a supportive management that pushes forward (we hope). So congrats to all. Only three more to go until full enrollment! Let's get the job done for the sake of medical advancement.
  • Three more patients, thirteen more weeks to go. Don't go dozing off Perrin
  • Three

    When we get to full enrollment at 20, the recruitment of this trial is OVER! Now perhaps out of humanitarian interest they could continue to enroll? But yeah, it will be finally done as to requirements. And then it will be all about the conversions and improvements observed in the patients. The FDA's Objective Performance Criteria has already been met. If half of the remaining observable patients convert, then the results would be double the OPC. The safety track record is still 100%. No safety concerns. Approval is based on the reward/risk formula. To date it looks superb.
  • Imagine you're a new investor to Invivo. You just discovered it and have done your due diligence and you can't believe the price you're getting in on this investment. There are a lot of investors that will be discovering this company now and in the near future. As enrollments come to a close and with more conversions - more investors will come on board driving the price higher as well as the inevitable short covering maybe, just maybe we can finally get some decent analyst coverage. Based on the following thought process, I just bought another thousand shares. Call me crazy! There's no way I see myself selling under $10 a share. But I also acknowledge that this investment still has its risks
  • They got two new sites to do the implantation in one week and clearly have momentum to get to full enrollment. That's very encouraging news.
  • Why would any NVIV seller be only asking for $2.70 per share given the trial success to date and nearing completion. Has to make one wonder. Can't be a long value believer so must be a trader who perhaps got in at $2.50 or less you would think.....
  • A bit of good news this morning
  • Birdie says that from patient 18 through 20 there will be some 3rd party write-ups like there used to be in years past. ABOUT TIME this would be getting much needed publicity! Throw in some conversions too. This is a great entry range with some serious potential coming.
  • Right back to where we Fing started from.Ridiculous!! Im a relatively new,long,,so i feel for y'all who have been around for the last yr or two.I WAS gonna load up,,but no way now.Manipulation and no co updates.IF and when the insiders start buying,,maybe i'll load up.If They dont have faith,then i dont either at this point.Lead by example,,,and they dont.Have no clue how they could be so clueless,or even know the basics of keeping a Good co's stock price up.Its Beyond me.Too bad too,,they have a good product doing good deeds for people,,but cant keep the stock price up to keep things going,to help many more people
  • day traders having a field day with NVIV ..I prefer to buy and hold for the filing ..
  • Carp diem and seize the headfake because this will go higher!
  • What the hell is going on here with this stock?? It should not be dropping like this. Also, is the CEO of this company doing his job or does he play golf every day?
  • Bought some more on the drop today. Being Friday, and the chance of either another patient enrollment or a conversion announcement next week, I thought why not.
  • The 10,000 plus shares of NVIV for sale have been there in place all day keeping the price down while smaller volume transactions are going through unchecked. This effectively puts a cap on any increase in the PPS.
  • Classic strangle collar on the PPS trading with large buy quantity of more than 30,000 shares yet only 100 share trades actually trading every couple of seconds. Manipulators at work to accumulate at a low price based on gains in PPS anticipated after they are done accumulating. Indicators from trading earlier this week through yesterday support this strategy. Good time for the non-trading long term value holders to pick up some more shares at a bargain price.
  • shorting this a year ago made sense. shorting it now with possible approval in the next six months just foolish. this will continue higher in next few months.
  • Anybody like to venture a guess as to the identity of the scammer manipulators who are so determined to suppress the NVIV share price, and why? Incredible to see a 23% fall like this on no news after a nice climb out of the deep cellar. They ought to be turned in to the SEC and put behind bars. Unfortunately, these days the SEC and the FDA are toothless phantom agencies run by pawns of the investment banks and big pharma, respectively, both of which are busy robbing us blind, with Trump's blessing. No regulation and you can kiss your money goodbye!
  • Don't know if this stock is going up due to IBB. Perhaps JMP presentation?
  • Continuation should continue into the 4s with ease. This has been way too low for way too long
  • NVIV will be bought right after FDA approval news. my guess is they will seek $15-20 range. price moves up to 10 before end of the year