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InVivo Therapeutics Holdings Corp. (NVIV)

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  • No 8:00 news drop. Hope we can keep yesterday's .20 gain and build on it. At 2.40, this is still stupid oversold and low entry point. IMO, we should double from here before full enrollment in INSPIRE. Once full enrollment is reached (I'm guessing by the end of September), we double from 5.00 to 10.00 -- that's when MP will do his next offering. Dilution from 10.00 won't be terrible and it shouldn't be hard to sell those shares if trials have fully enrolled and probable benefit is proven likely. $2.40 is a bargain!! I never picked up those extra 15K trading shares under $2.00. Just riding my core shares and expecting them to triple from here by year's end. Happy hunting!
  • How about one insider buy. Anybody? Anyone want to step up?
  • Something's cooking ?
  • Would be nice if we find out there's a couple new conversions and at least another patient recruited!
  • I hope that MP doesn't kill the momentum (again) by not having anything new to present in the next several days. It would be just like him, though.
  • The _M.I.N.I.M.U.M_ share price that NVIV should be today is at least $5.50 and poised to double that at least, as the study completes, is submitted for approval and heads to commercialization. Virgin market, no competition, collaborative technologies banging on the door to work with InVivo...
  • Interesting week, we are up ~10% with no news, while the IBB is down a few percentage points for the week. It will be interesting to see how we close the week and what next week holds.
  • CUR essentially collapsed July 25 following poor results for their potential treatment for depression-at one time they were involved in stem cell treatment for spinal cord injury--Jason Napadano reported that at one time In Vivo approached CUR about using their stem cells with the scaffold in a trial and were rebuffed--maybe NVIV can buy up some of CUR's assets now that they likely will fold soon
  • This management team has not been effective with their press releases in generating interest in the stock. They are a complete failure in terms of their ability to demonstrate that there is a true potential value in the making, not to mention why there is never any talk about the combination of the NVIV scaffold with stem cells in the not too distant future that will really make SCI remedial options clear to all. Disheartening for sure as to how MP and company just don't get it, even with the need to raise funds at some point.
  • Price is stable because there's the expectation of the bounce on next enrollments. It's not a matter of if, it's a matter of when. Of course, all of us investors would rather it be much sooner than later. It will happen though. Then there's the expectation of further conversions. I'm patient!
  • WOW, a green day. Whens the last time we saw that
  • Stock is up because Mark Perrin got to work only 4 minutes late today instead of 40.
  • Tuesday's or Wednesday's are the usual news days, right? I wonder if the bum is going to earn that $40k for the week? What exactly are we paying this guy $160K a month to accomplish? Oh yeah, finish up the last 3 patient enrollments and get this implant approved and generating revenue. No more excuses, unless you're trying to make the resume even worse than it already is.
  • On the verge of giving up on these guys. Every week you feel this must be the week we get good price moving news and every week is a disappointment
  • Another boring week on tap. Useless MP at work
  • Another $8,000 spent on MP's salary gone. Hopeless POS CEO
  • They need to announce patient improvements. If we don't get that this stock is dead money
  • Good buying interest on the bid at $2.20 this morning (over 19,000). Unless there's a sudden dump again of 100K+ shares at one time, looks like a floor is in at $2.20. A decent amount of shares on the ask at $2.25 (8,000 currently). I've thought of eating the ask myself for all of it at one time just to knock it out and se if we begin a run from it. But, I've told myself that I won't buy any trading shares for over $2.00 and I'm sticking to it for now. Especially with no new patients in nearly a month now -- I just don't understand the long delays in recruiting. We're at "peak season" for treating spinal injuries through the Summer months and just can't seem to get patients enrolled at a reasonable level. That is frustrating to me! My only guess at a reason is that NVIV enrolls two-ish at a time, then intentionally waits a month or so for next patients in an effort to space out news releases and measuring progress. Just a guess.
  • FINAL PUSH, Perrin. Let's get cracking and as an investor I expect you all to be in constant contact with all of your sites and not having anyone fall through the cracks. Let's get the last three patients enrolled before the end of August if possible so this can regain some lost time. I also hope the team has been shifting their time resources to proactively work on portions that come after full enrollment. That will be an elucidating test of your management skills. How quickly can you get this to advance through all of the remaining procedural mileposts and manufacturing readiness. Your team ought to be working on those things as we speak. Any further delays after full enrollment is totally unacceptable and will show us whether you truly have what it takes to lead this company or not. To say that you receive extremely high level of compensation is an understatement. Time to prove your worth instead of appearing as the largest individual source of cash burn. Chop Chop, better earn your keep.
  • Institutional holders list is out!
    Not as bad as one might think. Does not look like Blackrock or Vanguard was dumping as many as this board would lead one to believe!
    Blackrock still holding 1.8 mil shares, Vanguard at 1.12mil shares. This is long term..
    Hold, don't Fold! Still long and strong after all of this time👊