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  • Tuesday's or Wednesday's are the usual news days, right? I wonder if the bum is going to earn that $40k for the week? What exactly are we paying this guy $160K a month to accomplish? Oh yeah, finish up the last 3 patient enrollments and get this implant approved and generating revenue. No more excuses, unless you're trying to make the resume even worse than it already is.
  • Price is stable because there's the expectation of the bounce on next enrollments. It's not a matter of if, it's a matter of when. Of course, all of us investors would rather it be much sooner than later. It will happen though. Then there's the expectation of further conversions. I'm patient!
  • On the verge of giving up on these guys. Every week you feel this must be the week we get good price moving news and every week is a disappointment
  • Another boring week on tap. Useless MP at work
  • Good buying interest on the bid at $2.20 this morning (over 19,000). Unless there's a sudden dump again of 100K+ shares at one time, looks like a floor is in at $2.20. A decent amount of shares on the ask at $2.25 (8,000 currently). I've thought of eating the ask myself for all of it at one time just to knock it out and se if we begin a run from it. But, I've told myself that I won't buy any trading shares for over $2.00 and I'm sticking to it for now. Especially with no new patients in nearly a month now -- I just don't understand the long delays in recruiting. We're at "peak season" for treating spinal injuries through the Summer months and just can't seem to get patients enrolled at a reasonable level. That is frustrating to me! My only guess at a reason is that NVIV enrolls two-ish at a time, then intentionally waits a month or so for next patients in an effort to space out news releases and measuring progress. Just a guess.
  • FINAL PUSH, Perrin. Let's get cracking and as an investor I expect you all to be in constant contact with all of your sites and not having anyone fall through the cracks. Let's get the last three patients enrolled before the end of August if possible so this can regain some lost time. I also hope the team has been shifting their time resources to proactively work on portions that come after full enrollment. That will be an elucidating test of your management skills. How quickly can you get this to advance through all of the remaining procedural mileposts and manufacturing readiness. Your team ought to be working on those things as we speak. Any further delays after full enrollment is totally unacceptable and will show us whether you truly have what it takes to lead this company or not. To say that you receive extremely high level of compensation is an understatement. Time to prove your worth instead of appearing as the largest individual source of cash burn. Chop Chop, better earn your keep.
  • Institutional holders list is out!
    Not as bad as one might think. Does not look like Blackrock or Vanguard was dumping as many as this board would lead one to believe!
    Blackrock still holding 1.8 mil shares, Vanguard at 1.12mil shares. This is long term..
    Hold, don't Fold! Still long and strong after all of this time👊
  • For those who post on message boards that manipulation is fiction, kindly read the attached article from today's Wall Street Journal to better understand how the vermin manipulators take advantage of average investors on a daily basis, including shareholders of NVIV. https://www.wsj.com/articles/the-wolves-of-long-island-1500506761

    The Wolves of Long Island
    The SEC does its job in taking down a pump-and-dump stock scheme.
  • Who is still selling these shares in such large blocks? Frank? Blackstone?

    3 patients left to enroll. 3. More selling than buying at nearly all-time lows. Currently, dropped another 5% today to 2.10. MP not buying a single share with his own cash. Running out of buyers even at 2.10. Probably dropping under 2.00 again at this rate with no news today, etc. Every LT investor, at this point, has to be sorely disappointed. Many are down very, very large amounts. Baffling.
  • I can see the next corporate presentation with the statement "WE EXPECT FULL ENROLLMENT BY THE END OF THE FOURTH QUARTER" This CEO running this company is a #$%$
  • If you look at the individual trades at the close today, we have corrupt morons selling 9 shares on a down tick knocking the market cap down some $1.5 million (from $2.25 per share down to $2.20) $18 value before trade costs followed by another moron selling 1 share. How do long term shareholders seriously under water fight a war against such vermin axxholes playing with the stock. They never sleep.
  • The Perrin Report
    In the last couple of weeks, at least, we have seen some nice progress in site additions and extending out a bit further, some patient recruitments. We have also seen some positive staff additions and generally all positive pieces of news. Now what have we NOT seen in as far as new developments? What glaring deficiencies might be seen as a glaring contrast not only to the positive news but also to highlight the $40,000 per week compensation of the CEO who we would all like to know what he accomplishes to justify such excessive compensation. We STILL NEED three more patients to achieve full enrollment of this study. Withing the bounds of what is allowed, has the company checked in regularly with all of the study participants and provided the encouragement, support and inspiration to recruit qualifying patients as they present? Statistically, there should be at least 25 patients per week presenting with this type of injury. So the study sites need to not let any patients "fall through the cracks" and attain a high capture rate. There are many moving parts here, but there is one leader who has not shown much of any talent at all to be charismatic, enthusiastic, inspiring, encouraging toward all the rest of the moving parts. This same DUD appears not to have the talent to make the company's accomplishments known beyond some basic PR's released. This is significant! This person in a highly (almost obscenely) compensated position has dropped the ball in communicating to the investment community. He ought to be inspiring analysts, news outlets, financial writers and financial backers to support and get the word out. We have all heard his words, which are not often polished nor colorful, but rather bland. This same over-compensated leader has not even purchased shares in the company. He just doesn't get it. Period. He has no clue with regard to how to support the value of the company. And yes, the Board of Directors ought to be ashamed that this has gone on for this length of time.
  • What is the actual share float here with the insider, institutional, and retail holdings? Although it is considered "low" it is still too high for the current share price. Solution: Imagine if there were 6 million shares snatched up overnight by an investor (like Sabby) in a direct offering, who would intend to hold right through commercialization when the word is out about a new standard of care in the industry and everyone and their brother is buying and we're at $16 headed to a target of $30. They could sell off slowly in that range (or earlier if they are more conservative) at many times their investment and it wouldn't even affect the share price. That's what needs to happen here. Some companies have the skills to orchestrate a deal like that. It would be win-win for all, but if you are a wimp CEO, all bets are off.
  • KTOV = Mcap $16 Mil /Cash $17 Mil / ULTRA Low float O/S 10.6 M / NDA submission for potential Blockbuster this Quarter = 20 BAGGER ..ONE OF THE BIGGEST BIOTECH OPPORTUNITY EVER ! Thank me later guys

    Kitov Pharma (KTOV)

    Market Cap: $17 M
    Cash $17 M
    Price: $1.50

    Shares Out: 10.6 Million

    Kitov Pharmaceuticals Initiates NDA Filing for KIT-302 as a Treatment for Osteoarthritis and Hypertension

    Kitov Expects to Submit an NDA for KIT-302 in the Third Quarter 2017.Kitov announced that it began the process of compiling the documents necessary to file an NDA for its lead asset KIT-302 as a treatment for patients who experience both osteoarthritis and hypertension. The Company hired Parexel International Corporation, a clinical research organization, to digitalize and formally submit its NDA application. Kitov expects the filing to occur during the third quarter of 2017, with a potential FDA approval during the second quarter of 2018.

    KIT-302 is a combination drug that treats osteoarthritis pain and hypertension simultaneously

    Primary efficacy endpoint achieved Lead drug candidate KIT-302 achieved its primary efficacy endpoint in a pivotal Phase III trial

    Marketing potential Pipeline candidates address large, multi-billion dollar markets

    “KIT-302 has the potential to address the multi-billion dollar market for the treatment of osteoarthritis pain and hypertension with one drug that reduces patients’ risk of suffering a heart attack or stroke, while also reducing cost for payers. There is currently no single medication on the market that treats both osteoarthritis pain and hypertension and thus, KIT-302 will be the only NSAID indicated both to treat pain and to reduce the risk of heart attack, stroke and death.”

    Pain medications for osteoarthritis account for billions of dollars in annual sales globally. Most pain medications for osteoarthritis, including celecoxib which had global sales of $2.7 billion in 2014, are non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) which have the side effect of elevating blood pressure, and increasing the risk of heart attacks, strokes and death. Of the 27 million Americans who live with osteoarthritis, 13.5 million also suffer from hypertension, which also increases the risk of heart attack, stroke, and death.

  • This week we resume the Hall of Shame series. In the first two, we focused on two large population centers who have not contributed any patients, despite the unfathomable notion that there were none who presented that could have been recruited. Those were Northwestern and Mount Sinai, serving the greater Chicago and New York City metropolitan areas, respectively. Potentially a lot of SCI patients who were disenfranchised by not receiving this procedure. Now we move back to the Midwest and a lower populated area, but certainly a geography having at least an equivalent population density as some of the southern states in which there have been successful recruitments. This site was chosen due to their participation (on paper at least) from a rather early point in time.

    This site would be: Medical College of Wisconsin/Froedtert Hospital, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
    Principal Investigator: Shekar Kurpad, MD, PhD. I wonder if Dr. Kurpad could compile an accounting of how many patients have presented with a qualifying Thoracic AIS-A injury since the time this facility was "actively recruiting" and explain why there have been zero patients to date enrolled in INSPIRE. It's great that all of the sites want to be in on the action after this implant is approved. But if more of these sites had done their part during this study, this may already have received HDE approval. I don't have specific data, but the lack of any implantations from this site leaves me a bit dubious of a concerted effort by the principals to participate.
  • alright when it hits below 2 i'm loading up. only thing that scares me is if they do an offering but I have to think they are trying to hold off until enrollment is complete.
  • The bottom line here is they need to announce conversions and/or patient improvements.
  • Another uneventful week, brought to you at this point by the BOARD OF DIRECTORS.
  • Probable benefit

    This is a more complex determination than one might think superficially. We all know about the OPC that was agreed upon between Invivo and the FDA. That is certainly the most visible cue. But there are multiple other factors which we have not seen publicized because at this point it may not be deemed necessary (by Perrin, in his cough, cough, wisdom) for shareholders to be privy to all the nitty gritty details. For example, a certain percentage of SCI injuries that do not normally receive a scaffold, develop cysts which increase the pressure within the cord and put additional stress or damage onto the remaining white matter. It is reported that this can also manifest as pain in the patient. If NONE of the INSPIRE patients report such pain, then there is probable benefit from just this alone. Also, if any of the non converting patients happens to have improved bowel and bladder control, even just bladder, along with this lack of pain, then these are additional probable benefits. When all the medical records are reported, with MRI data as backup, showing positively remodeled tissue and improvements below the threshold of the (already established AIS conversions) already met OPC, it may be that every NSS recipient has demonstrated some level of probable benefit. Knock on wood, there has still been zero safety concerns to counter the list of probable benefits, so this sure does look good. It would be great to see them reach the full 20 patients as soon as possible.