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Oasis Petroleum Inc. (OAS)

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  • J
    So let's say this hits $100 dollars and I exercise my warrants of which I have 253 and receive the new common stock of 253 shares what is the value of the 253 shares since the strike price is 94.75
    some are saying it would be 5.25 per share but I dont get it will my shares be 5.25 when everyone else is at 100
  • I
    Aha! This company cheated all you us, first they declared the company is filling Chapter 7 bankruptcy, the reason they announce that all investors sale their rest of worth money, and I did that too and lost 93% of my money and kept some share to see what’s goner happens but now I see my rest over share are also gone. And they took that all money and show up with $31.00 worth of a stock. We all need to file legal action against this company
  • D
    I have 17000 shares of oas purchased at price of .82 dollar. I don’t know how warrents gonna help? Can some one explained.
  • A
    Well here we go... Most people on this thread are throwing in the towel.. i'm not.... Oas is trading again and my thoughts are as follows.. I do not see Oil Demand returning next year. The demand right now is attributed to the winter months and the need to heat. Once that passes, and we are talking about Feb/Mar/April contracts, the oil build will drive oil back down again. I can see this going back down under 20... before any significant move up. Going to invest accordingly. It aint over til its over.
  • G
    Hi Gary,

    Thanks for reaching out. I just looked into OAS and can shed some light on what happened.

    On October 12, 2020, Oasis Petroleum (OAS) performed a ticker change to OASPQ. The security was delisted to OTC.

    Then, on November 20, 2020, OASPQ performed a stock merger. This means that customers received 0.0051 shares of OAS+ for every 1 share of OASPQ previously held.

    OAS+ represents a warrant for OAS. Warrants give holders the right to purchase shares at a specific price before a specific date. The terms of the warrants have not yet been finalized by the DTC.

    Please know that all shareholders of this stock were affected by this corporate action.

    When a company performs a corporate action such as a dividend payment, stock split, or merger, we do our best to accurately process the event in a timely manner.

    Please note that the specific instructions and terms of the corporate action are actually determined by the issuing company, not Robinhood or any other brokerage firm.

    We cannot speak on behalf of the company’s decision to perform the corporate action, but if you'd like to learn more about the reasons behind a corporate action, you're encouraged to reach out to the issuer's investor relations hotline.

    Investor relations phone numbers are often listed on an issuer's website.

    For more information on corporate actions, check out this Help Center article.

    Robinhood Support
  • m
    If you see last week the market cap was 9 billion now it says 33 million
  • T
    guys ... my old OASPQ shares still in my portfolio ,, not convered to warrants ... please advice if your old shares are yet not converted to warrants ... or i need to contact my broker ... thanks
  • R
    I dont see my warrants in my account yet? Just I still see my delisted shares.... I from Turkey and I use the TC Is Bank to be broker. Is there anyone like me Who still dont see New warrants on the accounts?
  • A
    I had 750 shares of OASPQ before the restructuring, but I did not receive any warrants for OAS. Does anybody know why? I am very confused about this.
  • R
    R2E Biz Acct
    $HPR conversation
    Happy thanksgiving everyone, hope you enjoyed the turkey! Best stock to buy for Black Friday would be the OASYS Pete $OAS, it emerged from the financial insolvency and doing great. Stock likely to explode to go to $500-600 in future. No one can ignore but oil industry crazy right now. All stocks flying and just check High Power Resource $HPR was few cents, now almost $10. People doubled money very quickly. Get on ground flour opportunity because it happens only one in a moon.
  • J
    Jia da Liu
    Oas really eat up our money hard why can’t they convert old shares to news shares at 1 : 75 is better off like wll. For them to change to warrant I think all my money is gone
  • s
    I have 100,000 shares of OASPQ, when can I get it converted to OAS? Has the company responded yet?
  • Z
    Im a warrant holder too since i had $OASPQ. Still, Since first trading day for the new $OAS i invested 5x the amount was holding on $OASPQ...to date i have recouop 100% loss on my $OASPQ, and got my warrants free. Still feel $OAS will be a good investment with no toxic debt, vaccine, oil demand, etc.
  • T
    My advice to those how get warrants 1 for every 200 share like me ... if they are not in need of thier money and can wait for one more year ,, will be surprise ... why .. new OAS has only 60 M outstanding share prevoiusly 320 M outstanding shares ... the company reduced thier intrest yeary payment by $112 M .. so this considered cost reduction ,, plus oil price will go around $50 next year as demand increase ... conclusion of this OAS will probably make net profit per share around $8 to $10 next year ... this will shot the share price to $200 ...

    now we are all hearts by company action ... and we have nothing to do ... we will have to wait ... no other option as least from my side ... wish every one good luck
  • A
    I bought 1280 shares for peanuts, costing me like £120. Am I right in that I will get 5 warrants, which I can only use once the shares reach $95? Meaning I get 5 shares in the new ‘company’ at 95 each and as such, would only need the share to increase to say 120$ to get my money back? Prefer to just get rid and take the loss to be honest, but trying to understand and learn at the same time.
  • b
    It’s important to understand bankruptcy, restructuring, prior to buying any stocks.
    Absolutely disgusting how these companies manipulate and continue to benefit off the stock, when there ship is sinking, it would be like when the titanic was sinking and people were literally throwing money to get off the ship,but some were hoping the ship would miraculously continue with the journey.
    Oasis declared a full bankruptcy, while gpor declared a restructure, where there is an opportunity to recover.
  • J
    Bascially, all common shareholders have lost all their investment. You get Warrants instead (from what I can gather, 1 warrant for every 200 shares you owned). These warrants will appear in your acct soon. You can then sell the warrant (they have their own trading value but nothing close to your original investment). The Warrants can be exercised 1-for-1 for a share at a cost of USD 95. That is right - if you want to convert them to shares right now, you have to stump up 95 dollars per share. Or you simply wait patiently for the share price to go past 95 - redeem the warrant for a share and then pocket the difference between 95 and the sell price.
  • W
  • k
    Well here is the gist of what happened. The former shares yes were deleted. They are now re trading today in NASDAQ. We got a certain percentage of shares converted into warrants. The warrants are good for 4 years. So I had 22,000 shares and ended up with 111 warrants. This will give us the right to buy shares at $94.57 per warrant. So obviously we only get our money back only IF the stock far exceeds that amount. for me to get my money back I have to pray to God the stock goes to $140. Obviously if it reaches $100 I will convert the warrants
  • T
    Important ... effective today due to Babkrupcy plan commen shares has been deleted ... check please google ... OTC Daily list deletion ... you will find it ... but for sure there will further action like warrant or so ... it has not been declared yet ... please any one has an update to add it here ... so that we all gather information ... good luck