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Ocuphire Pharma, Inc. (OCUP)

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    (OCUP) Market Cap $67 m--Cash $24 million or Cash untill end 2022 /Multiple Phase 3 Programs with many readouts expected during the coming months ..One of the most underpriced biotechs in the sector stockshould be north of $10right now.. More informations in the new Presentation below:

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    I recently bought quite a lot of shares in this one. After reading some hours i really think its a No brainer.

    Regards from Denmark
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    Shorted heavy. They will have to cover soon enough. Loading up
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    Someone asked me about any upcoming catalysts for Ocuphire. Here is what I answered:

    Well, the most obvious one, which we should expect any day, is the approval of a 2nd (and final) Phase 3 trial for Nyxol treatment of Mydriasis (reverses pupil dilatation). This is the final stage before requesting a faster NDA approval process, which is scheduled for beginning of 22. This would be great news because it means OCUP is on schedule to request a New Drug Application (fast tracked) that will enable it to create revenue in late 2022.

    Other catalysts for 2021:

    Completion of trial of presbyopia (probably early September). Although this will not be "news" per-se, because the trial was completed and presented superb results, the press release of its completion will probably cause a spike of 30-40% at least (when it does I'd sell and re-enter once the price settles down a bit, imo). So, this will be recycled but very very positive news and it will trigger a big spike (it also means they can now look forward to the next phase of this drug).

    Achieving primary endpoint of Nyxol trial for night vision (probably early October). Good news here would be HUGE. Good results here, a Phase 3 trial, essentially means that, besides the mydriasis drug, which is by now almost a given, Ocuphire will have successfully completed a 2nd Phase 3 trial. No idea what it can do for the price at that point, depends where it's standing at the time. But clearly a double digit price spike that can go as high up as 30-40 percent or more. Again, as long as OCUP doesn't have revenue, those spikes are not sustainable. The price can go up 50% and then quickly regress and lose most of its gain. So IMO these types of stock, you hold long, but when there is a double figure spike, you sell and re-enter a few days later.

    These are the 3 catalysts which are actually scheduled. So these aren't made up dates, these are the expected days in which each trial has to report results. Of course, Ocuphire can create additional catalysts and probably will. Noticeably, partnerships.

    Ocuphire is about a year away from having an approved product. Because of the way things work in terms of approvals, actual revenue can take much longer, even two years. But once the product is approved, the revenue is a given. It's like receiving a check for a later date. You know you were paid. Even if the money isn't sitting in your account yet.

    One year is a very short time in biopharma. So Ocuphire has to be pushing buttons to create a partnership. Their potential product has too large of a market for them to create their own distribution. They will need a larger pharma or group to distribute. That is a partnership that can happen any day. It's time. But no guarantees.
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    To any worried investors downloading this stock at a loss, remember: the stock market is a place where impatient people transfer their money to patient people. On what side would you rather be?

    Ocuphire is on fire. They have an amazing line of products and every trial has only strengthened the certainty of its upcoming success. The FDA approval of this product can be fast-tracked, and we are only a few month away from this materializing into something very concrete.

    Double figures will be just the first stop for this stock. The market for their product is huge and remember: no competitors. They will be a needed, stand alone product for literally hundreds of millions of clients worldwide.

    Does it make sense to see it under 5? Absolutely NOT!

    So if anything, BUY! I did. Because even if some weeks will be less encouraging than others, this ticker is not just 4 letters, it's a company developing an amazing product in its final stages.
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    When life gives you gold bars... take them.

    This is some D/D on OCUP (Ocuphire)

    So last week OCUP issued a press release stating that it had completed the phase 2 trial of their presbyopia drops (eliminates need for reading glasses while using drops). And that phase 3 was the next step due to the excellent results.

    The price went pre-market from 4.7 to 8.5, opened at over 6, then gradually dropped. So, from a 70% gain it just went back to this week super-low prices. Why? Because we are being given the change to load up on more stock, I guess.

    How significant is this press release? Well, VERY. First, the speed of the trial is essential to understanding the process Ocuphire is going through.

    1st, their products are based on a Phentolamine, a chemical compound that is already used in several approved drugs (unrelated to ocular medicine). This means that the approval process with the FDA is much shorter and has much higher chances of being successfully approved.

    2nd, because of the nature of the product, the process of recruiting candidates for trials, and the trial itself, are much easier to go through. Remember, this isn't a product for people suffering from an illness, potentially taking other drugs, suffering from certain conditions, etc. This is a product for people who use reading glasses. That simple. It uncomplicates a lot of the clinical trial procedures and therefore these trials are way shorter than usual.

    So, we are definitely looking at the possibility of requesting FDA approval in the 2nd half of 2022 following the Phase 3 trial. Guys, that is less than a year away! For a product that has a market size that can't even be properly measured, that is how big it is. And, with no competitors. No other company has any viable offers or products lined up.

    Remember, this is the last-in-line candidate from three separate products using the same chemical compound. So Ocuphire has two OTHER products that are closer to creating revenue than this one.
    In other words, we are talking about a company that is currently worth 73 million, with three products that can receive a fast-track FDA approval, all in Phase 3 trials or better, all showing excellent results, all being completely exclusive and addressing a need that has ZERO solutions currently. All of which are potential multi-billion dollar businesses.

    Ocuphire has a real price target of roughly 22-23. Cute. It's current price is 4.5. Crazy. Current worth is 73 million. And one year from now, it can realistically, from a revenue point of view, be worth 1 billion. That would put the stock price at over 60.

    Was the 70% pre-market jump justifiable then? You bet! Is the sudden drop to 4.5 reasonable? No way!
    We are being given a unique opportunity to load up on this gold mine of a stock. If anything, we should be thankful and buy.
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    Just to clarify the idea that OCUP is being shorted....
    At least currently, it is not considered a shorted stock.

    Data about shorted stock is available twice a month, because that is what FINRA requieres companies to report. There is no "daily" report on shorted shares.

    Currently, that short ratio for OCUP, depending on how you want to calculate it, is under 4% and even using a different calculation, under 8%. All these numbers point to a stock that is not being shorted nor creating interest from shorts.

    The truth is, the entire pre-clinical bio-pharma market is down pretty hard the last couple of weeks. This could change if the covid pandemic becomes severe again, which seems to be the case in several key countries. But let's hope that doesn't happen, because who wants to earn money based on people getting sick.

    OCUP is an extremely good biopharma to invest in IMO, and although prices fluctuate a lot, the core of its pipeline and future potential are both amazing.
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    daryl ok lets talk in the end of q3 and q4......
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    This is base now it will close $6+ today
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    Oh and forget to mention that we will see another Phase 3 data within next few weeks (during the Q3)
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    I think daryl covered as he is not posting anymore lol.
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    Good time to load up again ahead of next Phase 3 readout expected during this quarter ...Market cap of $75 million is brutally underpriced for a company with now to Phase 3 progams ...STRONG BUY
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    KAboom up it goes - problem is for how many days - rare for Oh pee in the cup to have 2 green days in row - let alone 2 green days in 2 weeks!
    Longs can breathe a sigh of relief for a couple days - but pain will be back!
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    Seeking Sigma
    Can't wait for the day I sell this at 4x its current value 💰
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    Should be at 30-40% above TUE's closing price of $4.75 (6.20-6.60) when day-traders dust settled.
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    Cantor Fitzgerald analyst Kristen Kluska raised the price target on Ocuphire (NASDAQ: OCUP) to $22.00 (from $20.00) while maintaining a Overweight rating.
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    Joshua Solomon
    Averaged down to 5.87
  • 神射手
    Buy now and don’t regret later over $10 end of this week
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    Daryl. Why are you here posting?
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    PT above 20$...Seems slightly undervalued