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  • Next earnings report likely to be out on Thurs August 3 (based on previous years' report dates. will probably be a high revenue Q if history repeats -- much revenue recognized only every other Q. Therefore, likely to be a blowout number. Hard to imagine shorts holding on through that report.
  • Who is trying to get out of this?
  • Hedge funds exiting while retail chumps are cheering. Poor fools are scratching their heads at the end of day dumps.
  • This came from shareholder webcast: Between Samsung, LG and BOE there has been an investment of 38 billion dollars in the ramp up for OLED. Even Cooler!
  • Shorts are trying to pus his stock down.... but when the next round of data hits then it will go toward 200..
    1) More contracts with the Chinese (apparently at least 2 companies)
    2) Incredible amount of material being sold
  • Pattern is reverse head on shoulders which indicates the reversal of a down trend the stock is headed much higher
  • LG’s latest ridiculous OLED screen is transparent, flexible, and taller than Tom Cruise
    By James Vincent on June 22, 2017 4:25 am
    How’s this for an incredibly specific record: LG announced today that it’s created the world’s first flexible, transparent 77-inch OLED display. That’s one huge display. Taller, in fact, than Tom Cruise. According to Google, Cruise is 5 feet 7 inches, or 170 centimeters tall, and as this display is 77 inches on the diagonal with an aspect ratio of 16:9, that means its longest side measures 170.5 centimeters. It’s taller than Cruise, but not if Cruise wears shoes.
    Some more stats: the screen has a UHD resolution of 3840 x 2160, offers up to 40 percent transparency, and can be fixed with a curvature of up to 80 degrees. You can see what this all translates to in real terms with the picture above — it means you’ve got a massive, curved screen with a transparency similar to that of lightly tinted glass.
    Don’t expect LG to be making curved, transparent TVs or monitors anytime soon. This sort of display tech will be used for signage and the like initially. However, it’s another illustration of how far OLED screens have come in recent years. Panasonic has been showing off its own transparent OLED displays recently, and Samsung’s most recent prototypes can also stretch and bend. Step by step, we’re getting closer to a world of consumer electronics with flexible screens.
  • KSEA Please read this announcement from LG. Oh the humanity. You need to call the CEO of LG and tell him---might as well call Samsung too and tell them they are making a huge mistake! You are a genius, they will listen to you.

    22 June 2017 - 10:30am
    Cho Jin-young
    LG Display has confirmed that it will fill the entire P10 plant in Paju with organic light emitting diode (OLED) facilities which will become the company’s next growth engine.

    According to electronics industry sources on June 21, LG Display decided to shift the P10 plant to a base that can produce only large and small and mid-size OLED panels and plans to cast a vote for the investment plan at its regular board meeting to be held on the 25th of next month.

    An official from LG Display said, “We will make the P10 as the production base for only OLED panels, excluding liquid-crystal displays (LCDs). However, we have to see market conditions, total investments and equipment development in order to decide on how much and where we will invest in large and small and mid-size OLED panels on seven floors. So, we will be able to shape the direction next month.”

    LG Display decided to make an intensive investment worth 10 trillion won (US$8.76 billion) in OLED panels at the P10. This is because the company believes that the OLED market will continue to grow every year, though there will be an excessive supply as China will start operating new large LCD production facilities next year.

    In particular, the small and mid-size OLED market is expected to grow from US$14 billion (15.99 trillion won) last year to US$23.7 billion (27.07 trillion won) in 2018 to US$29.4 billion (33.57 trillion won) in 2020. Therefore, LG Display decided to mass produce small and mid-size OLED panels first. In fact, the company plans to double its small and mid-size OLED production capacity every year. It will produce 15,000 units at the E5 line this year, 15,000 units of the 6th-generation OLED at the E6 in 2018 and 30,000 units of 6th-generation OLED at either the E6 or the P10 in 2019. In addition, LG Display is considering a plan to shift some LCD production facilities to small and mid-size OLED production lines.
  • ksea, how's that NVIDIA short working for you? I'm sure you'll claim you bot back in at low of the day, cause that's just you.
  • KSEA, Because you are a brilliant genius, Please tell us when we can expect to see a Transparent MLED display. TIA buddy!

    LG Display has developed the world’s largest flexible and transparent display, the company said on Thursday.

    The company said it developed a 77-inch flexible and transparent display with a resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels, a penetration ratio of 40 percent and a radius of curvature of 80 millimeters.
  • Anybody livecast working? I have refresh in 20 seconds constantly running but no livecast...#$%$?
  • KSEA--Fear mongering about Micro LED threatening OLED

    Seems Samsung and LG are selling off their LED assets. What's this tell you KSEA, basher dummy?

    Samsung Electronics is considering selling off its LED business unit in China -- Tianjin Samsung LED -- to a Hong Kong-based private equity firm, according to The Bell on June 9.

    The sale includes Samsung’s LED packaging plant and facility site. The private equity firm is currently conducting due diligence.

    LG Innotek, a parts maker affiliated with LG Group, has also recently started securing LED products from outside manufacturing partners after years of falling profits in its own business.
  • Pump squad wrong again!!!!! Even your own tech specific site is posting that M-led is up and running competition for OLED tech.
    LOL from the OLED-info web site June 1 ..... and yet another small company creating better display tech than UDC and able to create affordable TV size MLED screens and hand held devices using NOW!!! not 5 years away.

    Canada-based VueReal has developed a 4K Micro-LED microdisplay (6000 PPI). The company plans to finish the verification and evaluation this year and provide samples to several interested customers by October 2017. In 2018 VueReal will start mass producing such displays for niche customers and aim to license its technology for display makers
    VueReal says that its "Continous Pixelation" Technology enables it to achieve low-power high brightness (10,000 nits) high-density displays at very high yields and at an affordable price. .
  • I know that the Apple deal is all but known, but did anyone else hear Steven Abramson say that he wears a watch of all his "children"? This included a LG and Samsung watch with his wife wearing an Apple watch. Very Cool!
  • here is a little tip for the pumper squad and you can thank me later. Prob the best $20 stock on the market that is set to destroy the Opioid drug market in the next 6-12 months. CARA good results on two studies and has a very possible lock
    on the future of pain medication sans all Opium based pain meds. That is 10 billion a year industry. It's not for the faint of heart very volatile but when the FDA approves it.....it's a $200-400 stock in 6 months from that date with a 20 year patent.
    do your own DD but this has real potential.
  • Another brilliant call by KSEA:
    2 days ago

    what a ride last week....corrections always good for traders....pretty much throw a "short dart" and make $$. With Trumps new threat to drug companies looks like the sector to short this coming week. All the big boys look to fall significantly.

    "Trump officials say executive order on reducing drug costs is in the works"

    Could this guy be more consistently wrong?
  • KSEA--Oled is dead. Here is proof:

    Samsung Display to start construction of its $7 billion A4 flexible OLED line
    Jun 16, 2017

    In April Korean press ran stories that Samsung has started construction of its A4 flexible OLED fab, which was later denied by Samsung. The Korea Economic Daily now states that Samsung is now ready to start construction, which was confirmed apparently by the Asan city government which is expected to approve the plans by July.

    Samsung's A4 line will be, according to the report, another 6-Gen fab, similar to its A3 fab which is already in mass production. The A4 will have a monthly capacity of 60,000 substrates (other reports suggest that full capacity will be 135,000 substrates - similar to the A3 line). The A4 is expected to start mass producing panels in 2019. Total cost for this fab is estimated at $7 billion to $11.5 billion.
  • OT - Humble Footnote: OLED's 'little' sister company, OPVS announced 6.5 million army contract today. Earlier this year in announced its first license with SolAero. OLED converts electricity into light and OPVS Converts light into electricity. OPVS is indirectly related to OLED because it has the same founders and researchers, and some of us OLED old timers have invested over there as well. I remember when OLED only had only gov contracts and prototypes. OPVS is still trading at only .49 (49 cents). This contract is to supply the Army with flexible light weight solar panels with twice as much energy (at the same cost) as all the competition. How's that for potential? light weight flexible solar panels delivering electricity at half the cost of the competition! The cheapest clean energy around and that means thin film light weight at over 30% conversion efficiency, and affordable enough for the Army. It would be nice to see this stuff eventually accessible to consumers. It would be nice to see this company become even 1/25th the size of OLED! Then I'd be very happy indeed!
  • Is OLED the company that is buying whole foods?
  • KSEA, More proof OLED is dead

    2017년 June 16일/0 Comments/in Equipment, Focus on, Key Focus on, Market /by OLEDNET

    ■The OLED equipmentmarket is expected to reach $84.9 billion in 5 years.

    ■Korean and Chinese panel companies will take over 90% of investment in panel equipment.

    According to ‘2017 OLED Manufacturing Equipment Annual Report’ published by UBI Research, the entire equipment market of OLED is expected to total$84.9 billion(about 93trillion KRW) from 2017 to 2021. In 2017, $16.4 billion(about 18 trillion KRW) will be invested in OLED equipment.