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Opera Limited (OPRA)

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4.3100-0.0200 (-0.46%)
At close: 04:00PM EDT

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  • L
    Lawrence C
    I looked up Hindenberg's past short reports.
    In 2019 they recommended: short SDC on Oct. 4, short BE on Sept. 17, short DVA Aug. 13, short PRED July 11, short EROS June 7, short SKYS Feb. 25. Assuming these were in the AM based on prior close ... they were definitely right about SKYS, they were temporarily right on EROS (which yesterday traded higher than where they recommended shorting) abd PRED was also a lemon. SDC also temporarily correct. Anybody following their recommendation to short DVA would be sitting on a big loss, bigger the longer they held (it's trading at highs) and BE closed at 3.31 the day they recommended shorting, and now, 4 months later is trading high $9s.
    In summary, following Hindenberg's advice is about as good as flipping a coin.
  • b
    MarketWatch’s analysis of Opera’s first earnings report since going public: “The software maker said that it banked net income of $7.4 million, which amounts to 4 cents a share or 7.5 cents per American Depositary Share. Revenue rose 50.3% to $39.8 million compared with the year-earlier period.”
  • V
    I wonder why this stock isn't getting as much attention as it should?
    in my opinion, it has great growth, it's profitable (which seems to be rare with lots of tech stocks lol now), very undervalued.
    Moreover, the Hiddenburg research ended being false since google didn't delete Opera's app even after 6 months, and now their opay app makes this a great long term opportunity.
    I would genuinely be open to any explanation.
  • S
    when is this thing moving? the earnings have been spectacular so far, am I missing something?
  • D
    Today hopefully we get blowout numbers after the market close
  • D
    I bought some OPRA initially, then averaged down significantly when the stock seemed to crater with no meaningful downside news. I've always like OPRA as kind of an underdog, but they are serious about differentiating their product from other Chromium-based browsers with a built-in VPN you can use when you want to. Their news portal seems to be gathering a modest but growing number of users, so their prospects are looking up, in my book. They were a very over-looked browser for most of us in the USA, but have had a loyal following in Europe, where they are based. I have the browser installed on all my computers, and on my Android smartphone, but I do not use it for all my browsing, as I find that certain browsers work better on one web site than another, so I tend to install all the major browsers and then pick the one that is the best for a particular web site over time.
    I am long on OPRA and look for them to trend upward back to their IPO price and beyond over time.
  • k
    From the Jun report transcript: "In Q3, we expect revenue of $63 million to $65 million, representing 51% year-over-year growth at the midpoint." Growth continuing, in other words. Cash flow ratio is only 9. The big tech names growing rev at lower rates (AAPL 36%, MSFT 21%) and cash flow ratios for those 24, 29). This is a statement that implies OPRA should be priced 2-3 times higher.
  • E
    Opera limited and turn currency to resource reward then Cryptocurrency market allow trend economic activity growth yield earning high per day to hand for futures and living interactive countries World trade indicators.
  • F
    this stock entered at wrong timing..
  • a
    Price target after earnings? I got in at $7 dollars, late in the game...just read about this company today , looks like a steal even at this price.
  • S
    Should I average down before earnings after close?
  • J
    Jack Georges
    Looks like OPRA is -23.34% today on no news. Looks oversold to me! I will be buying hand over first tomorrow for bounce back to $11s in a week or less.
  • D
    I've been using the browser for the past few days and it's really nice!!
  • W
    Wall St.
    if you look at financial ratios, it is amazing value investment. Opera is a great browser. It needs a bit of promotion in US.
  • M
    Who else is excited for this Ipo on July 27? Price range of $10-$12 apparently
  • D
    Or...todays was options expiration day. A lot of investors had to sell to cover their positions. Someone went belly up today for sure.
  • M
    I don't know what's happening. Low volume, but high steps down from innitial 15+%. Is it only the market today?
  • M
    I don't get the excellent ER and price keeps dropping. Are that many people selling? Like how much profit you guys really making on less than $1 gains? In my experience, the long game always pays off greater than these short term trades.
  • B
    Someone today was trying to buy in the open market around 5 million dollars worth of stock between 11.85 and 12. Got part of the order filled bit still looked at the close they were looking to buy around 2 million dollars worth that never got filled. This buying isn’t throwing money away by buying this much stock in the open market if this thing wasn’t severely underpriced at the moment. This company is transforming itself into a Money making machine. Fair value right now should be 17-19/share. Once they release earning over the next 6 months we could easily see this trading in the mid 20s