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    well I have 260000 free ,i bought my first 100k at 0.035 add at0.023 sold half at 0.40 made $35k ,Im waiting for the $2 per share I have all the time in the wold
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    Wondering lately who really needs a company like Optec?

    Apparently the rest of the world.

    The number of new COVID-19 cases per week has nearly doubled globally over the past two months, approaching the highest rate seen so far during the pandemic, the head of the World Health Organization said on Friday.
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    Optec doesn’t need to do a shareholders call. They are doing this for us the investors. They have nothing to hide. More huge news coming next week. Also, love the communication from this company this year. They are averaging 2 PR’s a week. May will be astronomical for this PPS.
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    Optec Receives First Shipment of Home Use FDA Approved Rapid Antigen Test Kits
    Thursday, April 8, 2021 2:30 PM
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    Topic: Company Update

    CARLSBAD, CA / ACCESSWIRE / April 8, 2021 / OPTEC International, Inc. (OTC Pink:OPTI), a developer of UV and UV-C safety products using related advanced technologies specific to Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), announced the company today received the first shipment of FDA approved Antigen Home use Rapid Test Kits at the OPTEC Vista, California distribution center.
    Due to a recent FDA relaxation of the "emergency use" (EUA) rules applicable for Rapid Test Kit use, most FDA/EUA approved Antigen and Antibody Test Kits will soon be available for purchase by consumers and businesses, both online and over the counter at affordable prices compared to the current Medical facility/Pop-Up medical staff supervised locations with 24-72-hour results.
    OPTEC CEO Roger Pawson stated We are fortunate to have received some of the first FDA authorized 15 Minute Home Use Test kits for consumer and business rapid testing with onsite results in 15 minutes or less. We are anticipating having the kits available for order by consumers on the company's website within the next week.
    OPTEC is providing 2 versions of the Nasal CoV-2 Antigen FDA EUA authorized 15-minute rapid test kits. The kits are clinically proven to be reliable and accurate (Clinical evaluation: Positive Percent Agreement (PPA): 88.37% (95% CI: 75.52% - 94.93%), Negative Percent Agreement (NPA): 100% (95% CI: 94.25% - 100%).
    The Nasal swab tests detect viral shedding of the RNA of the virus. Using the Antigen Rapid Test Kits provides the ability for all necessary resources to help keep the pandemic at bay for personal family satisfaction, business employee monitoring, schools, senior care centers, medical & dental facilities, government divisions and more.
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    44 weeks straight closing above the 200 MA, that my friends is what your looking for!
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    Article from yesterday. About 5,800 people who have been vaccinated against coronavirus have become infected anyway, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention tells CNN.

    Some became seriously ill and 74 people died, the CDC said. It said 396 -- 7% -- of those who got infected after they were vaccinated required hospitalization.
    It's the first indication from CDC of how effective the vaccine is in real life -- and the first indication the vaccines do not protect completely against severe disease and death.


    Along with that update keep in mind J+J has their suspension extended.
    Yep no J+J shots for the projected millions that would receive them.


    No Thanks I have done enough DD and Vaccines are not in any of my plans nor several others including one Dr and a CNA who have told me half their staff at the local hospital will not get vaccines.

    My problem is that I simply get sick from vaccines.

    But I will not get sick from OPTI Masks and PPE products.
    washing my hands

    GO OPTI keep up the good work. Looking forward to the Webinar. Looking forward to 10-15 minute rapid covid tests especially to help keep kids safe in schools ( WE ALL AGREE ON THAT ) !!!!

    Go OPTI !!
    About 5,800 people out of tens of millions who have been vaccinated against coronavirus have become infected anyway, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention tells CNN.
    About 5,800 people out of tens of millions who have been vaccinated against coronavirus have become infected anyway, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention tells CNN.
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    Indrid Cold
    Is this the company that Steve Martin owns? The company that makes the Opti-Grab?
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    @Fast mac
    From reading your Recent Reactions it seems you are saying that same stuff about many stocks so probably not very specific to this one’s “opinion”.
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    If they bought a $55mm company, they have money to spend. Ignore the noise.
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    For those new to OPTI here is a good run down and what has been recently accomplished and what is expected:

    Q4 financials released on Feb. 17th were up over 1000% from Q3 and stock buyback announced.

    Over the last 12 months OPTI have become fully reporting to the SEC,

    OPTI has hired a CPA firm to audit financials. Once this is done they can UPLIST to the OTCQB. This will be done around end of Q1 of 2021

    Fulfillment of the 2B contract any day. I believe the 2B contract is between 3-4B now.

    Additional warehouse was obtained in Feb. 2021 (total of 3 now)to support company growth

    Updates on the exclusive distribution deals with Greece and Other North American distributors for the company’s product lines.

    Updates on large retail (big box) contracts mentioned in the December 9th PR.

    Optec currently has 8 international distributors and 6 USA distributors. Also, a large personal presents with their new website.

    As stated in the shareholders conference call Optec is receiving additional opportunities on a weekly basis for distribution but they are focused on completing the 2B contract.

    Optec has 2 patent pending patents. 1. Is for cell phone and tablet UVC. 2 weeks after obtaining patent pending status Apple applied for the same patent. 2. Is for temperature scanning to be integrated into cell phones and tablets. Full patent status for both is expected by June 2021. Intent is to license to large cell phone providers.

    As per the March 1st PR, Optec is in discussion with a large smartphone and tablet manufacture for the integration of Optec patent pending technologies.

    Optec to acquire WeSHIELD, an established AI driven NY medtech company. WeSHIELD has 2020 audited financials of $55 million and is on pace for $100 million this year. Acquisition will take place around May 15th 2021.

    Company that invested $5,000,000 recently, shares are restricted until PPS is at least .70 cents.

    Updates on the new agreement with Vinco ventures Inc. For the distribution of Iwanda and hydroxyl portable air sterilizer as mentioned in the December 9 press release.

    Updates on product distribution with several different school districts.

    Optec added to its companies product line the UV-C escalator handrail sanitizer device.

    Mar 29th PR--Optec adds pandemic 10 minute rapid antigen nasal test kits to its PPE platform for widespread home & business use.

    OPTI plans to uplist to the nasdaq around the end of 2021.

    Kevin Harrington formally of shark tank was added to the OPTI board.
    On Jan. 12th 2021 Optec announced that they launched the much anticipated Kevin Harrington marketing group Marketing campaign that will focus on the OPTEC UV-C product line.

    Dr. Drew Pinsky was appointed OPTI spokesman and to help open up distribution opportunities.

    David Ojeda former network operator at UPS and Amazon Senior Logistics Executive was appointed COO for Optec’s newly acquired Z20, a dynamic new Uber Type app launching March 1st 2021. Z20 has successfully launched.

    Kyle McGowan former CDC Chief of staff & Amanda Campbell former CDC deputy chief of staff have been added to the Optec advisory board.
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    I was in San Diego on Saturday and thought to drive by all the locations , Petty big warehouses.
    The one without the address is the new place, peeked in the windows it's was packed wall to wall.
    I am going to try to put them on next
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    Have you read about OPTI’s patent for doubling fuel efficiency in natural gas plants? This seems huge.
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    At best OPTI is a storage house to move a couple of products around that don't even belong to them.They have truckers maybe pulling up taking some products and using their bathroom to take a leak.
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    Wow! a $3 stock for .11 I'm locked and loaded. Can't wait for their next earnings call.
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    Depending on what Pawson says on this shareholder call will determine a lot , Tired of this guy saying one thing and then Nothing !!! No details just the acquisition and that is fantastic btw!!! But not enough to move this away from the short attack that’s going on !! Better plays elsewhere Pawson prove me wrong ....During this Call ....
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    Nice jump there
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    Her comes my favorite post... "Somebody knows something".
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    whats up with that trade of .102 for 200 shares?
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    The more research I do on Z2O the more excited I get on Optec future. To be honest, it makes the most sense out of everything they are trying to do. I was able to download app and it was very easy to use. I typed in a dummy address in Austin and 3 providers popped up. I cannot find reviews of people who have used it yet. I saw on Apple app store it had 39 reviews all 5 stars, but the ones I read did not seem to be users of the app. I also checked LinkedIn and it seems to have 10 employees on LinkedIn in Austin. Those employees are all under the position of development managers. You can tell by their backgrounds that some are HR, IT, and Sales, but I am sure the title is more to get the word out. a lot of the employees came from large companies before joining as well. I can't wait to start seeing numbers and them expanding to other locations. On top of cleaning services they also offer UV-c disinfectant services that will use Optec products. Long and Stron baby!!
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    Manipulation by the
    big dogs. Duh. Why do you think the whole entire penny market (for the most part) is either green or red on a daily basis