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  • Prem finally gets smart and dumps his lousy OSTK position.

    Could have made 10x his money if he had gone with the winner, AMZN.
    Oh heck, might be 20x.

    Hard to blame that on short sellers. Amazon is run by a genius, Overstock is run by a crank.
  • The short overstock and go long Amazon a winning combination over the years. Crazy Byrne once was short Amazon.
    Thats right. Crazy Byrne who hates short sellers is a short seller himself. You just cant make this stuff up.

    Overstock's Chief Restates View That Market Favors AMAZON


    February 9, 2005; Page C6

    WASHINGTON -- Overstock.com Inc. Chief Executive Patrick BYRNE said he doesn't hold a short position in the shares of AMAZON.com Inc., but he recently did buy more of his own company's stock, and he continues to endorse the logic that led him to short AMAZON shares a year ago.

    Mr. BYRNE, who bought 20,000 shares of his company's stock last week, was among three Overstock insiders who bought a total of 41,000 shares for an average price of $48.08 a share, or nearly $2 million total. The company's shares fell 34 cents at $53.60 in Nasdaq Stock Market composite trading.

    The Overstock chief executive created a bit of a stir last February when he disclosed the purchase of about $13 million of his Salt Lake City-based company's stock and said publicly that he had also sold short the shares of Internet retail competitor AMAZON.com.

    He contended at the time, and reiterated in an interview yesterday, that the stock market places a higher value on AMAZON shares than Overstock shares, creating an arbitrage opportunity because eventually that discrepancy will disappear through some combination of a drop in AMAZON shares and a rise in Overstock shares.
  • Patrick Byrne is SHORT on brains. Wayfair you've got just what I need, everything for my home you've got it for me
  • Way to go Wacky Pat the bitcoin messiah
  • Wayfair cleaning Overstocks clock
  • Did Judd "The Forger" Bagley ever get off the stuff?
  • OSTK, looks to be overvalued at this price Ive been struggling with this stock lately. Some of my other trades have been from awe-someSTOCKS which are working out pretty well.
  • DeepCapture is FAKE NEWS. Just read story in Huffington Post by Gary Weiss
  • A message to AOK over on the IV thread: Speaking of fake news ... go real the Dr. Gas Can take down over on the Huffington Post .... you lemmings got scammed by J Edgar, Mitchell and Dr. Gas Can .....
  • Is it time to make a move on OSTK? It certainly looks like it based on a insider ownership of 6.00%. Ive been struggling with this stock lately. Some of my other trades have been from awes-omeSTOCKS which are working out pretty well.
  • Anyone have concerns that overstock's investment bank for its recently placed preferred shares had its FINRA registration revoked?
  • Still many years of life left with Overstock, a long for sure and one I keep dear.
  • Why are the pennystockscammers targeting this board for victims? Easy prey
  • Patrick Byrne Liar Liar pants on fire. Did Bagley get the boot because of bitcoin fiasco?
  • Consistently bringing you the #1 Gainers in the NASDAQ, NYSE, & OTCMarket ---> PennyStock101.@rg
  • you did call/get the $20 price yesterday.
    and then he went on CNBC with a nice hat.

    Larry Hagmans9 months ago
    imo .... Buy TROX, ACET, DOW ... and yes ... even OSTK ..... it should go to $20
  • Hey Carpie – Did you know that in addition to being very interested in the negative effects of illegal naked-shorting (which you have argued for years doesn’t happen) $OSTK Overstock CEO Patrick Bryne (who I contend is reading this post) is also ,like me, a huge Karl Popper fan.

    Do you think Dr. Bryne would be at all curious to discover ( if he never read the preface of Karl Popper’s last book) that Popper stated Dr. Ruggero Santilli represented a return to “scientific sanity” ?

    To refresh your memory, in an attempt to diffuse the merit of the Popper’s written endorsement of Santilli, you said this:

    [“Donny boy is the sort of supporter companies would rather do without. He repeatedly draws attention to Santilli's whacko theories, as if any of us cares. Decades old ideas have been ignored generations of scientists. But Donny cites the one reference from Popper over and over, and the claim that Popper proposed him for Nobel prize.…... Since nominations are secret, no one knows if Popper was truthful -- or how many names he submitted during his life to curry favors.” – Carpie Diem May 16, 2014 5:36 PM]

    Do you think you are currying any favor with Dr. Bryne (who could easily swoop in as a long overdue $MNGA angel investor- simultaneously frying naked (and clothed) short sellers who were counting on the “murky lichtenstein based hedge fund” to get the shares they need to be able to cover their massive short position without triggering a massive squeeze), by insinuating that Sir Karl Popper might have been a ‘sell out’ who you also claim “bestowed this sort of praise on other fringe scientists.”?
    Tis tis…

    I think it’s safe to say that Dr. Bryne is already familiar with how Alpha Capital Anstalt operates. But perhaps he wasn’t aware that Dr. Santilli’s arch nemesis, Professor Steven Weinberg, is also very good buddies Marty Peretz and Michael Steinhardt (Jim Cramer’s financers)

    Can you honestly tell me that Patrick Bryne wouldn’t at all be intrigued by such revelations? Clearly, Bryne wouldn’t be fooled as you were, over Dr. Santilli’s wiki page as the Deep Capture team is very familiar with how nefarious people utilize wiki accounts to promote their short selling agendas… They flat out busted financial “reporter” Gary Weiss to the point where Wiki’s founder Jimbo intervened.

    Then there is the case of John Nevard (aka John Hempton?? $HLF) who was editing Patrick Bryne’s fathers page AND… interestingly, also made edits Santilli’s page.. ..hmmm

    Yet another amazing coincidence Carpie… you did your best to dismiss the CCNY university study (because their tests on MG showed it had an off the chart flame temp) , calling them a “third rate community college”… Ironically, CCNY is also Gary Weiss’s Alma mater...

    Unlike Patrick though… I am no boy scout, MNGA stock goes up and they get the capital they need, I go away. Until then, I will be on the $OSTK board (regardless that they keep getting deleted) and website stirring up the Deep Capture: Part Duex story.

    Next week, I might be inclined to share another story (two word clue preview for the shots. MILL CITY)
  • Posted in $MNGA conversation
    Can any boiler room trolls here on $MNGA or $OSTK board tell me if they know the name, Andrew Scott Rosenbaum (CRD#: 2593348) and explain why someone would alleged a connection between this wanna-be wolf of wall-street and a particular $OSTK board basher of CEO Patrick Bryne?

    If the comment below, from the comment section on a website announcing the release of the movie The Wolf of Wall Street, is the same disgraced broker formerly of Biltmore Securities (a banned subsidiary of Jordan Belfort’s Stratton Oakmont boiler rooms) things are really going to start getting INTERESTING.

    [“drew rosenbaum – palm beach, florida
    June 03, 2012 - 12:19
    to those of you who had posted, you do not even have a clue as to who was really running these places, and how many of them were even (silently) owned by the same group of few, for years before and after, belfort's stratton. to say the least, the man giving the meeting in the morning was not the real owner, to say no more than i can, after stratton closed, other offices remained, the select fews (silent owners) income's went pretty much unchanged. there was a reason belfort wouldnt testify, and a reason there a still offices and companies owned by some of these guys still in business today! right here, in south florida, by friends of mine. things are not always what they seem.”]

    That’s right MNGA investors, time to take the red pill. Go over to the “Deep Capture” website and start familiarizing yourself with that story. As you will soon see, some of the SAME players Deep Capture team exposed are involved in the manipulation of MNGA.

    And Carpie… you teased me for keeping my identity hidden from everyone even the company… I don’t need any matryoshka dolls. =)

    Wouldn’t that be hilarious if someone like Patrick would buy up the float on MNGA and then publically declare how many shares they have taken off the market and see how many shares trade the next day?

    Sleep well shorts...don't worry that a new investor could come along who wouldn't flip their shares to you so you can cover... hold tight together... there is nothing to worry about...
  • Change will happen - it's just not at the level of 'participation' that OSTK would wish for .....
    The BOJ and the ECB have agreed to launch a joint project to study the possible use of a technology underpinning digital currencies for market infrastructure. The project will look into distributed ledger, a technology best known for supporting bitcoin digital currency, and the two central banks are expected to release their main findings next year.