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Occidental Petroleum Corporation (OXY)

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60.12-0.09 (-0.15%)
At close: 4:02PM EDT
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  • In the short-term OXY does not seem to be like a good trade. Im not sure about you guys but awe_some_stock.s has provided me with some pretty good trade ideas. I messed up executing some of them but thats on me.
  • I do think OXY is a great corporation with unbelievable management team. Although the international
    oil price is sinking, yet it stand tall. I study this corporation for many years & I found out that they are
    structuring it. wait & see. The corporation will come alive again. Anglo
  • Is there a reason for the heavy volume on no news? Downgrade?
  • OXY is up 4.93% to 61.50
  • Yeah, probably down on x dividend. Dividends are threatened on many companies if oil stays in mid 40s or worse. That is why I went with CVX.
  • Overall I think we will see upside for OXY in the short-term. Perhaps a pullback next day or so could occur I suppose but are yall also seeing a further leg higher? Im not sure about you guys but awesome.stocks has provided me with some pretty good trade ideas. I messed up executing some of them but thats on me.
  • Who says OXY isn't poised for potentially massive upward movement? check out awesomeS-TOCKS, its a pretty reliable service. of course you have to do your own due diligence, but they generally point you in the right direction.
  • What happens to this corporation, I mean the stock price is diving ?
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    Occidental Petroleum Corporati NYSE $OXY Correlation Histogram
    X axis : Stocks Price Correlation Coefficient Y axis : Quantity of stocks Sep-2016 1,000 Day Parameter 4,338 NYSE Stocks Price Analysis This stock mode of correlation coefficient is 0.7 In other words, the correlation coefficient of the other stocks
  • Soooo- OXY is now selling "nonessential "Permian acreage- do you think maybe Chazen's new company will be the buyer-no doubt at a sweet deal. I wonder if he will overpay like OXY did when they bought a mere 35,000 acres for $2 Billion- no he is smarter than that. Chazen should be fired from the Board for conflict of interest and Hollub terminated for gross negligence and basic stupidity. This stock does not have a chance until those two clowns are gone.
  • Interesting times ahead for OXY over the short term. I mean, what else can we all expect from a neutral EPS next Q of 0.07. Interesting times for sure... Not sure how awesome-STOCKS finds all these incredible trade ideas but im happy.
  • Hollub has no clue and the market knows it! She overpaid for the Permian assets last Oct ($2 Billion for only 35,000 acres) whereas XOM spent 5.6 Billion for a lot more acres acres this year (250,000). Even Marathon got 70,000 acres for just 1.1 Billion recently. She needs to go and Chazen needs to resign from Board!!!!
  • Wahoo Chazen!! SEC reports show your weekly OXY stock sale continues - sell, sell, sell (April 20, April 27 etc ,etc). Clearly you are unloading your free stock before the bottom drops out. You should be terminated from Board for conflict of interest and egged for foisting that inept CEO Hollub on us.
  • New 52 week low!!! If Hollub whiffs again on earnings we will be at $50 in no time. Need major changes to this management as no one has confidence in her ability.
  • I probably follow ~ 20 E&P and integrated names. I own OXY and it almost always under performs the rest of the group. I wish someone would just buy them at a decent premium and put me out of my misery. My cost is 67.7503. I'm temped to just switch into FANG, PXD, PE, or CVX but CVX is not down as much and the other 3 pay no dividend. I'm as frustrated as a XOM holder but I bet even XOM will out perform the OXY dog I picked. Management seems like they have no clue.
  • Hey OXY remember us shareholders??? Mgmt has done an abysmal job-stock down 17.1% in one year and an amazing 27.2% over 5 years all the while patting yourselves on the back on what a great job they are doing. Time for the Board to take action like the Arconic Board did. if you come out again saying your number one job is to increase shareholder value I think I am going to puke.
  • As once again OXY will be hitting 52 week lows soon, justba reminder to vote your shares NO and remove this inept management team led by Holub-just look at one year stock chart.
  • Wasn't I supposed to receive a dividend?
  • Chazen sold another 4000 shares last week-like clockwork, sell, sell, sell. Not a good sign when former CEO keeps dumping stock-hope they are not giving him anymore free stock options so he can depress the price for the regular shareholders. Get rid of this management fiasco NOW or we will be hitting new lows after earnings disappoint again (and again, and again.....
  • Their stock performance is that of a Bakken play, not a Permian play. It is inexcusable. If they don't know what they are doing, they should put themselves up for sale. When most other oils are up, they are down. When they start the day well, they always sell off. I've been accumulating for over a year and I have been wrong. My cost is 67.77