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Primero Mining Corp. (P.TO)

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0.44-0.02 (-3.30%)
At close: 3:58PM EDT
  • If we are to go off the RSI then you could argue that a pull back next day or so could occur on PPP before rallying up. have you guys heard of awe-SOME-stocks. i started receiving their allerts and so far i am happy.
    It Is No Big Deal To Claim That Gold Is In An Up-Trend. Because,
    It Has Always Been In An Up-Trend Since The Beginning Of Time.

    Paul May Be A Little Giddy,
    While Not Seeing The Big Picture.
    The OBV Is Rarely Reliable Just On It's Own,
    And Is Far Less Reliable With Commodities.

    Gold Is In The Midst Of A Bearish 3-Peaks And Domed House,
    Including A Double-Top, With A Daily Gap At 1165. And Also
    Trend Support As Low As 1150, And Support As Low As 1124 .

    Despite Any Of That... PPP Is Not The Right Mining Stock To Be In.
    This Company Is One Of The Worst Producers With The Highest AISC .
    Plus They Currently Have A Ton Of Debt And A Lot Of Other Baggage.
    And Remember When I Said That PPP Would Only Make A Small Move
    Upward Only To Trap You, Right Before It Was Then Time To Sell.

    I Called 1210 As First Support. But It Will Always Dip A Little Below
    With A Head-Fake To Trick Some Into Thinking It Will Still Go Lower.
    In This Case Gold Dipped 6 Points Below My Support To 1204 .

    And Just Like Now, I Called 1251 As Resistance. But It Will Always Pop A
    Little Above With A Head-Fake To Trick Some Into Thinking It Will Go Higher.
    In This Case Gold May Pop 6 Points Above My Resistance To 1257 Or So.

    But The Overall Pattern Holds True, Because Gold Day-Traders Are Robots.
    They Never Know What To Do. They Always Talk A Big Game, But It Always
    Boils Down To Trading Obvious Patterns, FIB Points And Lows, Until Some
    Catalyst Justifies A Bigger Move. Then It's The Same Game All Over Again.

    And The Dollar Is Showing Just The Opposite Now, Being Oversold. As It Just
    Bounced Off A V-Bottom After Finishing Up An Inverted Elliott Wave Pattern.

    Paul Is All Excited About The OBV Because He Thinks It Worked Out
    For Him On The Stock "ALJ". But What Was Really Happening Instead,
    Was That A Merger Had Been In The Works For Almost That Entire Year.

    Without Taking Sides, The Following Is Just An Observation :
    The Little Gyrations In Gold Right Now May Be Reflections Of Baseless
    Reports From A Media That Is Flapping Its Wings For A Ratings Grab.
    The Liberal Media Would Just Love It For The Market To Crash. They
    Would Use That As Something Else To Support Their Biased Opinions.
    But Even They Know They're Stretching Their Reporting Too Far, And
    Lately They Have Been Incorporating Word-Tracks That Sound More
    Like Disclaimers When Reporting All The "What If's" & "Possibilities".
    Something More Substantial Than A Drawn Out Media Soap-Opera
    Has To Happen Before Gold Takes Any Definitive Direction. And In
    The Meantime, Gold May Re-Test Some Of Those Dec-Jan Lows.
    It Would Only Be A Natural Progression In The Scheme Of Things.

    Last Week Was A Gold Climax, imo.
    The Trend Should Start To Reverse Next Week.
    My Target For Gold Is Still Around The 1165 Area.

  • TA on GOLD,daily chart, bullish 19 month pennant flag forming with higher lows off DEC 2015 low 1045,40 with lower highs off JULY 2016 high 1377.50.July 7 pennant flag center 1212.15 tested with a one day closing price test 1211.90,today Gold trading near 1252.
    Price is half the picture the other half is volume and what type buying or selling,OBV indicator helps to identify the trend.To better understand todays OBV you need a long term view going back to Sept 2012 OBV made a historic high 13.5 million shrs. Gold traded near $1800.Next followed a major price & OBV correction down to Dec. 2015 low, 1045.40 for GOLD & OBV down to 5.4 million shrs.Next starts the 19 month pennant flag and I'll go straight to the importatant point,on June 6 the OBV made a higher high of 12.2 million shrs. Gold traded at a high of 1298.The OBV difference between historic high 13.5 mill. & June 6 12.2 mill. only 1.2 million shrs. most of what was lost during the major downtrend has been recovered.
    BULLISH SIGN OF MAJOR ACCUMULATION,add a weak dollar to the TA,adds more bullish sentiment for GOLD
    Bought PPP at super depressed price,load the truck and WAIT.
    Pennant flag climax point ends Jan. 2018, something will happen before that.
    Gold Bounced Off The Support Area Around 1210
    (This Was Perfectly Timed With That Trump-Jr News)
    Now Gold Could Possibly Test Resistance Around 1251
    (Something Else Will Now Be Pulled Out Of The Media)
    Then It Will Turn Right Back Down All The Way To 1165

    Again... This Will Not Be The Right Mining Stock To Be In

    PPP Will Only Sucker You Right Before Gold Turns Back Down
    . . . So Don't Fall For It

  • over 6 mths below 1. isn't this due for R/S?
  • Monster Microcaps Alert to PPP shareholders. Clean Energy Technologies - CETY - price today $.018. Price target $.20 by year end.
    Clean Energy Technologies. CETY recently announced expansion with their Europe Sales and Service Center for Europe new sales and to serve 65 existing customers with CETY’s General Electric clean energy Heat Recovery Systems and just announced they have already sold the first of SEVERAL HUNDRED units to come SOON.

    Each CETY Heat Recovery System sells for $300,000 and market demand is several BILLION DOLLARS.

    CETY purchased Heat Recovery Systems Division from General Electric and products are now very attractive to huge unmet markets and can achieve over $250 million annual sales within the next 2 years. Demand for conversion of wasted heat to electrical energy in big applications is VERY LARGE AND UNMET.


    Clean Energy Technologies, Inc. Secures New Order for Waste Biomass Application in Europe
    COSTA MESA, Calif., July 12, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Clean Energy Technologies, Inc. (CETY) announced today that its subsidiary Heat Recovery Solutions has secured a new Clean CycleTM generator order for a Waste Biomass application in Europe. Growing d
  • What is the best cheap mining stock play out there? Please give me your top three and why
  • Does anyone see this stock coming back up?
  • I'd love to know if Eric Sprott or Rick Rule has acquired any shares of PPP recently?
  • Do you think this thing is done selling? Showing us a buy signal now on PPP? Ive been struggling with this stock lately. Some of my other trades have been from awe.some.stock_s which are working out pretty well.
  • 87% down within one year... Incredible...! How a mining company was profitable in the past and ceased to be while the price of Gold is skyrocketing? This company is run by a bunch of crooks and thieves...
  • PPP reached a new Ten Year Low at 0.33
  • Hey cj not crumbled yet, just keeps bouncing off the low. Now the slow climb to being prosperous again.
  • isn't a RS due on this junk???
  • Downside risk pretty much eliminated now I would guess, thoughts? Yo you should really check out awe_some_stocks, they seem on point with their stocks.
  • I think PPP has bottomed and will gradually climb out of this hole, and could jump on positive news.
  • Nowadays, the world only trust Gold, not the USD any more.
  • To🌱be🌱without🌱some🌱of🌱the🌱things🌱you🌱want🌱is🌱an🌱 http://dataunion.tistory.com/12125

    Primero Mining Corp NYSE $PPP Correlation Histogram
    X axis : Stocks Price Correlation Coefficient Y axis : Quantity of stocks Sep-2016 1,000 Day Parameter 4,338 NYSE Stocks Price Analysis This stock mode of correlation coefficient is 0.8 In other words, the correlation coefficient of the other stocks