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Petróleo Brasileiro S.A. - Petrobras (PBR)

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  • t
    I’m not sure MBS is eager to help this administration with cheaper oil after the Kashoggi accusation. 10s bond spikes are a warning on frothy valuations. Equities trading at 2x Price to Sales. I’m sure Cathy Woods portfolio is +3x. $XOM $CVX $OXY $PBR ~1x. Bringing valuations at more reasonable levels is behind GS and JPM “rotation to commodities” thesis.
  • k
    Bolsonaro’s shock move a week ago to replace the CEO of state-controlled Petrobras following disagreements over fuel prices has been widely viewed in Brazil as a snub to Brazil’s free-market finance chief, Paulo Guedes, a free-market economist who has long decried government interventions in business.
    Moreover, the decision, which sent the oil producer’s shares tumbling and prompted a slide in the currency, has thrown into question the commitment of Brazil’s president to the structural liberal economic reforms that are Guedes’s goal.
    Cabinet changes are to be expected in the coming months. Top among the list of potential exits is  Paulo Guedes. His departure would threaten a definitive economic policy U-turn into full-edged populism.
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    The Brazilian real depreciated 1% to trade around 5.6 per USD, the weakest level since November 4th 2020, as investors remained concerned about the government's policies and the likely approval of a new emergency aid putting pressure on the spending ceiling. On the economic data front, the unemployment rate in Brazil fell 0.7 percentage points from the previous quarter to 13.9% in the three months to December, matching estimates. Meantime, Brazil's nominal budget surplus narrowed to BRL 17.9 billion in January of 2021 from BRL 19.1 billion a year ago; while gross government debt reached 89.7% of GDP in January, the highest level on record. The Brazilian real was set for a monthly loss of 2% and a weekly fall of about 3.6%, amid lingering fiscal woes and as the sudden intervention of President Bolsonaro in Petrobras spooked investors.
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    At the end of the day, do you really think PBR share price will stay at this level while it’s Washed with cash in the years to come? This political drama is mostly the opposition throwing a tantrum and drawing a very negative picture of Brazil and PBR. Coming out of pandemic with a devalued currency and rising oil and all other commodities, Brazil will parry like it is 2010. PBR will see 20$ in 2021 if not 30$.
  • E
    Eddy D

    Company based investment based on oil at $351

    Just restored 31B reals in assets from Covid period evaluation.

    So what, s spat between President and CEO ( who may lose the battle).

    Oil is in under the sea to be repriced !

    Cannot sink since world price looks for oil at 70 and up.

    Bullish up to 11$
  • K
    Few days ago I stated sell it and buy at $7 or less. The reason is very basic and that is government interfere with free market and that is no different than adding fuel to fire. In either case it is extremely bad for investment and progressive's economic expansion. You all take care but time will tell.
  • Z
    Hello Community , in recent events about $PBR stock.
    according to the news that the company fired its CEO , price of the shares dropped 21% yesterday.
    And as much i could see on some platforms , the stock got some short yesterday.
    current price 7.92$ per share.
    P/E ratio 8.60
    The company seems to do well according to the current situation. (Covid19)
    $PBR is the biggest brazilian oil company and one of the major oil companies in the global.
    My personal view , i see it as a great oportunity to enter at the current price.
    I want to hear yours.
    *This is not a financial advise.
  • t
    I thought we were 3 months away, but it’s already happening in India “starting on March 1, private hospitals will also be allowed to administer the vaccine to anyone over 60 years old...agencies forecast that the Indian economy will grow more than 10 percent in 2021” NYT.

    I don’t see oil falling from these levels.
  • J
    Jay C
    On Friday Niko attacked me for saying PBR was a sell after politics interfered with its pricing policy, a common strategy used in populist Argentina and Venezuela.
    A day later, PBR printed -20% and he still thinks he has something worth reading. What a 🤡 !!
  • t
    Last time PBR hinted at Nationalization under former President Dilma, it touched $2...and the BRL was twice stronger.
  • f
    Not sure if this is fake news but a lot circulating about petrobras firing 300 workers involved in a corruption ring ...PT party run ( no surprise here!!)..CEO replacement story maybe much deeper than the media frenzy tells us?
  • M
    I can't imagine buying a public trading company with majority shares owned by the government. The interest of the government and the company conflict. Saudi Aramco comes to mind.
  • k
    Brazil's securities regulator CVM is investigating the management changes made by Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro at state-run oil company PetroBras.
    The President has fired profit-driven CEO Roberto Castello Branco and replaced him with a former army general.
  • D
    I do not own PBR anymore, I sold it at 11ish with 20% profit in a month. I am Brazilian and I understand what is happening there with this government. I highly recommend you do not buy it this week, Bolsonaro just put a General to command the company, it is going to be controlled by this terrible government.It might sink a little bit more this week, probably 4-5.
    It is unfortunate, I am not glad at all with that, again I do not own Short, or long here. It is just a Brazilian opinion.
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    super market correction on its way,
    interesting to see what the petroleum
    producers, upstream or downstream,
    including gasoline and diesel will react.
    significantly down, wti at low 40's=
    over 20% correction will occur
  • r
    Iam not Brazilian, but from India. Just to be clear. Having read about PBR scam a few years before....and got in when the stock hit $7.8
    The previous CEO term was gonna end in March anyways. I believe he was “fired” to prevent the truck strike. Now... he is leaving in March anyways after the earnings report that beat expectations.
    Replacement is someone who cut costs in a big way managing an electrical business connected with a Dam.
    Coming from a developing country, we know how costs “increase” and how hard it is to reduce wasteful expenses.
    If Bolesnaro did nothing and lost elections next year... then the Socialists will throttle the economy for 4 more years.
    Tough choice, but I think he did the best possible thing... place a good person in charge (Generals are good at getting things done) and averting a major strike.
  • G
    Petrobras put volume heavy and directionally bearish (TheFlyOnTheWall)
    BY The Fly
    — 10:35 AM ET 02/18/2021

    Bearish flow noted in Petrobras with 16,809 puts trading, or 3x expected. Most active are Feb-21 10.5 puts and Feb-21 11 calls, with total volume in those strikes near 16,700 contracts. The Put/Call Ratio is 1.85, while ATM IV is up over 1 point on the day. Earnings are expected on February 24th.
  • t
    Market red, PBR solid green= bottom. My GNUS doubled profits (posted here the trade long few weeks ago, buying at $1s selling upper $2s) are all in PBR right here at $8.5 under UBS “Buy rating. Overreaction “ today.
  • P
    So glad I bought the dip. I bought my first house with PBR profits and looking forward to buying my second home. :-)
  • k
    Was down to $4.01 last March........and down to $6.15 just last October.
    What's happening to the company now is bad news.....I'd expect PBR to at least be down 25 percent today.