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Pacific Ethanol, Inc. (PEIX)

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6.20-0.10 (-1.59%)
At close: 4:00PM EDT
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  • Any bets on whether Shaggy K makes on principal payment in the next 4 quarters?
  • Raymond Raymond Raymond, I will wait u at 8
  • Dear Bill Jones;

    Please explain how adding 76M of debt and/or diluting current shareholders with Kinergy continuing to lose money just selling ethanol out of the back door of plants will be IMMEDIATELY ACCRETIVE...It's time for the board to SHAKE SHAK the traders and management team
  • My dearest farmer Joann.....It takes more energy to produce CORN ethanol than the energy you get back from it. The good ol USA is the only country that produces CORN ethanol because of the stupid taxpayer. The crooked politicians that the farmers control mandate the use of corn ethanol. If this was proposed in any other country they would be shot.
  • Shaggy K and his van full of ENRON trainees brew ethanol in a state where water is so precious you cannot water your lawn, and you cannot drink the water because it is contaminated with nitrates, and you have to ship corn from the Midwest on trains for no reason. The business model is as flawed at the management team,
  • That's really sad Joann/Ray. You sit here repeatedly hitting refresh waiting for someone, anyone besides yourself to talk to you. Then you post more pictures of yourself. Great life. I was just stopping by to see how pathetic you remained. Now I know. I won't be checking back until after earnings. So more loneliness for you Joann.
  • Watch the SEC filings. SNEEDRON, The Truck Driver, Paul and Shaggy K will all get very handsome stock gifts....FOR WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    WHO HIRES A TRUCK DRIVER TO BE COO, WHO, WHO,WHO??????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  • Ever see an ethanol company that pumps out nearly (1) MILLION
    gallons a year & trades @ a PRE split price of .40 pennies?
    Yes, I said .40 pennies !
    This Pig trades @ .40 PENNIES!
  • Madera is suffering a mice epidemic
    My sources tell me they have barricaded themselves in the container that houses that 150 tons of sugar that Kneel bought off the USDA about 3 years ago, Kneel being the versatile CEO that he is has called the San Diego zoo & struck a deal with them!
    PEIX has entered into an agreement to supply mice to the zoo as food for the snake exhibit, it's been estimated there are approximately 35900 mice @ Madera& they have been eating the sugar for 3 years as they are plumped & bopped up.....PEIX will receive .40 cents a mouse which is immediately accretive to earnings.....
    Between the ethanol/booze & snake food PRIX should make about 5,109.45 in the 3rd quarter!!!!
  • Does anyone find it hard to believe that since the MERGER she's DROPPED 4.50?
    How can a company increase volume dramatically & LOSE 4.50 in share value?
    Incompetent accountants?
    Competent accountants just reporting what they're TOLD?
    Something's wrong.......
    Something doesn't make CENTS.......
    Somebody's doing something crooked
    Does the SEC know?
    Is the SEC part of the FRAUD?
    No, can't be, the SEC is a legitimate organization that POLICE'S the exchanges.....
    Who's policing the POLICE?
  • Dear investors, you are complicit in the upcoming BK for this company because you approved Shaggy K, Sneed, PAUL, and Kandris for season BK 2 of game of ethanol. The entire viewing audience has been lied to over and over, The board has approved non-viable moves and should be held accountable, which eventually will be our job to file the proper documentation, Immediately accretive= if the glove doesn't fit, you must convict
  • You need to dig a little deeper...check the EPA records
  • Jimmy my man!
    Where ya been, cleaning up after the
  • Ray/Joann has been so wrong for so long, she has nothing useful left to say and is now just posting pictures of herself. (See below)
  • Maybe we can get the crooked politicians to come up with a law that requires every man woman and child, except the farmers, to drink 1000 gallons of corn ethanol per year. That would greatly increase the demand for corn and give another price support.
  • This will be the WEAK the Pig confirms its permanent stay below 6.00 though 6.00 won't last either!
  • DYK
    This Pig closes RED 4/5 daze a WEAK
    @ an astonishing 91.9% rate track proven over a 166 WEAK period?
    Your BELOVED CEO knows it & is very comfortable with that TREND
  • Anonymous...that law is called to tobacco tax....I can actually keep up with your thin line of conversation while I am on the phone and trading. Is your mom coming home to make you mac and cheese and fish sticks tonight? Of does she buy youg cups.
  • Pacific Ethanol Magic Valley, LLC, (Burley) - On May 18, 2011, EPA conducted an inspection of Pacific Ethanol Magic Valley, LLC (Pacific Ethanol), a corn-based ethanol production facility located at 2600 Washington Avenue, Burley, Idaho. Pacific Ethanol utilizes more than 20,000 pounds of ammonia (20% concentration or greater) and more than 10,000 pounds of pentane at their facility. EPA’s inspection found several violations of the risk management plan regulations. Penalty: $83,497.
  • Reports of falling oil inventories will be followed by reports of rising oil inventories as the BIG boys continue to play CHECKERS with the little mans $
    Here's a TIP
    Nobody needs any more oil/ethanol
    Gasoline should be .79 cents a gallon