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Pacific Ethanol, Inc. (PEIX)

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6.100-0.050 (-0.813%)
As of 3:13PM EDT. Market open.
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  • Anybody care to bet a NEW 52 WEAK low is reestablished next WEAK?
  • I believe the LOSERS on stocktwits are beginning to realize this Pig is dead
    & has been for the good part of the last (30) MONTHS!
    Say bye bye Kneel......
    BK number two coming right up
    You know my saying...if you fail to remember the past you are destined to repeat it !
  • January news...
    Here's why Pacific Ethanol DROPPED 27.9% in January.
    March news...
    Here's why Pacific Ethanol DROPPED
    18.1% in March.
    May news....
    Here's why Pacific Ethanol DROPPED
    13.2% in May.....
    Guess what?
    It's Jew.......lie !
    See a trend?
    Here's why Pacific Ethanol DROPPED
    _____ in Jew.....lie
    Feel free to fill in the BLANK.....
  • They paid $1.26/gallon for the plant based on 60 million of annual production. It never is above 60, so they lied in their SEC filings. And it needs a big investment in boilers. Another bad decision by failed management.
  • Management lied to the SEC about purchasing a 90 million gallon plant. The most it has ever done is maybe 58 or 60M. And beverage alchohol....who cares almost everyone can make it now, its a saturated beverage grade market. Nothing but SPIN out of the worthless mgmt. team. And, MGP out of Atchison tried to shutter and close this pig PEIX purchased meaning it is a CAPEX drain with no end.
  • How are all those carbon credits working in California? LOL With all the dairies moving out of California it must be difficult to get rid of wet feed killing already bad ethanol margins out there. Poet filed a major lawsuit that very badly hurts Pacific Ethanol in the left coast.
  • JoAnn is shaggy the ceo? Who is the trucker and Sneedron? stockholders or employees, I don't understand?
  • Didn't one of the hedge funds have a board member on PEIX? What school did that guy graduate from a #$%$-CO?
  • This is the high demand time for ethanol so in 3 weeks its over and margins are bad now. Fall financials will be horrible. And they need to spend all the money on fixing this POS they bought from Seacor.
  • Oh by the way
    The toggling is temporarily 6.00-6.05
  • & the shareholders?
    Well you know !
  • Holy cow batman, just got out of a meeting with some think-tankers from California, the water situation out there is coming to a head and l has indicated Glyphosate is a carcinogen. Evidently when you take corn through an ethanol plant the residual product that ends up in feed to livestock and eventually humans compounds the residual glyphosate.
    So, ethanol plants use a bunch of water (unnecessarily in cal), and their residual product is putting glyphosate into feed and meat that ends up in human consumption.....I'm looking forward to that lawsuit...SELL
  • Kneel reviewing margins.....
  • What every happened to all of the financial benefits Pacific touted with Aventine? Now they are claiming $3 million with ICP, what about the need to invest $20 million in this worn out ICP plant? Where is that capital coming from?
  • Ray, LOL! The whitefox investment was fantastic! It has returned so much money back to Pacific. A saleswoman dream come true selling it to Kneel.
  • Get ready for the Summer of George
    oops sorry, can't get Seinfeld out of my head....get ready for the Summer of oils demise......it's driving season.....lol
    Last week y'all fell for that.....
    'Huge draw in inventories' Today?
    'Huge increase in inventories'
    Listen up........Saudi Arabia would need to HALT all production TODAY & not extract another pint out of the ground for 2 YEARS....& then & only then inventories would be NORMAL!!!!
  • Just so you home gamers understand what is happening here, there are uninformed buyers (james) buying calls, to cover the delta the call sellers must buy the stock, no growth or P$L buyers are within 3 area codes of this drain
  • Pacific Ethanol Inc
  • Pacific Ethanol Management team
  • Stocks.futures.com shows Peix's
    Percentage pps probability as.....
    Reaching 7.00: 0.10%
    Reaching: 8.00 0.81%
    Reaching: 9.00 0.77%
    Reaching: 10.00 0.14%