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Pacific Ethanol, Inc. (PEIX)

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    Market Analysts see Pacific Ethanol Inc. [PEIX] gaining to $20.50. Time to buy?

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    Today I went back and re-read the Prospectus dated Offering 10/26/2020 that sold both common shares and pre-funded warrants totaling 8,900,493 shares to CVI, and then sold the rights to the Series A Warrants under a private placement for the right to purchase and additional 8,900,493 shares. If all of these share rights are exercised, PEIX will have total outstanding shares of 81,300,000, an increase of 17.8M shares from the 63.5M shares that were outstanding on 10/25/2020. What is interesting is that at this level of outstanding shares, the offering agreement limits the maximum number of shares that CVI can own to 9.99%, or 8,120,000 shares. That means CVI must sell 9,680,000 shares over the course of time to be incompliance with the limitation. Since the Series A Warrants can't be exercised until 4/26/2021 at the earliest, CVI has been selling shares from the 5,075,000 shares initially purchased in order to have room to exercise the Series A Warrants, CVI has 5 years to exercise the Pre-Funded Warrants, those shares aren't a current problem. I believe that this explains the heavy increase in volume over the last few weeks, and it isn't from a lack of confidence in PEIX's ability to produce large profits over the next 18-24 months.
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    smart money knows ..
    VTSMX - Vanguard Total Stock Market Index Fund Investor Shares reports 67.43% increase in ownership of PEIX / Pacific Ethanol, Inc.
    November 27, 2020 - VTSMX - Vanguard Total Stock Market Index Fund Investor Shares has filed a NPORT-P form disclosing ownership of 1,641,770 shares of Pacific Ethanol, Inc. (US:PEIX) with total holdings valued at $12,001,338 USD as of September 30, 2020. VTSMX - Vanguard Total Stock Market Index Fund Investor Shares had filed a previous NPORT-P on August 31, 2020 disclosing 980,570 shares of Pacific Ethanol, Inc. at a value of $696,106,000 USD. This represents a change in shares of 67.43 percent and a change in value of 1,624.28 percent during the quarter.
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    It looks like the short posters are back. Remember "Heatherwins" and her buddy Scott are in on the action now.

    I wonder what will happen to their short positions in PEIX once Biden's Ethanol Recovery Plan and Bio-Fuels/Clean Energy Program is announced.

    Biden and Harris are going to LOVE the PEIX plants that run with the assistance of SOLAR ENERGY.

    And where is Harris from? Sacramento?

    And who is the LARGEST EMPLOYER in Sacramento?

    I can't wait until Harris shows up at PEIX to tour the plants.

    But hey, keep on shorting...
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    Although I own a decent position of 9600 shares and 75 Jan 6 dollar contracts I feel like I should have added more today.
    We are one catalyst away from launching.
    This company is a total gem
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    Been buying on the dips for this baby... Thoroughly convinced well hit 7.5 EOW. It's a very sensible play. A lot of people need to understand that the usage of sanitizers has is mostly done within the healthcare industry (45.6%) as compared to household application (19.8%). You can check this on the PEI website by clicking the investor tab of their website and downloading the investor presentation under the downloads header. My point is don't you think people getting the vaccine won't cause a surge in sanitizer usage?? Doctors, patients, nurses.... Everyone!

    Also in terms of the long term repercussions of going debt free... This positions PEI as a very profitable company as opposed to what it was before. Has that been reflected sufficiently in today's price? Give it a think...

    I'm aiming for a 7.5 target by EOW. Even then I'm not letting go of my shares till its double digits. Longs over the last few months know the rewards of keeping in this stock over months. Dont risk the opportunity costs of swinging this for little cash. You'll be delaying the time to cash out on of SIGNIFICANTLY larger profits.
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    Does peix still sell carbon dioxide to air gas for dry ice?
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    Sitting calmly with my positions in this stock..😁 PEIX longs are well accustomed to the pain of hard dips having weathered the storm over the month. It has taught us a valuable lesson.... there's wisdom in the wait and this stock heavily rewards patience.

    It gets so much easier with recent price action confirming an uptrend and by buying on each dip, we've started accumulating a comfortable average cost which have been starting to show green.

    The 7.5-8 dollar range is around the corner and hopefully by EOY/mid Jan we start seeing double digits.👍👍👍
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    🤑Pacific Ethanol (NASDAQ: PEIX) STILL A $17.74 Stock Trading Below Market Value (+150% Upside 🤑🤑🤑🤑

    Management’s guidance for II Half: $50Mln-$70 Mln EBITDA.
    Strong shift from ethanol for fuel to hand sanitizers. Huge margins.
    Termination of sell agreement of stock at ATM.
    Renegotiate of February and huge cash flows has let the company to become profitable and with no risk of default.
    I give only few points, to go more into details you can look on Pacific Ethanol all the press releases.
    starting from IIQ PEIX has become the largest Hand Sanitizer producers in all the US and it is going to increase hand sanitizers production in the next quarters.
    Only to give an idea ethanol for fuel is sold at $1.5 for gallon, ethanol for hand sanitizers is sold on Amazon up to $30 per gallon (X20).
    the company has been able to catch up the opportunity due to COVID and has started to produce massive amounts of hand sanitizers and IIQ become profitable with EPS $0.27, EBITDA $28.8 Mln and Debt reduction $34.4 Mln (Analysts were expecting a -$0.3 loss per share!).
    management has also given strong guidance for EBITDA for II Half and IIIQ should be at least equal to IIQ (in my opinion it will be stronger and in the $0.3-$0.4 range) so with EPS of $0.27
    $0.27 X 4 = $1.08
    giving a reasonable and prudent P/E 16.42, it gives a PEIX valuation of $17.74 that is +150% from today closure.
    there are also several inside not including into these quick numbers:
    1) ethanol price has increased in IIIQ so that other PEIX plants could now become more profitable than IIQ (company has 8 plants, 3 are idled now, 2 produces hand sanitizers and 3 fuel ethanol)
    2) company wants to monetize or let become profitable the 2 west plants that are now idle;
    3) PEIX is paying down high costs debt quickly (less interests + less debt + 0 risk of default);
    4) production and price of hand sanitizers is going wild!
    PACIFIC ETHANOL: STRONG BUY! And I am confident that IIIQ results given in November will be very good and give a boost to stock price

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    Nows a good time to buy into PEIX, been strong all day and strong last Friday to!! This week we should see a gradual increase hopefully leading to its previous high of around $11.00 , still has a price target of $16-$20, so still has a long way to go!!
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    Hearing a rumor that this was upgraded to $20 but haven't seen any articles related to that. Can anybody confirm that?
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    Buyout happening over the weekend. Congrats longs!
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    looking good in the pre market , lets see if it can close above 7 today

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    Mark Millard
    vaccine is out but the world wont stop using santizers (at a rapid rate) anytime soon.
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    I sure am happy I bought that Falling Knife. There is a lot of #$%$ in the Stock Market. The Shorties will always tell you that a stock is going to tank. But just look at the Fundamentals and you'll see right through their #$%$. IMO, PEIX's 4th Quarter is going to be even better than Q2 and Q3. And once that Debt is GONE - Watch out - sky is the limit. And once the Ethanol Market comes back - Watch out again - sky is the limit. IMO, PEIX is worth $30/Share.
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    smart money keep buying
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    Not sure what everyone's portfolio looks like but I have been adding lca lately. Got out of grwg (THANKS JOE, MADE 80%) and have loading into online gambling.

    Do what you guys want but if you haven't looked you should
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    Hopes were raised this morning after seeing little above $7.30, but again.. this is really testing the patience!!
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    Carol Baskins
    so the forward PE on this is 3.5?? man, this could pull a 10x and the PE would still be about right for this market
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    going to be a big volume day for the 3.5 hrs the market is open