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  • Q
    Quoc Dung
    This is good sign that Insider Purchases more Shares... next week stock is starting to move up target $100 soon with approved 1.9 trillion stimulus package
  • c
    Reading the convos you guys are too funny . All the newbies chasing the vaccine pop. I have owned PFE since the 80s many times and have a signicant position now . PFE is not volitile is a great dividend play, occasionally you get some payout on a pop but its not GME , APPL , AMZ TSLA etc... do not expect it to be. Those that say they lost money , hold on it will be back . It may take years but in the meantime you collect dividends and do not get hurt. As I call it you get paid to wait. I sold a bunch over the last few years at 44, 40 , 38 , 36 and will start selling again prob at 36, 38 . Good news this week and possibly will turn around. Also institutions rotate into PFE when things get volitile so could be a solid sign for the stock but not the market overall. Good luck , stay the course you wont get hurt
  • j
    Look it's all about accountability. If a CEO is not doing the job for investors they need to be held accountable. How do investors unite and vote them out and then hold the next CEO and board to those standards?
  • J
    As I was waiting in a long line of people about to receive our Pfizer vaccine Saturday, the guy ahead of me said: "I sure wish I had bought stock in Pfizer! Hehehe." I said, "You're looking at a Pfizer shareholder who bought several months before the vaccine. And guess what? As of today, I have LOST money." He couldn't believe it. Neither can I.
  • D
    Its usually the opposite, but today PFE is the only green in my entire portfolio. 90 cent gain is the best I've seen in a long while for Pfizer.
  • A
    Amy C
    I have been holding PFE GILD and RKT for months/ years with little or no price action. RKT announced earning last Thursday w a stellar quarter and declared a special dividend of $1.11. It caught the attention of the Reddit WSB board and the stock has gone from $20 to $30 in a few days and still going. Way to squeeze the 40% short interest RKT had. Dear PFE management, I love what you do for the world but can you do something creative like RKT to boost investor confidence please?
  • C
    Finally starting to get noticed. Shorts should be nervous because I believe analyst upgrades will be coming shortly. PFE presentation this week was very positive, and it did not even address vaccine revenues and earnings. Like the bank stock, I expect PFE will start getting some love very shortly. Hang in there and good luck!
  • j
    Have you done anything since March 1998? PFE hasn't moved one bit in 23 years. 23 YEARS!!!! Yes folks have gotten a dividend but this stock was once a mover and with the biggest thing to happen to them ever with the vaccine it goes down. It's time for investors to act and stop hoping for something to happen. Those that say the price target is 46 are still not getting it. The stock hasn't moved in 23 years. 46? The stock should have been over 100 based on what this market has done since 1998. The time has come for investors to unite.
  • R
    PFE already Shot the load, that is why ALBERT BOURLA Chairman & CEO Sold, turns out that was a very prudent move , was it not? Remember all those analysts call for $46--that's not going to happen in our life. I bought large on December 11, when vaccine got approved, have huge loss now. Waiting for some recovery before exit.
  • J
    Foes to show you
    1. Does not matter driving it up in the hands of those funds ready to move it.
    2. Does not matter driving it down in the hands of the funds who want to control it
    3. The large funds have decided to start buying at the bottom, this will also include several major brokerage house that will come up with upgrade releases on buying PFE when it’s at $37/$38!when in reality “they” started buying yesterday and today in the $33/$34 range
    4. More revenue than expected will be released
    5. Lung cancer drug is much better than expected
    It’s Wall Street at its best
  • C
    PFE is now a rotation play. It has been unfairly beaten down, has growing earnings, billions in cash, and a great dividend. Many stocks have run up to unrealistic levels, but Pfe is not one of them. Good luck!
  • Q
    Quoc Dung
    Robinhood users really like quite a few biotech stocks. But only two big pharma stocks are included in the top 100 on the trading platform, with Pfizer (NYSE:PFE) ranking the higher of the two.
  • Q
    Quoc Dung
    The vaccine should generate revenue of well over $18 billion in 2021, with Pfizer and partner BioNTech splitting profits equally. BNT162b2 is likely the reason Robinhood investors are interested in Pfizer. And it's a pretty good reason to consider the inexpensive big pharma stock.
  • y
    Pfe has already contracted close to 2 billion doses among countries across the planet. So for 2021, money is in the bank, Q1 will cause stratospheric rise in share price (first quarter to realize vaccine income). So, what happens after 2021? Well, people will have a choice to select, because it will not be as urgent, which vaccine they want.

    Pfizer vaccine is the most effective with 95%, why would people want anything else less effective? Moderna comes close to the 95% effective but Moderna also has more side effects fever, muscle aches, chills than Pfizer vaccine . We already see that people prefer pfizer to moderna currently.

    Thus, subsequent booster shot or annual requirement will force people to choose Pfizer vaccine, continuous streams of income for years to come.

    $60/sh by this summer.
  • J
    Looks like PFE wants to cross the 50 day moving average of $35.82 and will try hard to push through that $36 ceiling ($36.62 200 day MA) on the way toward the 52 week high of $43+ Guess everyone wants safe money
  • V
    the reason why insiders are buying is because the new covid bill is going to give 190 billions to vaccine. how much do you think pfe will get??
  • M
    To all longs in the red, I know how all of you are feeling, this stock is not performing up to expectations and in fact no reason for us to be below 40 based on fundamentals. I ask everyone to hold strong till at least till Pfizer demonstrates stellar profits which I expect from Q1 onwards where institutions will buy in then. Remember, the market rewards the patient.
  • S
    STAY LONG! Hold your shares and don't sell. Pfizer is 0.97% up while Nasdaq is 1.30% down.
    The shorters will eventually despair.
  • j
    Has the CEO ever been directly asked what you and the board are proactively doing to help drive the stock price up outside of regular business (putting out drugs and vaccines)? right there gets to the heart of the matter and will allow shareholders to hold them accountable.
  • A
    Any investors holding PFE longer than 4 months still here? Or sold off after all this fallong days and weeks?