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  • If nobody sells their pgh shares the number of shares sold will dwindle forcing shorts to slowly raise the price if 12 mil shares are short and the number of shares sold per day goes to 200000, shorts will need 60 days to cover their position leading to a severe short squeeze and thereby raising the price drastically. The shorts are also aware that any positive news will kill them. Idiots who sell now will regret later.
  • Act like a seasoned investor ...
    Seymour has MILLIONS of dollars invested in PGH, and he doesn't come here every day wanting to know the minute by minute "news" on PGH. Sit back and RELAX and let the market play out ... even if you knew the "news", you probably wouldn't do anything about it, especially if you have a loss position. Be kind to yourself ~
  • I don't know if it is true or not but someone on this board once said that if you put your shares up for sale they can't be shorted. Just in case I put 2/3 of mine for sale at $5 a share.
  • We just aren't going to get buyers in this stock are we? Listened to Derek again today. Notice he completly failed to mention the covenants? Also no time limit on Swan hills. The 2 keys to getting buyers back. Surprised they didn't have a Q & A session.
  • OIL rig count continues to rise...for the love when will the carnage end
  • Can someone tell why PGH PPS is so far below Book Value / Tangible book value? If even in a bankruptcy the value is around $2 a share. Is it no one wants to wait and hope for a BK? lol That why so many are wishing they would just sell out now? At this point I could jump on that bandwagon.
  • I imagine everyone has read the June 2017 annual meeting outline I guess you would call it . If not go to their site and look under Corporate Presentations and download the PDF document and view . Makes clearer where the numbers fit and explains things in laymans terms . Some worse , some better then I had thought . Have NAV up to $6.30 a share . A Bid for $4.50 USD would have people here jumping at it ;-) I have been part of one oil company with good ground that ran out of money only to sell for peanuts and have the next company with their shareholders get huge gains that was private . Otherwise I still believe strongly this company has what it needs to survive , and end up paying shareholders good distributions down the road within 10 years . No doubt were down in possible quick double / tripple your money prices for the shares with a uptick in oil . This morning Russia and Iran are active in Syria after we down a plane . Iran sent in IBM's , Russia warned they will fire on those who fire on Syrian Planes . It is 120 out West the East Coast was just in the 90's for a week last week in early June . Very dry year in the MidWest . Road Construction is up everywhere , pipelines , air travel is solid , July often marks a turnaround in the energy markets . Wish I knew what happened at that meeting . I too was caught off guard figured their were numbers to call in to listen at least . Ford went Internet which is nice right to the browser through a portal .
  • Far Fetched, but perhaps tonight we will here some great news like the covenants have been eased or perhaps Shulich has purchase the remaining debt. Not likely but Just maybe.
  • This stock and oil in general are really becoming quite boring. This drop today is just BS. Inventory numbers will be BIG this week. Maybe close to 10 million draw I bet.
  • Have you noticed the weather forecasts in the south west. They are looking for temperatures to be 120 degrees today!
    It is so HOT that they grounded planes in that area. Some of the commercial planes have a manufacturer's warning to NOT fly when the temperature exceeds 188 degrees.
    The hot weather will also increases air-conditioning demand, and the related energy products to produce the electricity to run the conditioners.

    Have a great day and I hope we receive great news from PGH tonight ~
  • Heard from IR and there is no webcast of the annual meeting. After it is over they will have a reply on there wedsite.
    I guess they are cutting expenses and didn't want a majority to hear or ask questions as Evans continues to spew
    his vision for PGH. It's a real class operation. Let's hope Swan Hill was paid for.
  • Has anyone found the audio playback that was supposed to be available right after the meeting?
  • Close Swan Hills announce additional 500 m in asset sales, We could finally surpass PWE. and not get delisted. Hopefully you still have Lindbergh, Montney and 50% Selina.
  • Technically, gasoline and crude oil are "locked into" a down trend, meaning it's going to be difficult to turn these markets around, including PGH. Believe it or not~
  • Maybe someone at the meeting will do a live feed on Periscope. (might be worth monitoring)
    Can't believe there's no phone in or webcast. Like how much money does that really save versus the perception it gives.
  • https://www.yahoo.com/finance/news/trader-correctly-called-last-oil-200408389.html

    Trader who correctly called the last oil collapse sees crude falling to here next
    The trader who correctly predicted that oil would drop to $26 in 2016 sees more pain ahead for crude this time.
  • Pengrowth has posted Board of Directors election results (on Marketwired). All 7 directors were re-appointed by in excess of 95% support. Derek Evans got 95.62% support, with 4.38% votes withheld.

    This from a man who has presided over a 94% collapse in share price since he became CEO in 2009. I conclude that capitalism, a process of "creative destruction", doesn't really work, at least in the election of boards of directors. Major players and stock holders are sheep, and never want to make trouble or stir the pot. Sad.
  • FLASH -
    I really appreciate your posts on the many topics that you post about. I also encourage you to denounce dimwitted comments from those that haven't experienced or thought about much more than the inside of a bar or pick up truck. Keep your refreshing comments coming.
  • Yes I am enjoying my Prosperity, I am enjoying the seeing Gang members deported. The failed and dead on arrival Obama care being replaced, The stock market up over 2000 points and everyones 401 and retirements going positive. The end to job killing regulations going bye bye. Gorsuch a new supreme court member and Trump choosing future justices. Yes since p took office I am enjoying many things. The sky is bluer, The clouds seem fluffier, Food tastes better.
    Seeing the left in Chaos PRICELESS, Ranting and raving over nothing, Creating conspiracy Theories. All wearing their Tin Foil hats. I'm Just So HAPPY.
  • Going to be pretty pathetic tomorrow at their annual meeting and not be able YET to announce Swan Hills closing. If that news was out they are required by law to announce it within 24 hours of it happening. So they can't hold it off until the meeting just to save it for the meeting. Always a day late and a dollar short. Go ole' Derek. And today AS USUAL we can't seem to keep a couple pennies in the green. (PWE up .05 last time I looked)