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Koninklijke Philips N.V. (PHG)

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    reputation is something that builds for many many years ... and phillips just destroy their reputation and this definitely will impact on stock price ....
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    Severe trade imbalance between Philips/EU and America. The following includes Philips sales/revenue from North America and Europe excluding other geographic areas with revenue in millions (M), revenue per employee in thousands (K) listed in Euros (#$%$):-Europe Revenue 4,613M, Employees 20,614, Revenue per Employee 224K-America Revenue 6,949M, Employees 21,127, Revenue per Employee 324K--Percentage difference 35%,---Employee imbalance -(7,394) why?---Revenue imbalance +2,432M why?With all geographic areas combined including Asia:- Sales/revenue per employee of 239,423#$%$ .- Average annual total compensation cost of 86,523 #$%$ per employee.- Average number of full time employees 75,009--?15%? go thru the ?revolving door ?--At this pace in 6.6 years most of the experienced employees will be gone.--Proportionately Americans likely have a lager turnover considering the exacerbated productivity abuse.- Headquartered in Eindhoven, Netherlands. Philips is ?NOT? American, despite the CEOs rhetoric.- CEO compensation of 6,153,067#$%$.The employee imbalance relates to ?productivity?, that is based on hours worked so why are Americans 35% more productive i.e. working 35% more hours than the EU counterparts generating an additional 100K in revenue per employee? States in the EU enjoy an ?Employee Bill of Rights?, US employment is ?at will? (No Rights), is this reason for abusing U.S. productivity? The EU and ?Philips? are living off the backs of the Americans with an overall trade imbalance of ?$182 billion or 758,000 jobs with Philips contributing 2.4 Billion #$%$ or 7,349 jobs?. Prospectively, with 758K jobs an entire city such as Detroit, MI could be restored to its former self, not to mention ancillary jobs. So are acquiesced employees overloaded, working holidays, weekends, not receiving vacation time, receiving useless training, salary, and bonus cuts?Specific to U.S. Management (Men and Woman) who don?t fight for their workers, ?pretend? to be a friend, participate with treacherous Judas betrayal, ridicule, abuse, and incompetence , you are contributing to a brutal workplace, with poor job security and low levels of job satisfaction. There are serious ethical and moral consequences for your actions. Considering the American productivity, one would think that Philips would at-least treat the American Workers and Hospital Systems with dignity and respect not fraud and abuse. The FTC and SEC should investigate Philips for further fraud and antitrust violations .
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    we are going to rock 60 +
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    Beautiful I bought more
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    Stocks And Scotch
    $RMED conversation
    DD : $RMED DD :

    Current mkt cap: $25mm
    Cash on hand: $34mm
    Float: 2.4mm
    20% insider owned
    15% tute owned

    Trading in the $8.00s as of today.
    Cash value about $13.90 (using yahoo). Just about the same level as the 200ma.
    Designs, develops, & commercializes excimer lasers as tools for the treatment of vascular and dermatological diseases.
    Two FDA approved technologies:
    📍 DABRA
    📍 PHAROS
    Total addressable market (TAM) believed to be $550M+.
    TAM = revenue opportunity.
    Holds 8 patents (US & international) covering several aspects of their laser systems.
    Appointed new CEO earlier this year, Will McGuire.
    📍 Formerly the CEO of $EYES
    📍 Formerly the COO of Spectranetics, which was acquired by Philips $PHG for $2.2B / $38.50 per share (27% premium to last trading price).
    Raised $12mm in August via offering @ .35/share. Adjusted for November 1/25 RS = $8.75 offering price
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    anyone an investor in this now?
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    This is a great company and here is how I know that. I inherited a Norelco shaver from my uncle which has got to be over 20 years old (the shaver, not my uncle). It still works great but I thought it would be even better with new blades. I was sure the phone number on the shaver would not still work but tried it anyway. It did work but the man said the blade I needed was out of stock, oh, just a minute let me check again. Three minutes later he came back and said he had found some what is your address. I gave him my address and asked if he wanted my credit card number. He said "no we will send your bill by e-mail, what is you e-mail address". I gave him that and he said the blades will reach you in about three days. A couple hours later I got the bill, no charge, not even for shipping. This morning I got an e-mail "Welcome to Phillips". I don't have to wonder anymore about what to buy for my sons birthday or what company to buy it from.
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    Are they not also making portable Spartan covid test kits with results in 30 min????
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    Well while reading my local towns Facebook page I came across this little entry from one of our towns residents, now she does not work for Philips, but.... So I just picked up a thousand shares.

    " Bear in mind, I work in R&D for a company whose main business is making life support ventilators, and this was information passed to us directly from the NHS in the UK while they were in the process of placing a large order in anticipation of the situation worsening there in the coming days. Basically, it was large enough that even doing everything we can, there's no way we can keep up."
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    12% of PHG's revenue is from Respiratory Care Machines (Ventilators & BiPaP). What are these machines commonly used for? Treating Pneumonia. --- Coronavirus has low fatality rate but especially high for elderly. It starts as a fever & cough but it ends up being pneumonia that kills elderly and those with weak immune systems. Ventilation machines are very expensive and most hospitals don't have a surplus of them on hand. Point being, if the number of patients in hospitals with pneumonia even doubles in the next 6 months due to coronavirus, the hospitals won't even have close to enough Ventilation machines on hand. Buying PHG now.
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    This is a socialist company, why would it be stock friendly? It took 20 years for PHG stock to move from $42 to $53, with 0 dividends.
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    Anyone else feel and know that this company is super undervalued?
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    Philips is a big, slow moving Co and they way over spent on this acquisition - $2.8B for a Co doing $440M and minimal earnings? Philips bought BEAT at a premium on the 5 year high - why? Mobile patient monitoring is not assured and highly risky for that kind of money. BEAT bought it's mkt share acquiring a lot of smaller Cos in a slow growth industry. Philips is not good at M&A and this is a big one. I think it will not play out well.
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    Philips tries to grow thru mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and looks like the acquisitions are for industry consolidation - This is a demoralizing process facilitating a very negative company culture that usually results in job losses after knowledge transfer for employees in redundant areas. Customer/Employee trust will greatly suffer! Lots of uncertainty - Sell!

    Considering that layoffs haven’t been announced from acquisitions that I can find, Philips is more than likely using “bogus” employee Performance Improvement Plans (PIP)? This also is detrimental to the company's culture – Employees “deserve” severance pay for years of work not “humiliation” thru using PIP! This creates a demoralizing environment for employees and customer relations that violates trust and erodes the customer base and employee talent.

    Unfortunately M&A greed with redundant product lines usually results in short term gain with long term losses due to rolling layoffs, decreased morale and productivity. The results may lead to a bleeding customer base and damage to the brand and a sick culture. Lots of uncertainty - Sell!
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    Is reality within the “Philips written” news releases? Speaking of trust, can you trust Forbes a slavish Asian owned magazine that awarded Philips as a good employer; Philips uses the “authoritarian” management style working employees 10-16 hour days, and periodically uses the “walk of atonement” parading laid-off workers to instill fear. – back in the 1940’s, Philips was also given an award for using prison labor - awards for immoral behavior? this “appears” to be the “modus operandi”. Today your given an employee ID number, in the 40’s the employee/prisoner number was tattooed – Both now and then workers were and are treated as a “number”. The management (women and men ) who participate with this should be ashamed for this disgraceful and injurious behavior. Does Forbes or Philips have the US worker and consumer in their best interest? -> US, Execute Executive Order (EO) 14005.
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    PHG makes the best cpap machines, and UV air sterilizers for hospitals ...and any building with high traffic. Why aren't our schools and restaurants using UV from PHG?
    AS Covid grows, so will PHG sales.
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    Yahoo Finance Insights
    Royal Philips reached an all time high at 57.61
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    this stock makes coronavirus medical resiperator equipment and they cant keep up with orders
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    Is Philips an ally of the US? Here is an example of Philips true behavior! In March 2020, ProPublica published a series of articles on the Philips ventilator contract as negotiated by trade adviser Peter Navarro. In response to the ProPublica series, in August, the United States House of Representatives undertook a "congressional investigation" into the acquisition of the Philips ventilators. The lawmakers investigation found "evidence of fraud, waste and abuse."—the deal negotiated by Navarro had resulted in an over-payment to Philips by the US government of "hundreds of millions.". Considering Philips is offshoring and consolidating US jobs and consuming US federal taxes thru commerce with US federally tax funded hospital systems -> Execute Executive Order (EO) 14005.
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    December 17, 2019 Amsterdam, the Netherlands – Royal Philips (NYSE: PHG, AEX: PHIA), a global leader in health technology, today announced that it will propose the appointments of Feike Sijbesma and Peter Löscher as new members of the Supervisory Board to the Annual Genera... In case you are interested https://marketwirenews.com/news-releases/philips-to-nominate-feike-sijbesma-and-peter-l-xf6-s-5935898351356262.html?i=y
    December 17, 2019 Amsterdam, the Netherlands – Royal Philips (NYSE: PHG, AEX: PHIA), a global leader in health technology, today announced that.
    December 17, 2019 Amsterdam, the Netherlands – Royal Philips (NYSE: PHG, AEX: PHIA), a global leader in health technology, today announced that.