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  • Notes on the Annual Meeting Conference Call:

    Walmart is #1 on list of immediate goals; Are very close to finalizing PPA deal; Still under NDA on this.

    Did say that the new Walmart PPA will be "money upfront, from leasing company".

    Reiterated Walmart will have 1800 Units installed in 2017.

    Mentioned ProGen engines "currently running around on the roads in testing in the U.S. in China."

    Mentioned that PLUG & Amazon personnel are "currently working together to explore technology/applications for PLUG's ProGen engines.

    Mentioned that some PLUG customers have autonomous applications of ProGae Units in forklifts; this may also appeal eventually to Uber/Lyft - type autonomous vehicle applications, due to ease of refueling with hydrogen & better range than electric battery alone.

    Reiterated 2017 goals, but also slipped in that 2017 Revenues would be "more than $130 million."

    The Qtr 2 Conference Call is in just about 5 weeks.

    More to come...


  • Forget the stock price-it makes no difference if it's 80 cents or $8.00-as long as we are moving forward! AM
  • did I hear that correct? Walmart. 1800 units this year. NICE
  • okay- smooth delivery. Cash flow positive soon; grow 50% a year; leverage across multiple initiatives; drones and China.
    Walamrt very supportive. Seems no progress- very close- number 1 on his list
  • Wow killer news today !! Rest of market green plug = red big surprise. Company has no money !!
  • I'm guessing the new PPA was in place before they released the 21 page slide show announcing >80 new sites from Walmart.
  • where's the party to celebrate the huge stock gain today ?😭
  • New Lowes building supply Tenn and new Kroger going
  • I believe in hydrogen fuel cells 100% but I DONT believe in plug management
  • Making a profit in last Q's and on-going profit in 2018. I'm assuming they calculated profit w/o Walmart new agreement. Walmart needs to get with the program fast. Ridiculous.
    So much positive guidance. Very encouraged with update on building 25 more refueling structures. Also Plug so advanced in its R&D and applications very hard for any one company to compete with Plugs wide-range of applications and monitoring systems. Glad he mentioned speaking at Davos - personally thought that was a BFD too.
  • Good Afternoon Pluggers,

    Have you ever heard of China??? Well neither did the PLUG shareholder today!!!
  • Andy marshes fumbled how many times on the goal line with Walmart?
  • Forgot to mention this morning-my favorite place to visit is Macau-beats Vegas any day !
  • No one has been posting here for over an hour
    yet Benny and Kirk just happen to post within minute of each other
    Is it possible Benny and Kirk are the same poster? or do they share the same computer?
  • You cannot deny that plugs financials are a complete disaster just look at the data. Margins are -85% no cash flow whatsoever. So when does it all kick jnto gear. It seems like a very long road to climb just to make some profits. At this point I don't even know how they can pay employees.
  • Great product, great service.... ahead of the curve in its market, being utilized by top companies of Commerce and Industry, is being invested in by top companies of Commerce and Industry, products and services utilized in many forms for multiple purposes, company USA based. What else is there..... that's enough for me... Im sold.... I know for certain that IM AN AMERICAN AND I TRUST AMERICA PRODUCTS.... IF YOU HATE ON PLUG THEN YOU HATE AMERICAN BUSINESS an AMERICA.... THIS COMPANY IS THE TRUE BASES OF TRADITION... PLUG UP
  • why is the stock price going down after the great news from the shareholders meeting after all we are part of Amazon now aren't we
  • Remarkable lack of pre-market trades this morning!? Normally there are scores of trades by now! Gues everyone is holding their breath to hear if PLUG has some significant news to release today or, the usual list of reasons (accounting, shipment timing, SEC requirements, etc, etc) why the coming earnings will miss? Get it right just once Andy, and watch PLUG soar! GL Longs!
  • Nasty day for stocks. Congress pathetic attempt to keep trumps agenda going has been delayed again. But this leaves us 3 days for a solid rebound. And with hopeful news on the horizon I'm feeling good. The tg price I set for plug is $3.50 by mid august. With some news and positive results at the end of the quarter from the deals I think we all would be very happy
  • Did we breach the 50 day moving average in a bullish manner, given the bullish announcements at the shareholders meeting?