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  • WSJ article today "Today's Top Supply Chain and Logistics News From WSJ" These recent articles are providing major exposure for PLUG Power and will bring in new investors.
  • PLUG news is all over the the internet today.. I would NOT be selling...
  • I'm feeling like a $2.60 open on Monday. I don't want to sell for small gains. I want to keep this for a target price of $10. How do I keep the will power to hold and not be tempted to sell? Anyone have any good ideas? I'm serious about the question so no jokester please.
  • I think this has potential to go to 5.00 one day in 1 or 2 years. Even if it takes 2 years who gives you 50% of your money per yr? Give me a thumbs up to hold and buy? or a review
  • Those huge short positions are going to be sweating for a while now. I guarantee you they can still short more just because the price is low, but shorting more shares doesn't get them out of the poo stew they made. Yup, they're eventually going to have to drink it all up, every last drop, and scrape that drudge from the bottom of the pot too. But for now they can at least delay a while at these prices. Meanwhile we can enjoy knowing the stew is cooking and they're the ones that have to smell it all day.

    I heard a story on the radio the other day about the dwindling short position. Over the last 3 or 4 years the short positions have crashed by something like more than 100%. The shorts kept betting against the market, the market kept destroying them, and it just got too expensive to short. Same thing's going on here. Plug is just going to get too expensive to short.

    The expansion deal with Walmart is the game changer. There's lots of green energy companies, a few hydrogen companies, and they're all laying the foundation for the same thing, a brand new model of energy distribution. When the market is this plural, consolidation always happens. That's how these types of companies survive. Seen it a million times. My bet is that consolidation is the way forward. Remember when Musk allowed competitors to share his patents? When it comes to new technology, it's all about building the market first! And that's what Plug did with Amazon, Walmart, and this expansion deal. With more than $1 billion in backing from these juggernauts, when consolidation happens you can bet Plug is going to be the center of gravity.

    If Plug was making some consumer product, then who knows how long it would take to see growth. However since what they're making is B2B, when growth happens it happens big. B2B is the right model for Plug, Plug is the right model for hydrogen, and hydrogen is the model for a lot more than forklifts. Consolidation coming soon. I saw skibare's $8 estimate for end of 2018, I can't say anything's wrong with that. But if we're talking consolidation then we can safely extend that range and shorten the schedule. Like I said consolidation for technology companies happens all the time.
  • I blocked 3 people and board is now readable
  • ROTH is Really a corrupt and criminal company somebody is going to expose their dealings and when it happens their word wont be worth dog pile-fact its not worth dog pile today.
  • I'm buying more!
  • Nobody should ever invest in a stock where the company isn't making a profit said Microsoft and Apple investors 20 years ago and Amazon investors ten years ago? It doesn't matter if the company just received $1.2B in orders from two of the largest companies in the world. It makes a lot more sense to wait until the company makes a profit and then pay way more for the stock. Right? Nobody wants 1,000%+ plus gains as the taxes are a killer. Right?
  • WSJ
    "By investing in Plug Power, both Wal-Mart and Amazon also are signaling they want to maintain their prominent places on the company’s customer list."

    Today’s Top Supply Chain and Logistics News From WSJ
    Delivering up-to-the minute news, analysis, interviews and explanatory journalism on logistics, supply-chain management, e-commerce and more
  • Henrik and A Big Sox Fan are jokes. They can't be completely negative about Plug because nobody would buy it so instead they just spin the bash into a more subtle tactic. Donkeys with absolutely no purpose in life.

    Good bye!
  • GSE's, range extenders, USPS, hub and spoke H2 infrastructure enabling TRU's, and more.
    Plug has so many catalysts it is mind-boggling. Next milestone is positive service margin.
    Hold your core! You don't want to be out of PLUG when good news breaks.
  • This is moving just like yesterday. Get back in now for the run to mid 40s or higher.

    Long and strong
  • Why does Michael continue to have no life and post on this board 7 days a week?
  • There will be a bidding war on this stock some day .
  • What monkeys do not get is that WS manipulators set the tone of trading to-day by placing small sell-orders in the poremarket hour, luring monkeys to start selling and dragging down the SP so that these crooks can cover their shorts!! The MM cooperates because, more trading more is his business!!! Just watch this drama but do not forget that Plug has tremendously improved its business by keeping blue-chip companies happy and consistently increased business from them and even make two of them invest in the company!! Profit, of course, will follow. Only monkeys can't see all this because they they have their common sense on the shelf and dance to the WS tune!!!!
  • Cash Up Front
    Cash up front!!!!!! CASH UP FRONT!!!!! It's Christmas every day!!!!!!
  • " Shares of Plug Power are up over 103 % this year so far"

    " Plug Power Inc.'s shares closed up 15.09% on Friday on staggering volume of over 31 million shares. Investors were excited to learn that Plug Power has expanded a deal with giant retailer Wal-Mart. The two companies announced in a press release that Wal-Mart will be given warrants to buy 55.3 million shares of Plug Power for a value of around $600 million. In exchange, Plug Power will be able to finance projects at a lower cost. The companies already have a commercial agreement where Plug provides the retailer with fuel cells for its distribution centers. In the new deal, Plug has said that the future distribution transactions will be cash flow positive up front and that it anticipates providing Wal-Mart fuel cell energy technology as well as its hydrogen fueling station to as many as 30 Wal-Mart centers in the U.S. over the next three years. So far ten are already scheduled to be completed by the end of 2017. CEO of Plug Power Andy Marsh commented, "Walmart's long-term supply agreement is a great example of our strategy in action, as it enables us to improve both our revenue visibility and cost structure, all while allowing our customers to experience improved productivity and operational cost savings." Shares of Plug Power are up over 103% this year so far. "

    Just the Facts...





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  • My 2 cents on this new Walmart deal:

    Expansion of business is always good, and fixing the terms to be more favorable like this is VERY good news for PLUG.

    With Amazon & Walmart both investing in PLUG, it puts PLUG in a very enviable position, where each wants part-ownership of the company, and it may some day lead to further actions by the two fierce competitors, like a bidding war for PLUG.

    In the meantime, PLUG will enjoy the increased visibility the competition between the two will bring, and will benefit from the improved cash flow position from having Amazon be all -cash installations & Walmart facilitating the Wells Fargo low-interest sale/lease backs.

    Short term, I think Qtr 2 will be modest, and will show a loss, nobody is expecting a break-even here yet, but Qtrs 3 & 4 are where the real news is.

    We will be halfway through Qtr 3 on Aug 9th, when the Qtr 2 Conference Call is made. PLUG should have visibility through the end of 2017 and into early 2018. I expect some great Guidance, and I still maintain as I have all year, that the 2017 Revenue Guidance will be raised to maybe $140-150 million, maybe even at the Aug 9th CC.
  • I think this company will make money, when they close down the Latham plant and move the business to China. Getting rid of the over payed people in Latham.