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  • Why have I been here for the past 3.5 years PUMPING this stock from the Bubble Top/Key Reversal @$11.72 while holding my Core and adding SUBSTANTIALLY all the way down? Why have I made Plug my whole life? Why do I follow posters to other boards to find out what they do there when the Plug is my entire life? Why am I so obsessed with Plug the past 3.5 years? Can anyone here figure it out? :-) JMI
  • Wish I could have held on, I cant handle Andy M. and his lack of PR and communication. Guy is a joke, I wish all real investors good luck!
  • Notice of effectiveness S-3 just filed. Looks like a share offering?
  • OK, I'm in. I have a serious question for those that are short this stock. What are you smoking? Are you really short a company that Amazon plans to invest $65M in? Amazon's investment in PLUG is currently worth $125M so they currently have a profit of $60M on their PLUG investment. Do you really think thats all they want? Who cares how much money the company lost in the past or how long it took them to get where they are. They are there. Any thoughts of PLUG running out of cash are nonsense. They have raised AT LEAST $36M during quarter 2. The huge short position is a big plus for PLUG investors as these shorts will need to cover soon. I am pleased to be on board as a plugger.
  • Big day tomorrow. Get ready to make some easy money. Don't get all negative because your short, get out now it's going up tomorrow.
  • I am new to this board and I am just learning about the company. I just read the details of the Amazon deal. It has probably been discussed before, but I will give you my take on it. In the beginning Amazon will be entitled to 2% of the company in warrants(about 5.5M) each time they spend $50M with PLUG. The price of these warrants will be about $1.19. After spending $200M Amazon will be entitled to 12% of the company in warrants. We would expect that they would reach this level by the end of 2018. At that time a new price will be established for the remaining warrants. They would then need to spend an additional $400M to qualify for the remaining warrants. This gives Amazon an opportunity to own as much as 55M shares of PLUG or close to 20%. This gives Amazon the incentive to spend as much as possible as quickly as possible so they can reach their 20% ownership. Amazon will be paying cash up front so cash flow should be no problem for the next few years.
  • For the past 1,259 days here me and my old buddy kandrew have been waiting for a "MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT AFTER THE CLOSE-WHICH WOULD CAUSE THE STOCK TO POP TO $50.00 ON THE OPEN NEXT DAY"-I am thinking today is that day ! :-) JMI
  • This is definatly the time to accumulate PLUG..Andy has done as good a job and probably better then anyone else.He was able to keep the company open during a terrible time of no to low production.He was able to define the expansion and work the share equity and additional orderings into the companies expansion when and where needed.He was also able to ink and pretty well guarantee PLUGS survival with quite the most massive TAKE over of the vast majority of the food industries giants in the material handeling department.I am very happy with PLUG and AMAZON will with out a doubt turn PLUG into a very sustainable 2 billion dollar company.Amazons decision to produce product for consumer and sell them in its stores as well as to use PLUG to substanially reduce its own costs will drive plug into the green ,pretty soon..Ill just sit back and wait for my retirement to hit 3 million and then Ill be on the beach ..
  • The tension continues to build, like a rubber band being stretched taut. Eventually, something will give.
  • I feel compelled to post this daily since the shorts live to read my posts. Wednesday's short sales volume was only 47% of total FINRA reported trading volume! Clear why the stock was up 6 cents on Wednesday! Shorts are going to have to step up or lose the price control factor! Dig shorty, dig!
  • I get it. They have lots of cash. What PLUG seems to fumble is communication.Andy said this is job 1- so I would expect by now a thumbs up or down on whether WMT has changed. This topic has been around for a while.Revenues- again Andy is always fuzzy. I know they put a stake at 130 million, only 35% in the first half. So using this we expect 45 million this half or $30 mil this quarter. Due to the PPS confusion of last quarter- are we to expect a similar situationdue to no WMT deal. Will the $9 million rev from the first quarter be booked this quarter?Seems funny how that after AMZN and its 70 million this year, PLUG made no upward adjustments. Maybe AMZN was long ago on the books before the announcement.I see the growing short more a hedge by some of the warrant holder. There may also be a large swath of those that will try to create a stir if/when PLUG creates another self inflected communication gaffe.Lastly, to the analysts that are covering the stock. You always sound like "that's news to me" when asking questions. Except for the bird from Roth (Roth may have been #$%$ after losing the distributor role given to FBR) - you all sound so weak.
  • Pictures Amazon $PLUG Aurora Colorado!!!!!!!! One million percent guarantee
  • This is the moment to triple down. The positive trend has been confirmed with PLUG's price performance. Bought 50,000 shares at $2.09.
  • Posted in $WKHS conversation
    Given Amazon could announce with $WKHS and $Plug any second, it's time for Hydrogen Workhorse to shine
  • Doesn't anyone ever read the financial reports? Why do I see people on here freaking out about the company's cash position. If you would read the first quarter report you would realize that the company raised $36M in cash in April and plans to raise up to another $57M in cash. Dilution may be a problem, but the company is now loaded with cash. The real question now is what are they planning to do with all that cash? If they are cash flow break even for the rest of the year they could finish the year with $100M in cash on hand.
  • Which pair seems strongest for the hydrogen economy soon to break out?
    Amazon / Plug Power
    Ballard / Toyota
    GM / Honda
    Hydrogenics / Alstom (GE)
    Hyster Yale / Nuvera
    Bloom Energy / Bloom Energy
    Fuelcell Energy / Posco
    How are we going to get to 130 million revenue for the year without China. We need to do 38 million per quarter for the next 3 quarters.
  • Dear $WKHS lovers and $BLDP lovers, I'm betting a million dollars $PLUG races past both Ballard and Workhorse with Amazon Hydrogen Trucking SOON to be announced!!!
  • Why is there so much BS on this Board?