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  • T
    Some random Monday thoughts: I believe we are at the start of a long-term growth period, both the the Company and for its stock price. Unlike the 2019-220 explosion, this time the growth is based not on potentiality, but actuality (thanks to my colleague Thomas Aquinas for that distinction). In 2020, the market irrational exuberance was based on the potential of the electrolyzer business & the shift in business plan to take advantage of that. Today, it is based on revenues - it was just a few years ago that we were excited when Plug showed earnings of $100 million; next year it will be $1+ billion.
    I am first to admit my own irrational exuberance about Plug - there have been many times that I should have sold but did not. Oh well. I've been with Plug from the beginning (when I thought MKTY was going to make a fortune with miniature fuel cells :-( But with the new federal law and with Plug's expertise with green hydrogen, this time it is for real.
    and when I have doubted, I go back to the fact that BlackRock and Vanguard are the top 2 institutional holders, with over $1 billion invested EACH. (not to mention SK!). These are literally two of the top 5 successful investment firms in the world. Does anyone think that they would invest billions in a company without doing some serious due diligence, reviewing the books, analyzing the business plan, understanding the market ? I'm letting the big boys due my due diligence and I am sticking with Plug. I'm comfortably retired, so this is for the kids and grandkids - and some decent charitable giving.

    Cheers to all the longs.
  • D
    Andy Marsh's latest interview highlights that stood out to me were 60 megawatts of stationary in the next 12 months which was a mixture of data centers and van charging.. 200 megawatts within the next 18 months. SK building 200 megawatts by 2024 and 400 megawatts per year from 2025 through 2040. he also mentioned that it's only August and he's already at 50% more in electrolyzers then they had targeted for the full year. nice information just consistently building a good product and expanding globally. Go Plug. Take care! DK
  • p
    It will be far less painful to cover today than in the coming months at $40…$50…
    …or $60. ..and you know what I say is the truth. ..🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸!!!
  • B
    Looks like BE is issuing 13M new shares with an allotment for 1.95M additional shares. That should result in about $400 million in proceeds after the underwriters are paid off. That is compared to $3.2B cash that PP has available.
  • s
    Check out open interest on 34.00 calls.
    Shorts are quaking in their boots.
  • M
    So with first two qtrs booked and $915 reiterated we are expecting two $300 million qtrs coming up. Correct?
  • A
    As "HintHint" stated below, once the IRA of 2022 is signed tomorrow, expect to see a slew of new takeoff agreements, plants, clients, and partners. For example, I would really like to see more on the plant that by the 25 open jobs descriptions (mostly engineers) posted on PLUG's recruitment site appears to be an electrolyzer plant. And these 25 open positions are more numerous than any other PLUG locations (even Houston) other than their main locations in NY, PA, etc.
  • G
    Andy Marsh was just interviewed on Yahoo Finance, excellent responses by Andy to their questions.
  • L
    1 million 20 Megawatt Electrolyzers minimum. That’s what it will to replace all oil & methane gas worldwide. That does not include storage of green hydrogen from renewables for later generation with turbines and fuel cells.
  • J
    Well !

    Hello $30 range !

    And with nice volume too !!

    Thanks !


  • N
    The headline this morning from CNBC and Bloomberg is that China is the reason for the downturn in the market.

    The IRA legislation prohibits tax credits going to Foreign countries.

    PLUG will flourish in the coming weeks in months because the plan is to build a green hydrogen infrastructure in the United States.

    Apparently there are companies that are dependent upon China and consumers that are dependent upon China, but that is not the case with PLUG.
  • D
    Great job Andy Marsh , Employees , affiliates , and Share holders.
    Keep smiling Andy
  • J
    BE will drop more like 10% tomorrow! Will see.
  • C
    Any predictions for on price for the end of this week?
  • H
    The focus of all the major countries is turning to Hydrogen. America just agreed to over $370 billion in grants, incentives for clean air, ev and hydrogen initiatives. You think with all these moving parts that the shorts will wise up. But, they haven't.

    You can't make this stuff up. Haha
  • R
    Break the thirties up to 35
  • n
    going well over $100 long term. fasten your seatbelt.
  • B
    Brock Landers
    PLUG still very cheap in my mind. At only 17B market cap. Should be closer to the 25B market cap today at easy 30-40% from here. Prob more like $42-45 share price. That is before any new guidance or symposium. With 3 pedestals still coming, possible data center announcements, and green hydrogen Amazon deal of course they want theirs. Everyone wants to lock in green hydrogen soon. PLUG STRONG
  • p
    So I’m catching up on some PLUG POWER reading earlier today and I run across an article listing PLUG as #6 on the WallStreetBets list of 10 most active stocks on their site. I thought this whole idea was just hearsay but it looks like some of the recent momentum behind the PLUG could be more than just large institutional investors. …..🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸!
  • B
    BE tanking ah