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    April 16th, 2021. Amazing how quickly Europe is moving forward with hydrogen: https://www.h2-view.com/story/european-commission-looks-to-produce-10-million-tonnes-of-renewable-hydrogen-by-2030/

    Plug has positioned itself quite well in Europe recently. A few examples include:

    New CE-certified products increase Plug Power’s European product portfolio to 15 GenDrive products.
    Renault & Plug Power target European market for H2 light commercial vehicles.
    Giner ELX acquisition has a strong sales channel in the European market.
    Corine Dubruel has joined the company as Vice President and Managing Director, Europe.
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    Both Democrats and Republicans are in favor of zero-carbon and hydrogen. Once Plug Power restates previously issued financial statements and does come out positive it explode like a new IPO into the markets. It appears to be the only company whereby the early investors have the ability to buy as a wealthy investor would an IPO right before it come to market and make a massive amount of money. The company is no longer speculative and the growth is as big as any in the disruptive space for future growth and earnings. In the event, my comments do become a reality one has to look at their historical all-time high being regain once the near 2 trillion-dollar project is passed and confirmed.

    Presently the government is in the process of having banks allow up to $500 million dollars lent Plug Power and not have any strings attached as a default on repayment. I cannot recall any other company being granted this borrowing power and in the event, there are any issues the taxpayer would be accountable for repaying back the money loaned to Plug Power. The potential on the other side for Plug Power is mind-bottling and positive news after it reinstates would almost make it impossible to call a high on an extreme price target for the company. As mentioned before the opportunity for Plug Power to create a near Amazon wealth creation is now available for an investor to buy in now and in the near future just get 5 pieces of the puzzle to fall in place for this scenario to play out positive reinstatement, a large amount of the infrastructure 2 trillion dollars allocated, $500 million dollar loans from many banks, followed by massive growth and positive guidance for an unforeseeable number of quaters.

    Plug Power could become among the few wealth creators of our generation for those will to wait for what appears to be the inevitable future for the company, especially when both political parties agree and know Plug Power is the only way the world will achieve 100% zero carbon in the future to combat against the next impending threat to mankind global warming.
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    DOE and Loan department have started giving $100s of millions to PLUG...see what happened to another company that DOE gave huge sums from 2010. The company is Tesla of $600 + billion market cap today...

    “A 2015 Los Angeles Times investigation estimated that Tesla, SolarCity, and SpaceX had together benefited from “$4.9 billion in government support.” That included, for example, a $465 million low-interest loan from the Department of Energy in 2010 that helped Tesla ride out the effects of the Great Recession.Dec 9, 2020”
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    PLUG POWER will “dominate” the Long Haul Trucking Market. With any transport route over 125 miles, Hydrogen Fuel Cells have a BIG ADVANTAGE with twice the delivery range — and 5 to 6 times faster refueling. INVEST & HOLD $PLUG 🚀... PS: The New 45 Ton/Day “Green Hydrogen” Fuel Plant in Western New York State will deliver fuel to transportation customers in the region at a price competitive with diesel ✅ — SOURCE: PLUG POWER Press Release dated February 25, 2021. See the key excerpt below:

    << As North America’s largest green hydrogen production facility, the plant will produce 45 metric tons of green liquid hydrogen daily servicing the Northeast region. The plant will use 120 MW of Plug’s state-of-the-art PEM electrolyzers to make the hydrogen using clean NY hydropower. The New York plant joins our existing Tennessee plant in a network that aims to supply 500 tons per day of green hydrogen by 2025, 1,000 tons per day globally by 2028 and that when fully built will offer our transportation fuel customers pricing competitive to diesel. This $290 million investment in green hydrogen production leads the way to decarbonizing freight-transportation and logistics and supports the Empire State’s path to achieving carbon-neutrality by 2050. The project includes a 450 MW electrical substation that will service the entire STAMP site. >>
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    First time I've heard ceo mention France for gigafactory. Also like analyst comment, plugs isnt years away like other hydrogen companies but is making money now.

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    A little bit of due diligence.
    On March 16 2021, at the Senate Hearing on Transportation Technologies, representatives from Cummins and Toyota pushed really hard for hydrogen and hydrogen fuel cells. The chairman of the Energy and Natural Resources Committee is Sen. Manchin. And we all know how pivotal he is on passing anything on the senate floor on a 50-50 split.
    Well, here's what he had to say: "I'm intrigued by fuel cell technology because fuel cell vehicles, like the EVs, produce electricity without combustion or emissions but do not rely on lithium battery...I think it has unlimited amount of potential in our commercial energy fields also"
    Link below, Manchin remarks start around min 44:40.
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    Standard H2
    Monthly institutional share rotation: buy:sell ratio keeps increasing, now at 3.34:1 last was 3.32:1
    Institutions have been buying heavily on the dip. You sell shares, institutions buy.
    Buyers 4/16/21 207,140,458
    Sellers 4/16/21 61,971,885

    Recent results:
    Buyers 4/6/21 205,138,324
    Sellers 4/6/21 61,753,359

    Buyers 3/23/21. 196,744,577
    Sellers. 3/23/21 61,981,357

    Buyers 3/12/21 200,167,105
    Sellers 3/12/21 61,720,314

    Buyers 3/3/21 142,671,819
    Sellers 3/3/21 60,357,171

    (use pc to view link, not smartphone)
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    Plug Power: Buy the dip
    CNBC Halftime Report - April 16, 2021
    “I think Plug goes a lot higher,” Jon Najarian said.
    “I’m all about lithium and hydrogen power as well
    and I think Plug does a great job. So, yes I would hold it.”
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    I know I don’t contribute with any info about the company, no technical analys or anthything really of value with my posts on this board - but I am a Plug Power share HOLDER and I intend on keeping them for a LONG time.

    Have a great weekend everyone!
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    Renault and Plug Power to launch a 50-50 joint-venture (JV) based in France by the end of the first half of 2021, targeting over 30% share of the fuel cell-powered light commercial vehicle (LCV) market in Europe.

  • k
    Very bullish view on growth in Material handling fuel cells by VP of Plug Power at a recent event this week...very aggressive growth in 2021 as said many times during the presentation..

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    Standard H2
    Think America, 1880, Standard Oil. You get to invest in John D. Rockefeller’s company.

    The first cars are 30 years away. Electric power, heavy industry, heavy and light truck transport, cars, airplanes, ships, trains, rockets are all on the way or already present and are going to need fuel. Coal fired operation is going to be gradually replaced.

    Today the next transition is underway, fossil fuels to hydrogen and batteries.
    But for Plug the time scale is sped up by 5x -10x. 30 years becomes 3-6 years etc. There are more applications too. Drones, data center backup. Plug sells the electrolyzers to generate the hydrogen as well as the fuel cells to consume the hydrogen and produce power. And is an expert at safe fueling systems with over 33 million fills. Plug will also have a massive business selling green hydrogen with 5 large green hydrogen plants planned for the next couple of years.

    I call Plug Standard Hydrogen™️.
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    My posts are being taken down.. hopefully this one goes through.
    Energy secretary Jennifer had shown support for Hydrogen fuel cells while questioning battery range, charging and weight issues yesterday while releasing the $160 million DOE funds for trucks and vans.
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    Brock Landers
    A lot of R&D job postings today for PLUG. Of course why hire unless you are growing. Over 1300+ and counting.

    Senior R&D Engineer – Hydrogen Generation/Liquefaction
    R1413 | Latham, New York 12110 | Posted Today
    Senior R&D Engineer – GenDrive/ProGen
    R1412 | Latham, New York 12110 | Posted Today
    Senior R&D Engineer – Electrolyzer
    R1411 | Latham, New York 12110 | Posted Today
    Senior R&D Engineer – HRS/CSD
    R1409 | Latham, New York 12110 | Posted Today
    Field Service Technician
    R1408 | Bentonville, Arkansas 72712 | Posted Today
    Controls Engineer, Hydrogen
    R1013 | Charleston, Tennessee 37310 | Posted Today
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    Willie Sutton
    Accounting issue will soon be
    resolved. Look for management to discuss in more detail once restated financials are released.
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    CLEAN AIR —> Global Adoption of GREEN HYDROGEN FUEL & FUEL CELLS used in the Transportation Markets. INVEST & HOLD $PLUG ✅
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    good morning.
    some thoughts on Plug Power.

    - bankruptcy? impossible with 5 billion in cash

    - delisting? almost impossible, given that KPMG has communicated to the stock exchange authority that it is neither fraud nor illegal conduct

    - 2021 full of strategic agreements at a global level

    -Acciona by 30/6/21 will explain the partnership and Acciona is a global player not only in Spain and Portugal

    - 2021 will probably see the trend definitively reversed with regard to profit.

    - the listing is undergoing a monstrous attack by hedge funds that short-sell the entire renewable sector (from Gevo to FuelCell ...) considering that the funds that have Plug Power shares certainly do not have them in charge at prices below $ 35 / $ 40.

    - the price has returned to the levels of December 2020 before the news of major agreements at the beginning of 2021, and this already says it all.

    aspect vs constructive opinions
    Thank you

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    Standard H2
    I remember last year when Enphase Energy got hammered down by shortseller Prescience Point who claimed their was an accounting fraud carried out in India. The stock got hammered down to 21 from 59.

    Ultimately nothing came out of it and the stock eventually went up to 229. Currently at around 150.
  • L
    Plug has 502mil shares outstanding. 5B cash means then 10$ per share. We are on business valuation 16$ per share. Not bad price at all! Hydrogen is here, no doubt, their business is real, expanding, with all the investments turning profitable. Plug is completely different company than others in sector. No one has such potential...
  • D
    From Investor Relations today:
    I do want to reiterate what the current situation, of our delayed 10-K, will not effect:
    These changes will not affect:

    Cash position
    Business operations
    Our commercial arrangements
    Our guidance that we laid out in the Jan 26th update.

    KPMG has been our independent accountants for close to 25 years, and while they have determined our prior Financial Statements need to be restated, they are related to several non-cash items, relating to lease accounting as rule 842 came into effect in 2019 such as:

    • book value of right of use assets and write down of financial obligations

    • Loss accruals for certain service contracts

    • impairment of certain long-lived assets

    • classification of certain costs, resulting in a decrease in R&D search and expense and a corresponding increase in cost of revenue.

    Our core material handling clients do business with Plug Power through either Direct Purchase, or with Sale-Leaseback agreements which hence involve operating leases.

    Our accounting as a result can be complex and technical due to the nature of our business. These changes aren’t being made due to override of controls or misconduct, and KPMG had informed the Audit Committee that these issues are not related to an override of controls or misconduct.

    Plug Power, at the highest levels, is focused on the tremendous opportunities and business propositions at hand. At the highest levels, Plug Power is also sensitive to the situation and the dynamics as a result and is working with KPMG around the clock to rectify and complete this process in order to release our 10-K as quickly as possible.