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Peregrine Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (PPHM)

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  • I agree things don't look good. As a matter of fact things never looked good.
    So where do we go from here?
    My opinion for what it is worth...
    Clean the swamp!
    Aggressively expand production and marketing for AVID
    Look for a partner/buyer

    If this somehow hits double digits I will get out with still a big hit in losses unless of course they implement the above and show bag-holders like myself I mean shareholders like myself a glimmer of hope to recoup their losses.

  • Here's some long-term perspective for you. I bought the stock back in the 1980s when it was called Techniclone Intl. After all the years of reverse splits my original 3,000 shares are now 6 shares. Of course past performance does not determine future performance. smh
  • Increase upper management pay, maybe that will make things happen!
  • Is the same scenario being played out YET AGAIN for the umpteen hundredth time?
    It is.
    Let me just allude to just two of the most memorable to recent share holders...
    1) PROXY vote where the PP'er criminals asked for 175 MILLION NEWLY AUTHORIZED SHARES. Well, I (at the time i was still allowed to print truth on the Hump) and others warned against it in no uncertain manner and it seemed almost all (definitely most) of the lemmings finally took their heads out of the lead lemmings anus long enough to agree that this was not a good thing for us. And while they probably paid me no mind since i called them out for their doltishness (the sheep) and lies (the predators and other paid posters) a 'respected' I-Hump dude named RRDog also chimed in also warning of the suicidal nature of such a move. NOW the sheep REALLY were against it! But lo and behold, CloakedBODProtector methodically worked his svengaliism on the short attention span idiots and little by little many claimed now that maybe it wasn't so bad after all and that management would NEVER use it all anyway. IT WAS FOR NEGOTIATING STRATEGIES WITH PARTNERS SOOOON!
    Ai Yi Yi.... The very definition of mind-numbed sheep.
    And Voila! The vote passed. . And it was a good thing according to the intertwined mass of Humpers. . . And CloakedBODProtector got his bonus.
    2) Of course, and who could've seen this coming??????, the PP'er followed that up the next year with the announcement of a proposed 7:1 R/S. . LOL. . Even the lemmings were outraged....... at first. . . But then the svengali master and his occasional associates once again employed their masterful skills on the spiral-eyed Hump mass of dolts and gave hope that the R/S was 'highly improbable.' Complete with tomes of posts on why it wasn't. That then changed to 'well, it might happen but it's neutral'. That morphed into 'a 5:1 or 3:1 might be hunky-dory' with him. But whatever the case - it was neutral.

    Now, he is doing it again with apparent success with the Ronin play. Lemmings are already forming lines behind him again even after signing the Humpler's List. It really is insane what happens over there.

    Please, those that still are allowed to post on the Message Board of Aiding and Abetting Criminals... don't let that sh*t fly without a fight!!! Ronin is our Last Chance!!! . Don't allow the Belgian Predator to protect the absolutely soulless devils in Tustin anymore!!!
    Just don't stand for it!!! WILL SOMEONE CALL THIS FRAUD OUT????
  • CrockProtector and BioHarm being dismantled FINALLY!
  • PPHM the fraud who scammed dying cancer patients is in business because of one thing and one thing only- THE ATM WHICH IS CRAAAAAANKING TODAY !
  • about 2/3 of the way down the article.


    Peregrine Pharmaceuticals Faces Investor-Driven Changes
    The focus will be on three new directors for a four-person board.
  • I'm out with this mess going on!
  • There it is! As predicted. Now you'll get a taste of what a low float/low volume post-reverse-split-stock with a horrible 3Xer history can do to you.

    Surprised it fell so quickly though. Not much time for Helen Keller funds to take a position. Maybe Lytle taken by surprise. Perhaps the boys are going to sink the business and the stock to shake off Ronin??

    The King of Pain.
  • This is starting to sound like it's about tax-losses. PP seems to have systematically built up huge tax losses knowing they would never use them - no profits, only losses over many years. So, for what reason were they constructing this asset? To make a small manufacturing company much more valuable? Dramatically increase the sale price? Lessen the tax burden when sold? PP and Ronin in a win-win situation here?

    "We also explained to Mr. King that a spin-off transaction would be effectively impossible because of Peregrine's approximately $650 million tax-loss carryforward asset and the fact that Peregrine's clinical development has no ability to independently support its operations."

    Loss Carryforward

    What it is:

    The term "loss carryforward" refers to an accounting practice whereby companies utilize their current year's net operating loss against future year's net operating profit to reduce the taxes owed in those future profitable years. Also called tax loss carryforward, this can be utilized by individuals, corporations, or funds.

    How it works (Example):

    For example, if a company has a net operating loss in the current year of $1,000,000, they can carry that forward so that if their net operating income for the following year is $2,000,000, the company would have a tax liability on only $1,000,000 ($2,000,000 less the $1,000,000).|

    For an individual or a company, the carryforward period is 20 years.

    Why it Matters:

    A company which happens to find itself in a loss position for a particular year has at its disposal a tool that it can use to offset taxes due on profits in the future.

    Realizing this, the company or individual can use this principle in future tax planning, especially if they anticipate a large gain in any of the following six years.
  • All these #$%$--hole in management need to be fire . they know #$%$.............. I hold this stock so long time to cut my loss & go .
  • to the board of directors the shell game is over!
  • Pretty sad that we owe ANY POSITIVITY at all with respect to the share price of this pig to scathing letters from Ronin about the current people in charge here and the state they've put the company in..
  • ronin has already communicated more and told it like it is more than anytime in the history of this companie.........drain the swamp! if we had anything on clinical we would have a #$%$en partner!!!!!!!!!
  • Ronin's letter to shareholders TODAY!!! Yahoo not accepting it here probably due to the length.
    But Apologists beware!!!! Better cover your eyes!!!!!!!!!!!! Will try to link:

  • Dear Ronin,
    For the good of biotech fund raising, we pray you can get to the bottom of the CSM-Bavi trial Pll debacle that was so perfectly timed for maximum investor damage...Assuming you haven't already. THANK YOU.

  • Hubbar cloakedprotector (of PPHM management/BOD) in absolute desperation mode frantically trying to win back the "sheeple" to be stupid enough to vote with the current team of slimy losers. Don't think it's working this time. LOL This guy is a transparent farce except for the truly naive!
  • this type of thing is common. You have these officers, or whatever there status, supposed to run their company for their employees and stockholders and get appointed to boards of other companys even if they have no knowledge of the business-and it usually is 3 to 5 plus companies, being paid a large amt. each year plus insurance, retirement
  • Cloaked and Brainrinsed. . I KNEW i had seen them together before...

    Chester And Spike
  • We tip our hat to you, Mr. White, Ronin, SW&Co.

    Clearly you have the goods on them.

    Wonder how much key employees are being over compensated to ignore their holdings?