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Premier Holding Corporation (PRHL)

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  • On June 22, 2017, the Board of Directors of the Company (the “ Board ”) approved, and recommended to the Majority Stockholders that they approve the Authorized Shares Increase. On June 23, 2017, the Majority Stockholders approved the Authorized Shares Increase by written consent in lieu of a meeting, in accordance with Nevada law. Accordingly, your consent is not required and is not being solicited in connection with the approval of the Authorized Shares Increase.

  • If we state the share situation at PRHL as astronomical units it does not sound so bad. Shares outstanding are .44 astronomical units. Shares authorized 1.56 astronomical units. That actually looks tiny. The outstanding shares are larger than the population of the U.S..The authorized shares number is higher than the population of China.
  • Have you seen the latest 14C.. The new authorized shares is 1.4 billion. Should PHRL make a press release on that?
  • Now that PRHL has a new business plan, management is free to use its imagination and make some good acquisitions with profitable businesses. E-3 has a good start and future quarters should look much better than in the past. .06 seems to be the new base for PRHL. Let's go Trojans.
  • CONGRATULATIONS !!!!! This AM's Press Release could be a very rewarding transaction for PRHL shareholders, who stand to receive as a dividend, shares in a newly formed NYSE Company by selling to the new Company, TPC and E-3. That leaves the PRHL shares untouched and gives management the opportunity to rebuild the asset base of PRHL. Lots more information will obviously be released but the foundation of this transaction gives the PRHL shareholders a real opportunity to see immediate returns. It will be interesting to learn the price PRHL sold TPC and E-3 to the NYSE Company. Management will obviously start rebuilding the asset base of PRHL with acquisitions. The dividend that the PRHL shareholders are to receive should have a starting value of 4 dollars or more per share and could be much higher. This looks like a WIN WIN situation for the PRHL shareholders.
  • Jack Cassidy, I never said Ridgefield Partners was an NYSE list company. A new blind pool company has already 3 LOI's and PRHL makes it the 4th LOI. It is this entity which will become listed on the NYSE. The number 410,000 shares you mention has nothing to do with the determination of what PRHL is to receive for TPC. PRHL is to receive about 20% of the new company's shares which in turn will be dividended to PRHL shareholders. Much more information will have to be divulged before the shareholders can fully understand this transaction. Bottom line: PRHL sold TPC and will get shares in a NYSE company which will be given to the shareholders as a dividend. PRHL shareholders still own their PRHL shares and PRHL still owns E-3. PRHL is free to make acquisitions and frankly I am thrilled with this combination of facts. It looks like a win win situation to me. My NYSE shares can appreciate and my PRHL shares likewise stand a good chance of appreciating.
  • Jack G, let’s look at the facts. Ridgefield Partners is not a NYSE company. They may be qualified for listing but they are not currently listed. The numbers you quote are not reasonable. PRHL will get 20% of the roll-up. With 410,000,000 outstanding shares that means the new company will have 2,050,000,000 outstanding shares. If the 2 billion shares are worth $4 each the cap value of the roll up will be $8 billion. Is this what you are saying?

    ASsfor E3, is that an advantage to still hold the company? It had a negative gross margin last quarter. PRHL would be better off buying a taco truck. At least a tack truck has a gross margin.

    I just can not grasp the $8 market cap on the roll up. Will the CEO have a seat at the table?
  • Correction: Only TPC was sold to the NYSE Company and not E-3. E-3 remains with PRHL, making this transaction even more attractive.
  • This is an announcement of a non-binding LOI. Does the the non-binding element negate the four day SEC rule for an 8-K report? Will we see details on Friday? Will we LOL about the LOI?
  • No ,matter how much selling occurs in PRHL, there are buyers of the stock who come in and pick up cheap stock and elevate the stock to its .06 baseline. A good example of this phenomenon was yesterday's trading where the stock recover from the .05 level and closed at .06. If and when management can make a meaningful announcement, PRHL should rocket through .10 to .15 and the .25 or more. This long quiet period bodes some sort of an announcement for sure. I for one hope it is a bonanza.
  • On 5/19/2017, the trading volume for the day was 265,500 shares. Of that total volume 127,900 shares were shorted. That is a whopping 48.17%. Some shorters still haven't gotten the message. When PRHL breaks o the upside, the shorters will give this stock a real boot in the butt. .015 is the first hesitation and then .26 and on up to .45. If the news is real good, there is no telling where PRHL will settle. Onward Trojans.
  • Today's volume of 274.000 shares had a good bit of selling which took the price down into the .04s. Near the close of the market, the buyers came in and took PRHL up to .06 at the close. I am shocked to see the support this stock has, With such a prolonged silence, I am suspecting something big is in the works. The 10Q was as expected but the biggest surprise was the 2.1 million dollars in the cash register. In the coming weeks, management will have to make a significant announcement to satisfy the anxiety of such a long quiet period. What do you think management is up to? Please post some comments or suggestions.
  • How is the value of E3’s inventory calculated? We can use FIFO, LIFO or FIST. That is First-In-First Out , or Last-In-First-Out or First-In-Still-There. If you work the COGS per day, PRHL / E3 will have 790 days of inventory at current sales levels.

    That might be OK since the inventory sold in the first quarter was sold at a loss. Not selling anything would have been more profitable than selling at a loss.
  • I think there will be an announcement or an update in June . I would like to see a detailed plan to profitability . With ALC in the fold , we been hearing how a supplier is the key to recognizing revenue for the last 3 years . Its now time to see the plan put into action and see the fruits of this acquisition soon .
  • Big growth new investment opportunity in stock under one penny. CETY just starting to roll out big ticket sales products for large industries:

    Three CETY Clean Cycle™ Systems Commissioned As Part Of Aries Clean Energy's Waste-to-Energy Facility
  • The 10 Q is out. What do you think?
  • OK, the PRHL CEO and CFO are busy guys. They are trying to get an uplisting and obtain financing for the new ALC division. Is that why they issued a NT 10 Q in place of a standard 10 Q? That seems reasonable. Except that both the uplisting and new financing both are very dependent on up to date financials. I think the CEO, Mr. Letcavage, should have a heart to heart meeting with the CFO, Mr. Letcavage, to explain the duties and responsibilities of the CFO position. Failure to provide timely information to the SEC makes the CEO look bad at the expense of the CFO not doing a timely job. BOD members are off saving the world and making it greener. In the meantime the stockholders are making less green.

    If the positive press releases are accurate and representative the numbers should be good. They have the numbers! Just release them.
  • We are less than two weeks from the 10 Q for the first quarter. If it was positive it would be out by now. The “savior” of PRHL is ALC. It will lead us out of darkness! Does it have a CEO? Does it have a written PERT chart or a CPM document? Does it even have a letterhead. Lets see the website. Does it have any employees yet? Do more people work at 78 Consulting or at ALC?
    Will ALC provide any revenue this fiscal year? Just a few questions.
  • We are going to see the daily volume dry up. It is now about 150,000 daily average. How long till is is uner 100,000. Buy Sept. it will be under 50,000. Is 76 Consulting selling more?
  • Prolonged silence means to me that something is churning in the engine room and we just haven't been told what it is.
    Ample cash on hand and paying off note holders isn't something a company would do unless there was more to the story. All I can say is that we should be hearing something from management sooner or later. I predict good news because I have not seen any negative behavior from management. As they say: Patience is golden., We sure have had a lot of that.these past months and years.