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  • Can't even hold a 3-4 cents uptick . Pathetic.
  • New Data from ARS Study Shows Significant Hematological Deficiencies Even at Low Radiation Levels; PLX-R18 Supports Hematological Recovery


    New Data from ARS Study Shows Significant Hematological Deficiencies Even at Low Radiation Levels; PLX-R18 Supports Hematological Recovery
    Findings pave the way to potentially use PLX-R18 to support hematological recovery following radiotherapy or chemotherapy Data focuses on 12 additional NHPs that were exposed to lower radiation levels ...
  • bought some more shares today ...I sense an upward move coming ...
  • https://www.energyvoice.com/other-news/healthandsafety/145698/scientists-find-cure-nuclear-radiation-exposure/

    Scientists find 'cure' for nuclear radiation exposure - News for the Oil and Gas Sector
    It sounds like science fiction. Yet a cure for Acute Radiation Syndrome (ARS) may be on the horizon thanks to an Israeli scientist and a team from Pluristem Therapeutics Inc. While the effects on humans of Chernobyl and Fukishima will forever reside
  • Nothingburger.
  • Tomorrow Is A key Day-Is Management Creditable or Not ?

    At 1PM the company is scheduled to make a major presentation. Will they provide new validating info or is this just another non-specific event. Sty tuned. If there is nothing new, after 4 years I am gone. There r better situations such as RDHL
  • GIDDY-UP !!!!


    Pluristem’S Radiation Antidote Addresses $11 Billion Hematologic Indication In Human Trials - Ray Dirks
  • Down down she goes...drip drip drip- everyday lower and lower.
  • Read The Last Sentence On This Page ! It's A Done Deal IMO !

    Other medical countermeasures of interest for procurement under Project Bioshield ( in the near future ) are for treatment of acute radiation syndrome associated neutropenia, chemical threats and radiation-induced thermal burns.


    MedicalCountermeasures.gov - STOCKPILE BUILDING
    Medical Countermeasures
  • What will tomorrow bring?
    Explosion or Implosion?
    or just a farce (as is usually the case with this company)?
  • https://seekingalpha.com/instablog/4519051-nir-etkovitz/5011590-pluristem-successful-ars-trial-opens-door-cancer-support-treatment-interview-co-ceo-chairman

    Pluristem Successful ARS Trial Opens The Door For Cancer Support Treatment. An Interview With The Co-CEO And Chairman Zami Aberman - Nir Etkovitz
  • "If the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services funds the next step — which Pluristem is waiting to hear about — the treatment will move into a large trial in non-human primates. The trial is essentially equivalent to a late-stage trial in humans, Eisenkraft said. (A human trial can’t ethically be performed because it involves radiation.)

    Should everything go as planned, an approval decision from the Food and Drug Administration could be expected somewhere around late 2018, he said."

    Next driver I would think will be announcement that HHS is funding the final non-human primate trial needed for approval. Hopefully within next few months that will be announced ...
  • This really lays it out. We need a larger primate study and we are waiting for news on how and when this might occur. SP decline may indicate dilution is at risk. Anyone else want to chime in on this. Is it true they can't say howe much they could provide the injection for? Seems like they should have a decent prediction on this. Any help sorting this out would be great. I have a position and wondering if I should trim down!?
    This new drug could help the U.S. survive a nuclear meltdown
    Developed by the Israeli biotech Pluristem, the injection aims to help body tissue that’s been damaged by radiation.
  • Allo/J-Rod ~ I can't believe you blocked me from following you on Twitter. LAME!
  • I am not an expert, but this seems like a lot of volume for no good reason.
  • YTD - PPS Down about -%35
    Back in Jan 2015 this cow traded at $3.75..... yep, they are doing such an amazing job amazing ROI for shareholders.
    Mooooo Mooooooo Give Mr. Kaki and Mr. Z More shares, 2mil is not enough to show your appreciation on such a stellar job performance.
  • http://www.jpost.com/HEALTH-SCIENCE/Pluristems-fight-against-the-inevitable-aging-process-499739

    Pluristem’s fight against the inevitable aging process
    Pluristem’s cell therapy products are designed to treat patients by stimulating their bodies’ own regenerative mechanisms.
  • This is going to be a block buster company cant understand why it has slid so far down the last couple of years.
    I have been buying on the lows which is everyday. I mean the other stocks I have with very simple news the stock will go
    up a certain percentage points this stock goes down. well when this company gets a couple of phase 3 trials completed
    this company will absolutely take off , it is only a matter of time. iam willing to wait 5 years until I have to move into a higher tax
  • A placenta cell medication could help the U.S. get through a nuclear meltdown
    Developed by the Israeli biotech Pluristem, the injection aims to help body tissue that’s been damaged by radiation.
  • Lots of volume. Is this short covering? Or something wicked this way comes.