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Pernix Therapeutics Holdings, Inc. (PTX)

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  • Why the stock dropping , is refinancing bad for the company?
  • Pernix Therapeutics Fails To Reach Deal To Acquire Cannabee Products, Shares Slide 17%
    2:49 PM ET, 07/21/2017 - MT Newswires

    02:49 PM EDT, 07/21/2017 (MT Newswires) -- Pernix Therapeutics (PTX), a developer of an online platform for the cannabis industry, said a 45-day period has expired without a deal on its attempt to acquire Cannabee Products.

    A letter of intent for the acquisition was disclosed June 7.

    "Platinex continues to seek meaningful acquisitions in the cannabis space with a view of maximizing shareholder value," said CEO James R. Trusler. "The fragmented nature of the industry presents an attractive opportunity to join forces with future industry leaders early on. The legal cannabis industry is in dawn of its existence and the high-growth potential makes it an exciting prospect for Platinex."
  • Anybody know what is causing this 13% jump?
  • Who buys in premarket 1 share of PTX 10 times?
  • Will probably finish the day up 38% on a Short Squeeze.
    ACRX (MC $98 M) ( Cash $72 M)FDA Decision on October 12 for potential Blockbuster & P3 Readout this month for another Drug = 500%++ POTENTIAL !!! Undiscovered Stock please do your own dd and realize the MEGA Potential ! Thank You

    AcelRx Pharma (ACRX)

    Market Cap $97.5 Million
    Cash: $72 Million
    Price $2.15

    Upcoming Major Milestones

    Zalviso Phase 3 Results in July 2017
    DSUVIA PDUFA Date October 12, 2017
    Zalviso NDA Resubmission in Q4 2017
    DSUVIA CHMP Opinion in 1H 2018 (EU Approval)
    Zalviso FDA approval expected in Q2 2018

    Biotech Catalyst Play: AcelRx Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ:ACRX) ...

    There is one major catalyst set to hit press at some point during July and a subsequent catalyst slated for mid-October. If both come out as positive for the company, there is considerable upside potential on the cards. We are talking the potential to go from a $3 million revenues quarterly company to one targeting markets with a combined $1.5 billion in sales with just two drugs.

    There is what we are watching out for.
    So, the first catalyst, the July catalyst, derives from an ongoing phase 3 study of a drug called Zalviso.

    So that is the first catalyst; for the second one we have to move to the start of the final quarter, specifically, October.

    In parallel to Zalviso, AcelRx is also trying to get a drug called DSUVIA approved in the US. This one is also a pain drug, this time designed for the treatment of moderate-to-severe pain in a medically supervised setting. The company submitted an NDA for the asset at the end of last year and, in February this year, the FDA accepted the submission for consideration. On acceptance, the agency set a PDUFA day of October 12, 2017, meaning it will make a decision as to whether it is willing to approve the drug before or on that date.

    While Zalviso is our near-term catalyst, the DSUVIA decision probably holds more weight from a valuation perspective. Why? Because peak sales for this one are estimated at a little over $1.1 billion in the US alone. If FDA gives a green light for commercialization to the asset, therefore, the company could have a blockbuster drug on its hands. Combine that with the close to $400 million in revenues potential from Zalviso, and AcelRx could very justifiably become a multibillion-dollar biotech company before the end of the decade.

    Biotech Catalyst Play: AcelRx Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ:ACRX)
    We have had some big winners over the last month or so with our Biotech Catalyst series and here is another one to take a look at. The company is AcelRx Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ:ACRX), a junior biotechnology stock-based out of California with a ma
  • Go away Annie
  • wow cant wait till earnings soon another disaster
  • Hi guys and longs. I see the dumb Annie is spreading the lies here again. What a dumb,arrogant bleech.
  • It's me, because I smell good news coming.
  • No BK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - I can't see how this is anything but positive - bankruptcy in a week was my greatest concern with this stock - funding through at least 2019, and I believe much better interest rates - this is a big win so far as I can tell :)
  • Annie is full of bashing baloney and this is why:

    MORRISTOWN, N.J., June 28, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Pernix Therapeutics Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ:PTX) (“Pernix” or the “Company”), announced today that it has been added to the Russell Microcap® index following the annual reconstitution, which took effect after the US market closed on Friday, June 23rd.

    “We are pleased to be included in the Russell Microcap Index,” said John Sedor, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Pernix Therapeutics. “The Russell US Indexes are some of the leading US equity benchmarks for institutional investors. We believe inclusion in the Russell Microcap Index should increase our visibility in the financial marketplace and broaden our shareholder base since Russell indexes are widely used by investment managers and institutional investors for index funds and as benchmarks for active investment strategies.”
  • Pernix Therapeutics Holdings (PTX) Stock: Gaining On Opioid Crackdown!
    CNA Finance
    July 14, 2017

    Below, we'll talk about what's going on with the opioid epidemic, why this is good for PTX, and what we'll be watching for ahead.

    PTX Benefits From Opioid Crackdown

    As mentioned above, Pernix Therapeutics is having a strong start to the trading session this morning as more news breaks with regard to the opioid epidemic in the United States. This time, the Justice Department announced a massive crackdown in which more than 400 people found themselves in some serious trouble for medical fraud.

    Why This Is Great News For Pernix

    At first glance, it may seem as though this news has nothing to do with PTX. However, that notion couldn't be further from reality. The fact of the matter is that Pernix Therapeutics has Zohydro ER. For those of you who haven't been following Zohydro ER is a treatment designed to help manage pain. However, it is not an opioid-based treatment. Instead, PTX focused on creating a treatment that would combat pain without creating an addiction, and that's exactly what they've done. Ultimately, as the opioid epidemic continues to grow in the United States, we're likely to see more and more doctors doing their best to give patients treatments that will not create addiction issues. Because Zohydro ER is one of those treatments, it only makes sense that while the authorities focus on the epidemic, PTX will start to see stronger sales.

    What We'll Be Watching For Ahead

    Moving forward, the CNA Finance team will continue to keep a close eye on PTX. In particular, we're interested in following the story surrounding the opioid epidemic crackdown and seeing how this news relates to stronger Zohydro ER sales. Nonetheless, we'll continue to follow the story closely and bring the news to you as it breaks!
  • Since the company stock was recently added to the Microcap Index, algorithmic robotic buying will be ongoing, forcing the depressed share price upward.
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  • The Obvious: 1y Target Est 30.00
  • If nothing comes tomorrow, I sold with 30% benefit! Thanks PTX
  • The stock price will trade in the $5's next week.
    Pernix Therapeutics Added to Russell Microcap Index

    Pernix Therapeutics Holdings Inc. Joins Russell Microcap Index. Pernix Therapeutics Added to Russell Microcap Index.

    NOTE: The stock tripled in share price during the following eight months.