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  • Vorlon, how far are we from the PVCT mid P3???
  • OMG!!! aq is still on here talking to nobody but himself! WHAT AN IDIOT!
    Your money is GONE CLOWN---get over it. You are making yourself look stupid---
    don't you have any dignity left?
  • POLL QUESTION.....WHAT DAY DO WE..............

    slide under .02 cents again? I guess Thursday......
  • Way anyone with half a brain would put money in this stock is beyond me. The NYSE should just delist this so-called company.
  • OMG!!!! aq is still here!!!! Talking the same stupid stuff!!! HAHAHA. HEY aq ----nobody is going to go to jail -----your money is GONE---don't be bitter --learn from it. Then again I heard you were looking to invest in another Company located on Oak Ridge Highway in Knoxville!!! LMAO. You are the last CLOWN left on this page!!! Thanks for the laughs!
  • AQ- i dont care what people say!!! That was the funnezt post I have read EVER. God i almost #$%$ my self.. thats was to funny i dont care anything thinks , freaking hilarious
  • Anything new happening with this company? Would they be a good long term investment?
  • vor-lon-ey here
  • Need to reload @ 1 cent. Any advice here.
  • .........I NEED VOLUNTEERS.......by Vorlon

    I plan on organizing ...as a shareholder....a shareholder group to provide "comfort" to other shareholders in order to promote awareness to our perils and the psychological trauma that has been inflicted on us and our wallets by the crooks we call mgmt!
    As many of you are aware.....throughout history .....in times of war......man has again and again sought out " comfort" people to relieve their stress and to help ease the pain of the trauma of war! For ex, In world war 2 ...the Japanese provided their fighting men with "comfort" women. This "tactic" proved very valuable as it kept the men's fighting spirits up because they knew at the end of the day ...they were going to have a "comfort" woman waiting for them to drill in the Keister.
    This is exactly what we shareholders need to do to keep our spirits up in the face of a war mgmt has waged on us and our wallets. This will be done with no opinion, recommendation, or approval from PVCT mgt or its BOD. Therefore, what I propose to to get a group of male shareholders together who will agree to serve as "comfort" men to other male shareholders! These volunteers will list their specialties ......taking it in the can, performing fellatio, tossing "salads, giving/receiving "boston pancakes".....etc......and where they live in the country. I in turn....and for a small fee..... will then match those "volunteers" with shareholders seeking 1 or more of these "specialties" in that part of the country. The aim of all this is 2 fold. 1.) those volunteers and shareholders will gain the immense satisfaction of having gotten their "rocks" off, relieved their stress, fired their rockets and reduced the tension and anxiety associated with owning this p0$ stock. I in turn will gain the money you guys pay for these services. And what will I do with this money you ask? This is part 2 of the benefit.....I will give some of this money to the co. to fund the p3 trial.The rest I will use to buy back shares and reduce the float. So you see fellow shareholders ...it's a win-win situation. You guys get to pound each other in the keister while helping the co. move closer towards the end game of making us rich!
    If any would like to help make this herculean task less so...just PM me.
    I suggest we have a hand in our own future.

    Lisa....I volunteer you first....right up your "alley"......lol........
  • My take on yesterdays dog-n-pony show.....

    Was just as i expected......a joke! I arrived and immediately saw a police officer outside the room. It figures and is a smart move because these meatbags have stolen from and screwed over many investors. Once in the room, we got to see all the usual suspects plus Diry bag Dom and that meat lover Vorlon. What a hideous looking creature this buffoon looks like......i would have laughed at him but after looking at him I felt like vomiting. He perched himself next to chief thief Eric and made him very uncomfortable the rest of the show. Eric sounds like a real smudge clown.Bruce looks very familiar as I swear I have seen his puss on America's most wanted....post office wanted signs.....etc.......I don't know what his real name is but I will bet it's NOT Bruce whatever. Dom looks like he just got off the boat from Calcutta.......wonder what his real name is. All that aside, this latest batch of crooks didn't and anything real to add( as expected). That meatbag Vorlon asked a few stupid questions and got vague answers at best. After the show I asked each where they are in the trials as of today.....sites recruiting, patients enrolled and patients actually given the drug.....etc... and got the answers I expected......they would m=not discuss results.......when asked if they actually HAD ANY RESULTS ....they would not discuss that either. When I asked how the expect to get to interim with the money they have....they declined to answer that too! So you see all, this whole meeting was useless.They won't comment publicly about where they are in the trials and where all the money to get to interim is going to come from so I believe they are not even running the trials and have not for 2+ years. If you call the trial sites directly...the will tell you they are not even recruiting/testing or enrolling patients and never have been. These meatballs are going to wait till the money runs out and flee like thieves in the night with the IP in an attempt to reinvent this scam at some future date under some new corporate name. For chriss sake....these guys are CHEMISTS! ....They no NOTHING about drug development! Thats why this whole thing has always been a scam. Ever wonder why you can't get a direct answer from these guys?....because they have none! Never will. And it's amazing how none of the dopes in the room asked them any important questions. The bottom line is ....they have no money and no product and meatbags like the dbag Vorlon are just online trolls trying to pump the stock!
  • PVCT filed the deposition of its forensic accountant in the PVCT v. Dees case...it answers the question that keeps coming up...who approved all the wire transfers? He testified that all three of the other executives (Culpepper, Scott and Wachter) were aware of each approval of the wire transfers in question ($2.5m). He testified that Culpepper didn't have authority to approve wire transfers, only Scott and Wachter did. So Dees would forward requests to Culpepper, and Culpepper would forward requests to Scott and Wachter. Once Scott and Wachter approved by email, the wire would be initiated to Dees accounts.

    And what did Dees purchase with investors money, according to PVCT's expert? Women. Dozens of them are known by name. Of the $3.2m traced by the accountant, $1.5m was checks into cash. The rest of the money went to at least 50 women ($100s of thousands), plastic surgeons ($150k), tips ($350k), car dealers ($105k), and jewelry ($80k). There’s no way the three other execs could bury their heads far enough into the sand. Question is why is it taking the FBI and the SEC so long to prosecute this? The evidence against Dees is staggering. The evidence against the other three is mounting.
  • Show of hands.....Who's going to the meeting today?

    Hi guys, Vorlon here. Dom wants me to go on the board here and get a show of hands as to who will be attending todays meeting. I think he is a little nervous about the reaction he might get. That is one of the reasons why Craig and I would always listen into the CC from the safety of on of the local bars we frequented. Craig was always worried that some investor would put 2 and 2 together .....figure out what we are really doing to them.....and come down and take matters into there own hands. That's why he always had that weasel pecker and Eric give the CC. Craig couldn't give 2 poops if someone came down and carved them into pieces. Craig mainly came to town only to drink, drill me in the keister and occasionally pound out a few ho-ho's!
    Anyway pls, let me know if you are coming. After the dog-n-pony show a select group will be heading back to the office for a fun filled get together. Right now we have Dom, myself, bruce, ed , tim and Eric along with a few of the IV guys attending. It's going to be a really fun evening. We will drink champagne, dance the "jig" and drink each others urine! After that we will have a group bubble bath followed by a rigorous mass fellatio session. Once done with that we will toss each others "salad" ,drill each other in the keister and finally ...top it off with a group "boston pancake" session. Clearly an evening yopu don't want to miss!.....esp considering that bruce and Dom are beasts on the hammer!
  • Wow.....get a look at PVCT new CEO's "work" history............Seems like dirt bag Dom doesn't like to stay "employed" at any one firm too long. Observe:11/12-3/14......Berkshire Bridge Partners llc5/12-1/14....Whiterock Financial1/09-12/09.....Global Alternative Inv. #$%$.6/12-present.....Integress Fin.1/08-6/11......G429/06-12/07....CVG Capital partnersAll these "companies" Dirt bag Dom has been "associated" with are all shell co. no addresses- no offices all Nevada co. My guess is that these are all used to filter out his ill gotten gains thru layering the money thru these co. I mean why would a guy who has "degrees" from Wharton, MIT....etc....be working all these shell co.as an "investment" advisor when he currently holds NO SECURITIES LICENSES! Hmmmmmm. Now we see that this guy has managed to pluck himself down at the helm of this firm and has illegally used a scam financing to gain hold of the co. IP. Wow! ...Anyone not see what is really going on here?....And Bruce Horowitz is no different.....a self proclaimed "lawyer" who does not pratice law or is listed as ever practicing.........interesting!
  • Who is going to the meeting next Tuesday?........

    I don't live very far away so I will mosey on over meet and see what Dirt bag Dom and Cousin Brucie have to say. I hope Vorlon will be there too so I can extend to him a proper :greeting".....are you going to be there meatbag?
  • Hi Guys......Vorlon hereSorry I have been off the board for awhile and have been unable to dazzle you with my brilliance but you see recently I took the Greyhound bus into a town in N.C. and was picked up on an old outstanding morals charge that I totally forgot about. Anyway, I'm out of jail now so I thought I'd update everyone on what's going on behind the scenes at PVCT. Dom, Eric, Tim myself and Bruce have been hard at work thinking up new schemes to get you guys to buy into the next massive raise we intend to launch right after the CC. We all agreed that we are going to "lawyer" up and go hard after the money Craig and pecker owe us. We will split that money amongest ourselves and then launch a massive disinformation campaign aimed at you guys to get you to agree that we need at 1-50 reverse split. Once we do that we will seek to raise 20 million dollars in a secondary .....all of which we intend to split among the 5 of us. After that ...who knows what we'll do....prolly do another raise around x-mas time. I n the meantime....things have been real swell in the office. Dom , Bruce and I have been taking warm bubble baths nearly everyday followed by marathon #$%$ banging sessions and repeated "boston pancake" givings. Bruce and Dom are experts at performing fellatio......a talent they developed in jail no doubt. And Bruce can grab his ankles with the best of them. We all look forward to coming to the office everyday! More of our sessions later guys!
  • Musings....My former relationship with the former CEO....Craig.....was one where I spent hours and hours and hour performing fellatio on him! All that for drinks and change and a chance to be paid for pumping this stock. His shortcomings are well known.....a boozer, a liar, a FAGler and a criminal.....those shortcomings aside....he was a true genius in the art of embezzlement. I learned so much...an amazing much. He would bounce new ideas off me and vice versa. We would discuss new cons, new pumps into the wee hours of the morning.......then I would jump on and service his knob! He even found a solution on how to bypass my hemmoroids......I'LL save that story for another day. But his health and his dumbass personal misjudgements put an end to what he might have added to his legacy. I draw the line at any theft where I personally don't get any of the bounty from said theft. My lack of ethics prevented me from overlooking that oversight! And I lament that this con is coming to an end! But the background he gave me, and the bangings he gave to my buttocks....allow me to continue his work. He was a giant in the field of lying, drinking and embezzling! I hope I can achieve similiar status with my pumps!
    It is my utmost unequivocal belief we have the most amazing ongoing and long-term pump in the history of stock market minipulation. Imagine , for 12 + years we have been conning a bunch of fools into believing that a red industrial dye is a cure for cancer.....LMAO. I can't make this $h*t up. And along the way we have raised hundreds of millions of dollars from these very fools and poured each and every one of those dollars into ours and our enablers pockets. Craig is a genius for devising this plot! It will end up the foundation of every con case study going forward. It is the ultimate of pumps. Those on Wall Street who read me should understand this and use the lessons of our con on their clients going forward. You too will become rich by heeding our advice and learning our lessons! Just remember to fold you con and move your money offshore when the heat comes on you. Craig did just that. Pecker, knows this and knows that the heat is now squarely on him and Eric! That is why they hastely thru Craig under the bus. It remains to be seen who the SEC and the FEDS ultimately hang this con on. My biggest fear is that my role as chief pumper becomes known and that I too become a defendant who in the end gets 10+ years in jail. So fellow shareholders, pray for me that I don't get caught in this dragnet......we have kicked butt with the amount of money stolen in this con. Proof of that is in the total amount of money we have raised and stolen since Craig hatched this plot 12 + years ago!
  • LET'S ALL JUST CALM DOWN OK?..............AND GIVE EACH OTHER................

    The PVCT "HANDSHAKE". And what exactly is the "PVCT HANDSHAKE". you ask?....Why it's simple guys. All you have to do is stand directly behind your fellow PVCT shareholder. Now gently bend that shareholder over , pull his pants down and remove his underwear. Now gently ( or not so gently :-) ) insert all 4 fingers directly and deeply into that shareholders culo while using the thumb to firmly hold onto and grip the backbone directly above the @SShoe. Now start moving your hand up and down as you would do when shaking another person's hand. Keep doing this as gently or as vigorously as necessary until you have satisfied your fellow shareholder and/or your fingers are covered in stool and blood. That my friends is the "PVCT HANDSHAKE" an I practice it often with Larry and my son newtspwets. This has always been mgmt's super secret handshake and was shown and demonstrated on me by Craig when I was initiated into the hallowed PVCT " ring of dishonor". Sometimes , mgmt and I would spend days on end giving each other the "handshake". Lately we have graduated into giving each other "BOSTON PANCAKES" but the "HANDSHAKE" still carries a lot of meaning
  • Why aren't these criminals in jail yet? what can we do to basically put an end to PVCT trading and maybe get back some of our lost money?
  • Halted what's up? Scottrade had this halted, bid shows .90? Ask still lower then that. Anyone also seeing that?