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Penn West Petroleum Ltd. (PWE)

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1.30+0.03 (+2.36%)
At close: 4:02PM EDT

1.30 -0.01 (-0.76%)
After hours: 4:06PM EDT

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  • Poor Greg he lost his money now its President Trumps fault.
    Pathetic Democrat liberal douche .
  • MarketDatabull: Matthew DiLallo at Motley Fool appears to support your opinion that PWE can grow double digit with only 80% of capex at $40 oil. He feels that over the next several quarters PWE will start to grow a profit with very substantial resources to draw from for several years. It appears that you are going to make a hugh profit over the next few years. Good for you.
  • Think we may be reaching a bottom here. Possibility of a buyout coming? Pure conjecture obviously, but its interesting that we are not getting as knocked down as some other E&Ps.
  • Yes put me on mute don't listen to me listen to marketdatabull the man who has not made a dime in pwe for almost 3 years now.
    databull could you have picked a worse stock 3 years ago? 3 years of wasted time and money.
    Using a fraction of the money you have in pwe I made more money in the cannabis stocks than you will ever make in pwe
    keep pumping chump ILMAO
  • Its not about investor sentiment its all about how much oil is available due to fracking.
    America's natural gas reserves will make us the world leader in Nat/Gas exporting world wide.
    The regulations will be eliminated and the U.S. energy machine will explode producing more at even lower prices.
    This will be a danger to pwe.
  • Lower costs of production = lower oil prices.
    Just as the President wants.
    Lower oil gives the U.S. economy an advantage.

    Oil and pwe are due for a rally but it is a rally in a bear market.
    Look for the Co. to sell the business before low prices do them in.
  • Oil unable to get above 43.00 never mind 45.00
    Looks weak to me. I would have thought bargain hunters and traders would buy pwe for a rally off the 1.20 area but the volume is not there.
    Oil remains in a steep bear market.
    PWE is under pressure as well. I see the down trend for pwe at 1.61. If it gets above that I will change my position. Till then I remain "strong sell".
  • The market now expects oil to go to the 30.'s
    It has become the sentiment.
  • databull I have a new I.D. for you:"clueless "
    You can be clueless #1 and the rest of the underwater bozos can be clueless2,3,4, etc
  • PWE has too many shares out , period end of story ..... They WILL RS .... just a matter of time , it's all the rage in the oil patch nowdays ..... best to just wait for the RS , let it tank 50% after , THEN BUY ..... wiping out "old money" is a very lucrative option for these companies , and they are doing it "because they can"
  • PWE has it's oil and gas hedged so this drop [n price isn't catastrophic for them like it is for PGH. GLTALs
  • 43 handle this morning don't ya love it when a plan comes together ?
    30 handle soon 1.00 pwe
    You should have listened to clever.
  • marketdatabull is leaving he is going back to Russia. Since he is Russian let me translate what he said to orthodoc
    I'm leaving I have lost 400,000 in KOOL and now have watched my pwe decline to a losing position. I'm not man enough to admit I screwed up so I'll just walk away using a pathetic excuse for my departure.

    marketdatabull dont let the door to America hit you in the )o( on the way out.
  • Looks like the Saudi IPO for 1st QTR 2018 is dead in the water at current oil prices.
  • 2.00 till 30 handle oil
    .20 till 1.00 pwe
  • All kidding aside 30 handle oil is coning it will be here for a long time.This is probably why the board of pwe is looking to sell the Co.
    marketdatabull your 800,000 shares will be 160,000 after the 1 for 5 reverse split.
  • If pwe and oil do not get a rally off this area both are weaker than I thought.
  • Ya baby its 9.50 am and we have a 42 handle. Short and loving it.
  • marketdatabull
    yahoo reader
    Just a few of the names who are underwater some for years and years.
    Careful who's advice you take in the market.
    submarine crew
  • You PUMPTARTS remember at 54.00 oil I posted it was going to 30 handle.
    I also posted at 2.00 pwe was going to 1.00
    Now do you see why YOU SHOULD LISTEN TO CLEVER !!