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    For any potential investors looking here the amount of trash is incredible. Some notes:
    1. Pyro is in final qualification for the lowest cost production of aerospace-grade 3D powders. Literally the best technology in the world in a growing industry is in the very last stage.
    2. Almost zero debt, ~25million cash on hand, consistently increasing revenues.
    3. The investment in HPQ alone could outdo all Pyros other tech. Should Tesla fail in polymer-coated Cilicia anodes HPQ is the only player that currently has the proven tech for silicon batteries. (Sub-150 nanometer particles) If Tesla succeeds the impact will be smaller but significant. Fumed silica is a huge market and I don’t know much about it, but the QRR hits initial commercialization in Q4 2021 and fumed silica commercializes July 2022.
    4. Despite all the smack talk a CEO owning about 50% of the company is almost always an ideal sign.
    5. Pyro doesn’t have a lot of sales yet, but comparing market cap to sales kind of ignores the fact that stocks are forward looking. Is the best AM tech ever not potentially worth more money in the future? This is why P/E and P/S ratios exist, but even these must be contextually analyzed based on the company’s potential.

    For awareness I have a lot of faith Pyro and have a sizable holding; 5% of my net worth. Everything I stated is accurate within economics and the market unlike many of the bashing stated here. Huge risk exists if powder qualification fails and short term I totally expect the stock to dip more. The issue is if a major torch sale were to happen, and it could potentially happen at any time (more recently evidenced by Pyros torch assembly job postings today), then the stock will increase rapidly.
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    MONTREAL, Sept. 04, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- PyroGenesis Canada Inc. (http://pyrogenesis.com) (TSX-V: PYR) (OTCQB: PYRNF) (FRA: 8PY), a high-tech company, (the "Company", the “Corporation” or "PyroGenesis") that designs, develops, manufactures and commercializes plasma atomized metal powder, plasma waste-to-energy systems and plasma torch products, is pleased to announce that, further to its press release dated July 9th, 2020, it has signed an $11.5MM contract (the “Contract”) to provide PyroGenesis’ waste destruction systems (the “Systems”). This Contract is for two Systems, one for each ship in the US Navy’s two-ship build.

    This Contract includes a first payment (“Down Payment”) of approx. $4.8MM. This project should be completed within 18 months. With this additional Contract in hand, the resulting backlog is expected to be approx. $40MM.

    The Systems are expected to be built within the next 18 months, and are to be installed on the next Gerald R. Ford-class US aircraft carriers; the USS Enterprise (CVN-80) and the USS Doris Miller (CVN-81).

    nm found it
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    Set Limit sells over 35$. Lets put our own walls up that the shorts can trip over lol
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    Is this a good entry point?
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    I'm a little confused by some of the footnotes. Number 4, 6 and 9. Can you record unbilled receivables? And re 6 and 9 i think it means they decided to value hpq strategic investment based on their personal assessment of its value rather than share price and or they are taking 26M of it off the table without reporting a loss and will "recognize" it as it achieves that value? I'm asking...it was at peaj value March 31 and is half that now so I'm wondering the impact on the next statement. https://m.marketscreener.com/quote/stock/PYROGENESIS-CANADA-INC-8444757/news/PyroGenesis-Canada-CONDENSED-INTERIM-FINANCIAL-STATEMENTS-Form-6-K-33277752/
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    If you truly trust your DD and have trust in our CEO...then you know deep down the value of your shares are increasing everyday, despite the market. PP sells until Aug 6th. I am stocking powder for Aug 1
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    A "Huge" funding announcement is being announced today for Arcellor Mittal today in Hamilton ON. No idea what it will be but hopefully Carbon reduction related.
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    From another user on Agoracom

    The last couple of months I see the stockprice in general only coming down and down...!!!

    It makes me wonder if there is any news soon regarding the Drosrite joint venture. At March 31 it was announced that I would be within the next several weeks. We are now 4 months further in time and still no news about this. Can you let in light upon this business when we could have additional news.

    From another board I saw this message:"everything that's imminent or weeks away or moved directly to equipment negotiations has never turned out to be true. That's the loss of sentiment"

    I feel the sentiment on the other boards is changing..!!! People are losing faith and or patience.

    I know you are a busy man but would you be able to give a reaction on the above mentioned items.
  • l
    Gabriel and all his responders, I hear ya and I mostly agree with you all. Contracts are a must and they are few and far between as we all know. Granted these gizmos are million$ per copy so nobody is just scooping them up but there's no followup to initial orders, excepting the Navy, so can't blame sellers who take profits when they're there to be had.
    FWIW, I go back maybe 20 years in the AM business when it wasn't even a business - more like a hobby for engineers coming out with new things and they needed prototype parts to help put together one-of-a-kinds to experiment with. Back then on the old Vancouver Exchange there was a startup, 3D Systems, DDD, who developed a fascinating device consisting of a single laser, a vat of special liquid polymer, a platform that held the part as the laser burned a layer of the part then descended one layer so the next layer could be created by the laser thus building one layer at a time - all this controlled by DDD's software which initially scanned the CAD drawing of the part thus controlling the part's creation. One laser was too slow so pretty soon 2 lasers were used. Get the idea.
    I was absolutely fascinated by what DDD was doing and so was the market as I think the PPS was in the 20s and 30s. I NEVER bought just watched. Then I lost track of DDD until years later when someone put me onto ARCAM, a Swedish company whose only business was using PYR's plasma arc tech for dental implants, jet engine blades, etc. This time I did buy as the $20 entry fee went to $100 split 2 for 1 and doubled off the split price. GE who was buying the engine blades eventually bought ARCAM. I was really hooked on plasma arc tech and rolled the proceeds of my ARCAM winnings into PYR and kept buying for several years thereafter. My average cost for maybe 50k shares was way under .50. I just couldn't stop buying as every time PYR came out with a new carrot/use of their tech, I'd research the possibilities for the new use and buy more.
    So I had, for me, a monstrous LTCG but for years I recognized that all the potential waves of orders were just ripples. So this year I've sold maybe half my holdings mostly in the $5 -$7 range for 2 reasons: 1- I had too big of a profitable stake in this, to date, pipedream and 2 - pretty much disillusionment with the way things have or have not worked out.
    To wrap it up, I still hold maybe half on the belief that PYR could still garner a big pelletization order but it's been many months in the birthing so I'm leery but still hopeful if only because of the new building.

    FWIW, I used some of the sale money to load up on HPQ as I'm also into alternative energy stocks.

    GLTA on all these dream stocks.
  • Z
    Sometimes u just believe…. I belive and i keep
    Buying 1000 shares every day
    For the last 10 days.
    Sold grn when bought at 1.1$
    I have firepowwer for 5 more days if atill trending down. before real news!!!
    Aftet that: i close my computer ns set an alert at 7.5$
    Wait and pray
    But the company is solid!!!
    No debt
    New acquaiitions
    Just be patient
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    This i got from the CEO.ca forum

    The stock price immediately went on a sustained 2.5 month run between May 1 and mid July on expectations of contracts from that NR, plus a series of subsequent NRs, all coming out the following few weeks, stating additional clients, more modelling phases, “entering negotiations for supply of equipment”, and “active purchase discussions”. The stock hit a $6.09 high on July 27.

    Subsequently, with no contracts appearing, the stock trended down.

    Between the July 27 high and Sept 25, it fell to a low of $3.42, then $3.30 by Nov 12, then $3.03 Dec 17, rising a bit to hover in the $3.50-$3.60 range into 2021. It would have stayed there, but, ARK opened their position in PYR on Jan 15 2021 and the SP immediately started to rise, running from $3.74 to almost $12 in the following 4 weeks, peaking at $11.88 on Feb 19. With nothing to hold it up, and no contracts, it dropped again.

    News from all other lines of business has only ever created intraday bumps that didn't hold. The $11.5MM Navy deal didn't move the needle, because it's a once every five years kinda order. Same as dross systems, they are mostly one-offs here and there. That's all well and good, but those alone would never justify a $5 share price.

    The current SP and MC is because of pellet torch potential, and to a greater extent because of what's left of the ARK catalyzed rise in February. Only the potential for multiple and recurring orders for pellet torches (and obviously AM Powder once that actually gets commercialized in a few years) can move this to higher plateaus.
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    Most Undervalued stock on the nasdaq
  • E
    Pistol Pete after dumping his shares to buy a second Lamborghini, costing share holders hundreds of millions of dollars in the process.
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    Last time peter gave good new, just before market close. He likes burning shorts :)

    PYR has environmental friendly solutions for multiple sector.
    - waste management for cruise ships,
    - co2 free aluminum recycling with even higher efficiency.
    - co2 free iron ore parallelization.
    - co2 silicon production with HPQ
    We just need to be patient, but less patient than other stocks, because there are multiple sectors which can boost this stock.

    There are many stocks went like that for long time then suddenly rocketed. Probably this one will rocket suddenly too.
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    From Simply Wall St:

    The Impact Of Unusual Items On Profit
    ...PyroGenesis Canada's profit was boosted by unusual items over the past 12 months. As a result, we can surmise that the unusual items are making its statutory profit significantly stronger than it would otherwise be.

    Our Take On PyroGenesis Canada's Profit Performance
    PyroGenesis Canada didn't back up its earnings with free cashflow, but this isn't too surprising given profits were inflated by unusual items. The dilution (of shares-13% in 2020) means the results are weaker when viewed from a per-share perspective. For all the reasons mentioned above, we think that, at a glance, PyroGenesis Canada's statutory profits could be considered to be low quality, because they are likely to give investors an overly positive impression of the company.
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    14 % in ONE day ! PYR is Back !
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    3.75$ price target and my reasoning is... no news, Peter is unloading, his last Q&A was a fail.

    Maybe agoracom will post old news again making it seem like it's new news. LOL
  • g
    I bought 1000 shares when it was $12 because I was told it would go to $50 by the spring. I’m down a lot now, do we know if there are any class action lawsuits available for misleading the public?
  • m
    It's entirely possible that pyr market cap goes below 175 million seeing as they hardly make a fraction of that in revenue. When that share price slips below $1 usd we might witness the fasted delist in Nasdaq history... I would love to see Peter's face when that happens!