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QUALCOMM Incorporated (QCOM)

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55.43-1.13 (-2.00%)
At close: 4:00PM EDT
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  • Qualcomm got sued in China and Korea and lost. Their illegal business model is coming to an end. The insiders know this and unloading their shares!
  • Curious as to why if Mgmt is so positive of winning legal battles so many insiders are unloading their stock (see SEC REPORTS). How long are we going to let inept mgmt burn through shareholder value in mostly legal battles?
  • please clarify for me. a company spends billions on R&D, takes years to develope, then patents, gets approved and then creates an entire industry. the world gets to enjoy this tremendous leap never before seen. shortly thereafter is supposed to enable others to become their competition, share the wealth of their accomplishments. If they don't gatiously endorse their own demise are accused of unfair competition. Thus creating billion of dollars in liability to the same companies who watched and profited but did nothing to participate in the innovation. in the end must defend themselves to no end as the investors who live and die supporting this company watch in disbelief that this is a realty. I guess its not what you know its who you know. THIS is the SWAMP that needs DRAINING.
  • apple has been abiding to the terms of their agreement with Qcom for a decade. only now when they smell blood, due to china renegotiating, do they object. legal footing has already established that their deal was in mutual agreement merely by the fact there was no objection and payme,ts were always made as both giants until recent deal with China. THAT opened the flood gates for eveyone else. it was extorsion from China that opened up apples .and to pull the same stunt.
  • EU fined Googl 2.7B.. I think Googl should have the same PE as QCOM.
  • Anyone know when we should get some news from the legal case. Think this shoots over $70 as soon as it's clear Apple is going to have to pay up.
  • Liked Qcom's statement regarding apple. I think people who do not have the stomach for the battle should sell. Folding to Apple is not an option. It would put all other contracts in the courtroom. Everyone is on the sideline waiting to see if Apple breaks them. Why don't you see it is a slippery slope once you cave. It is better for shareholders to fight. If they win attorney fees will be built in.
  • This thing ever gets a break how does QCOM board sit and let these suits hang over the stock how many more shareholders have to jump the ship..markets are at all time high can't have money sitting on this thing
  • I think Apple is just scamming. Stealing is always cheaper than innovating and they haven't done the latter since Jobs left.
  • Stock drops 2 percent on half the normal volume.. Total price manipulation involving a ruling that was expected..
  • Apple is saying this morning that, 'QCOM chips were essential to Apple's products.' (As I said without QCOM chips APPL would be less of a company. Apple then goes on to say that 'it was coerced into paying licensing fees.' Really? What a croc of s---. Poor little APPL getting coerced. Totally not believable.
  • Personally, as a stockholder, Iwould prefer they settle this mess and get on with making innovative products. Can't help but wonder how much all these legal fees, bad news etc have destroyed stockholder value. Not interested in winning #$%$ match with Apple but in returning value to stockholders-so far we are the ones paying the price as mgmt keeps getting salaries and stock options.
  • apple is stealing all they can because they DO NOT INNOVATE ANYTHING ANYMORE. they are increasing their price to the sky but will never shave their price point even if they were to save costs in production. think about all the costs they are keeping vs paying out. ts all to divert the attention as they raise their price even higher. now THAT is a crime!!#
  • up to today , qcom keeps dropping everyday ..sell or hold any advices?
  • still holding ? anyone else is holding ?
  • this stock as all others are Manipulated. when the powers want it to go up it will...also apple is guilty of price gauging and has some set of B@\\$ to do this to Win. if you remove Qcom tech from the iphone it becomes an IPOD...How much extra do they make on an iphone vs an ipod??? that's y they need to pay up. they are squeezing all suppliers until they can manufacture every part themselves and cut out everyone. do they plan to lower their price to public if they get a reduction???? never!!! isn't apple guilty of racketeering if they are the originator in a scheme to steal(not paying for) product and technology???????
  • reading another article. .
    they said should not sell Qcom yet ..hold it for now
  • AAPL should buy QCOM and put out the fastest phone they can. If they don't, slow iPhones will quickly be replaced by other companies.
  • APP now seeks to invalidate QCOM patents. As was my belief from the beginning, APP is out to destroy QCOM.
  • 57 is a very conservative value. no worries. Every bad news is priced in.