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360 DigiTech, Inc. (QFIN)

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    QFIN back to #3 spot on IBD top 50 leaderboard list.
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    Miguel Ángel
    Anyone can explain this stock? It’s like a rollercoaster... It goes up and down for no reason. I’ve reviewed the numbers and it looks good, but i don’t understand its movements....
  • j
    price being hurt by potential new tightening in China on lending businesses, esp. hurting smaller lenders. didn't anyone read the WSJ today??
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    Net income per fully diluted ADS was RMB7.72 (US$1.18). Non-GAAP net income per fully diluted ADS was RMB8.40 (US$1.29). Expected was USD 1,06, so it looks like a pretty strong beat, but just a little off the even stronger growth curve of the previous quarter. Still, an incredible growth story, and I'm using that word deliberately. On a per year basis it's all big percentages better, margin around 40%, loan volume x4, 162 million registered users, etc. etc. All amazing and grand.

    Which makes you wonder why the company is worth only 4 billion????
  • O
    the app of QFIN is actually really popular in china. It ranked the top 20 in the apple App Store. So it's actually legit. Not like tiger broker where the app doesn't even make it to top 200. You know it's real when it makes it to App Store because you can't force Apple to fake app download popularity for you. You can check that by changing the country in the App Store setting to china and see for yourself
  • H
    PE at 4? Unbelievable :)
  • M
    report is out Tell me if anybody can figure it out?
  • C
    i bought at 21 should i hold or sell ? 41% up....
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    $FINV conversation
    As I say below, Xi Jing Ping will sign on the Chinese stimulus package that is equivalent to 40% of their GDP. The more money in the market, companies like $FINV and $QFIN will benefit the most. This is obvious another double digit growth year/quarters. Long~~~
  • s
    Lookin 🔥 pre market
  • G
    I think we got a winner here!
  • M
    Just sold one/ half of my position at $32 this evening after the close. Cant take that chance of a serious hair cut Monday. Still long but holding any positions into earnings at this day and time makes me nervous.. Good luck to all longs on Monday!
  • s
    Citigroup price target upgraded to $43 from $38
  • M
    The forward PE was sub 7, guess its more like 5 or 6 now, more than enough for a double or triple in just the coming months. Some will start to notice something big here. Well, we'll find out tomorrow, I wouldn't be surprised if it is 10% or more up. Futu may join the party tomorrow upon earnings release.
  • E
    I'm liking that 374% increase in income from operations!
  • M
    Beautiful thing for us long's who's holding into earnings?
  • M
    QFIN #3 spot on the Ibd top 50 for the first time.. 😎
  • c
    The report comes out at 9pm eastern tume
  • J
    $QFIN and $FINV have monstrous growth with P/B and PER unbelievably low, indicating that these two companies are heavily undervalued. QFIN has its forward PER at 6 and FINV has its forward PER at 5.66 while having the double digit sales growth %. No brainer by the time the market realize these two jewels, the share price will 2x 3x of the current share price. It is time to accumulate on every dips and enjoy the earnings report!
  • M
    This stock is just blazing hot, just the beginning.
    Basically they have 1.2 billion USD in cash& equivalents in Q4. Share price ready to explode IMO to well over 100, better than FUTU.

    Read the earnings call transcript, made the rmb to usd conversions, so all my numbers in usd
    No guarantee that any of this is right, just my read

    Q4 201M$ rev. non-GAAP profit on 514M$ inc.
    (they use rev/income as income/earnings in Yahoo finance terminology, or is it just the translation, not sure)
    YEAR 2020 585M$ non-GAAP profit on 2.1B$ inc.

    So yeah, the fourth quarter was just stellar, taking away about the third of the year profit.

    Key positives:
    - technology driven (AI) quality improvement
    - squeezed more profit out of partners ('optimizing income' they call that)
    - profits are going to expansion and technology, AND to an insurance arm they already have now, this is big as it appears to not generating much yet.
    - expanding credit card business used all over in Mac Donalds, KFC etc. ... 620K merchants, 4 Million transactions a day!
    - expanding cooperation platforms with JD, China Telecom, China Unicom
    - SME loans, and SaaS cooperations, online customer acquisition, risk management are the focus now
    - existing coops with 39 institutions, 22 more in the pipeline right now
    - Fintech regulatory effect small or even positive
    - HUGE CASH POSITION in Q4 667M$, and cash and cash equivalents together 1.2BILLION USD
    - HK LISTING coming but still in the early phase, read, probably not for this year,

    - slower growth expected 26-34% range as they move from cap heavy to cap light
    - Supreme court allowed early load repayment, small effect (on 12% of consumer loans)
    - delinquency rate was 5.1 and declining, doesn't affect them much though
    - dividends not really on the horizon, despite the cash position; very much in super expansion mode