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  • L
    Will a crisis come to the NASDAQ?

    There is no evidence to predict that a crisis will come just by saying "it's too high".

    In fact, if you think strictly, the biggest crisis has already come.

    The'corona' that hit the world earlier this year is an unprecedented crisis in the century.

    The aftermath continues to this day and is highly likely to continue in the future.

    Crisis is originally to be with and coexist with human society

    The real problem is not the existence of the crisis itself, but'how to overcome and adapt to the crisis'

    As always, human society will surely overcome the corona crisis.

    And the financial crisis that came in 2008 is kind of like putting a fat pig on a cutting board.

    It is completely different from the IT bubble situation of the early 2000s, but it is also completely different from the financial crisis of 2008.

    As of now, we are the situation and process of overcoming the global crisis as one mind.

    And, as a kind of'inevitable flow', a huge amount of money flowed into the stock market.

    This kind of flow usually does not end in a short period of time and lasts forever

    With this opportunity, people's financial intelligence will be much higher than now.

    And the result of it is likely to lead to the effect of transforming the world into a world richer and richer than it is now.


    Apple and Tesla are the most dominant stocks currently leading the financial market.

    Tesla is promising, not simply because it is an outstanding electric vehicle company or energy company.

    Rather, globally, global warming is becoming a serious threat to us day by day, causing abnormal climates around the world, and as more and more conscious people are aware of these threats, electric vehicles and clean energy businesses Fields such as these will become increasingly promising.

    And because Tesla is preempting and pioneering such a field, it is gaining an advantage in the market, which is likely to lead to the growth and development of the stock market in the end.
  • J
    Elections come & election go; but the future of 5G-AI-Computer Learning-Internet of Everything-Robotics is at the precipice of monumental change that will equal or exceed the socio-economic changes brought to the planet by the industrial revolution. QQQ puts you on the edge of that wave! The ocean of change will have ups & downs socio-economically & financially, certainly; however this planet wide paradigm shift can not denied. This to me is an extreme & financially compelling reason to stay long / increase my position in QQQ...
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    ★ The outlook for NASDAQ is bright ★

    Basically, the stock price has a characteristic that converges on the growth potential of the business.

    When the growth of the business falls, the stock price falls,

    Conversely, if the business's growth potential improves, the stock price rises.

    In that respect, the current movement of Nasdaq companies is unusual.

    Tesla is preparing for the unprecedented popularization of electric vehicles and autonomous driving.

    Other Apple, Microsoft, Google, etc. also keep pace with this important trend.

    We will develop and launch products/services that embody their strengths.

    What if the mobile computer concept became widespread in reality?

    What if I could receive the product I wanted within a few hours with drone delivery?

    What if I could do everything like work and life with just one smartphone?

    The impact of that change will be indescribable.

    The surprising fact is that all of the above is not a dream, but is actually going on in reality, even at this moment.

    And that point could also come a lot faster than we think, not sometime in decades.

    Consider the first launch of a smartphone.

    When the smartphone was first released, the world changed at a tremendously fast pace,

    Ten years ago and now, there has been an incomparable change.

    Wouldn't that change be much faster and bigger in the next decade?

    We are living in an era of technological change unprecedented in history,

    This gives us unimaginable possibilities and opportunities.
  • M
    $450 by December
  • v
    shorts are losing their shirts and this will fly back to 305
  • L
    Nasdaq's bullish rally won't stop easily

    Even at this point, many say the NASDAQ is'overvalued' or'it's a bubble'

    For example, scholars and (self-proclaimed) stock experts say so in the media

    But if you listen closely to their arguments,

    There is no compelling or valid basis other than just claiming that'the price is too expensive'

    If you knew if the price was cheap or expensive in the first place,

    I must have already become a big rich man

    At this point, no one knows whether the price is cheap or expensive.

    But why do you talk about it or evaluate it?

    On what basis do you say it was overrated, it's a bubble?

    Let's not fall into the trap of consequentialism anymore

    I hope we will stop making such a stereotypical argument.

    This is because it does not help make investment decisions, it only adds to the confusion.

    And it is not very good for the growth and development of a healthy stock market.

    If you come up with cynical, negative, and gloomy prospects,

    Could it be that it could seem more intelligent?


    Currently, NASDAQ tech companies are preparing for and pushing for huge change.

    Such a change will surely change our lives and the lives of people around the world in better ways.

    These changes are difficult to realize in a day or two,

    If you look at such a long time in 100 or 1000 years, you can clearly see it.

    Compared to 100 years ago, we have become much more peaceful, much more humane,

    Enjoyed much greater abundance

    Poverty and disease continue to decline,

    Recovery and healing are also getting faster

    Of course, it is not without difficulties or crises even now.

    But it is self-evident that the whole world continues to improve.
  • L
    Is the NASDAQ a bubble?

    Some say

    "Nasdaq is a bubble"

    "Nasdaq was too overvalued"

    "I don't know when the NASDAQ bubble will go out"

    "I don't know if the NASDAQ is worth it for the price"

    To those who ask these questions, I would like to ask one simple but key question.

    "If you could have known whether the price was expensive or cheap, you wouldn't have been rich a while ago."


    The more we look at the opinion that the Nasdaq is a bubble, the more we find that it is not very reliable.

    Rather, on the contrary, the Nasdaq is so undervalued compared to its actual value.

    Even if Nasdaq's big tech stocks get the right appraisal, I guess the stock price will go up much more than now

    This, in simple terms, is similar to an athlete's rationale.

    In sports, players like Michael Jordan continue to excel

    Conversely, it is unlikely that an ordinary player will suddenly surpass Michael Jordan one day.

    If you're lucky, you might be able to score better than Michael Jordan once or twice, but it will be difficult to keep going.

    Nevertheless, people keep making wrong guesses.

    'Michael Jordan is so overrated'

    'Michael Jordan will suddenly lose his skill.'

    'I don't know if you really have that skill compared to Michael Jordan's fame'


    Do you see this as a reasonable guess?

    Michael Jordan's excellent skills and skills can be seen right away, even if you are not familiar with basketball.

    Basically, it would be more appropriate to assume that a superior player, not an ordinary player, is more likely to continue to show excellent skills in the future.

    Just like kissing a frog doesn't make everyone a prince.

    (Generally, it is extremely unlikely that a frog will become a prince)

    In terms of'crisis', it is also possible to infer

    In the event of a crisis, people say the NASDAQ bubble will soon extinguish

    However, the current Nasdaq is completely different from the Nasdaq in the early 2000s.

    In the present situation, in the event of a crisis, it is more likely that ordinary companies other than Nasdaq will be hit harder.

    In that respect, the NASDAQ is not vulnerable
  • Y
    Easy mo way. Time to buy now.
  • m
    PE on this is near 40 which is about as high as the DC bubble in 2000. Yes that already takes into account the higher Earnings and Price today, the P & E in PE.
  • L
    For the NASDAQ to crash

    You'll need more than just encouraging fear

    This is because the current NASDAQ technologists are in a state of having a strong foundation and position.

    At this point, Apple is exploring the wider Indian market in search of new food.

    In addition, many Nasdaq companies are about to launch a number of innovative products and services.

    Will the demand suppressed by the corona rise explosively in line with innovation?

    Crisis, decline, etc. can be at any time

    But compared to those small possibilities that may exist at any time

    The big steps that NASDAQ technologists will do in the future

    Wouldn't it be much more likely to bring us good news?

    At this point, we may be able to reflect on Alfred Sloane's words.

    "I see no reason why 1931 should not be an extremely good year."

    I think 2021 will be a better (extremely good) year than ever

    Also, I hope so

    As a conservative investor, I also see a lot of negative prospects running around the news, the internet, etc.

    However, the more I face such prospects, the more I can't help but remember Sloane's words.

    Most of the negative outlooks don't have very good grounds.

    Let's make the world we live in a better place
  • p
    Awesome close. GL longs
  • J
    Interest rates to stay low, with Q coming, you look at numerous stocks and PE above 20, 25, due to Q, why would you not expect assets to inflate? Why would PE not go up?
  • H
    This will tumble in the next week.
  • b
    They are creating a reading range here nothing more, all the noise is just to get everyone participating
  • J
    I ran 10 to power 9 fractal weighted simulations and almost every one of them said the Nasdaq will go below 9000 on this current leg down. the bullish case is a bounce at 8800 or so. The bearish case is the megaphone spondulex gargablaster which is so low you will be jumping off tall buildings if you are long. It looks pretty certain trump loses in any event.
  • J
    So many great deals away from tech
  • C
    The is market may well tank (even before the election) just for the simple fact that we have Democrats in the election. You can thank Joeseeeeeph Biden Jr. and Kamel a harris for the drop. Tech is overvalued anyway but the drop will be more dramatic thanks to Joe Bid-en Jr.

    Trump 2020!!
  • V
    Biggest problem with technology is people don't realize that peak usage reaching quickly as well.

    While you can excite with Total Addressable market, If you think Some one will spend $100/month for subscription specially in developing world where they hardly making couple $100 think again. There are enough free and low cost alternative out there and so they won't use that.

    I strongly believed that Subscription and high cost products growth driven not just by demand but paid by investor schemes accross board. I don't have any proof but I can't really explain how $ZM get so many customer even when there are 10 other totally free alternative including it's own free plan and who ever using Zoom are financially challenged due to covid 19.

    I understand 50% growth but 200% there is something fishy.

    Now paid by investor scheme can continue for years if they able to get those much stock price appreciation but Point where it start failing when Company start loosing legimate customers and company like $ZM it's inevitable as economy remain weak.
  • B
    moved too fast from 164 in March bottom straight to 302..I'll be back in #190
  • R
    All I know is that this has an average return of nearly 20% a year. Even if you held the worst years and didn’t sell you still did 8 to 9%. Tech is where it’s always happening. This XLK and a good Cloud etf is all you need. Yes I put stop losses on hem. Picked up little more of this today but have a feeling may be too high.