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QuantumScape Corporation (QS)

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42.57-1.33 (-3.03%)
As of 9:59AM EST. Market open.
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  • n
    It's hope vs fear. Your choice.
  • M
    Im a believer in QS loading up every chance I get.just brought 300 more shares today
  • M
    Mike T
    My thought is inflation will not go up. Even economy go back to normal, people will still be slow to buy things or eat out. Covid is still in the minds of people. Restaurants will not be full. Online buying will slow down while foot traffic to malls will go up. Gasoline and oil prices probably starting moving up but stabilize when OPEC produce more oil. Stock market should resume upward again. Greed to make money will drive the stock market higher. World stimulus spending and on infrastructure spending will drive higher economic activities around the world. Add to the fact DDR memory standards about to come this year. Plus’s 5G wireless buildout. Plus new higher WIFI tech coming in June 2021. All these things will help propel stocks higher. This means it will be great to buy once the markets drop to lowest point. How low it drops is the hard questions? We have to just average down and hold tight for huge gains again.
  • S
    Baird $52 PT today. I bought this at $58 few days back. EV battery stocks will be hot throughout 2021. Top of this pile is QS🙏👌
  • T
    Class actions are usually a way for the lawyers to make money while shareholders get the leftovers. But there's some pretty damning accusations out there. I know it's "in litigation", but it would be nice to hear "someone" present data that shows the product is viable and is not just snake oil -- which is what the class actions are claiming.
  • A
    My QS investors don’t panic. QS is going to make you a lot of money
    Your on the ground level of something VERY BIG
    Keep buying at these low prices
  • s
    $SLS conversation
    and Short SPAMMERS are desperately bashing on that board
    Anyone Know why a Market slumps should affect niche Micro Cap bios with Major pay days coming soon?
    $SLS $XBI $SGMO $CNCR $QS $LIT $FATE $NKTX $GME all in my list
    What will happen when Sellas life Sciences announces positive net income NEXT WEEK?
    Sls had been at the mercy of short funds for the last two years on cash and dilution concerns, in December closed a $202m license and has already received almost $20M + the $35M on hand and only $4m monthly burn
  • M
    Mike T
    I bought 250 shares more today $43.50. I will now wait for $30 to $25. I don’t believe we have crash for tech stocks because there is high growth coming for the tech sector due to three new standards coming which is DDR 5 memory, 5G wireless, new higher bandwidth on WIFI coming by this year. Also, interest rates must remain low for couple of more years as people need to save money after this pandemic is over.
  • w
    Be calm.
    Big corporations control people mind. If you know qs is good quality solid corporations. Stay in long term.
    Market just over reacted.
    Smart people will be calm. And leave and stay there.
  • J
    Joe Smoe
    $130 per share down to $40 level If it pass $40 support level then we see $10 unbelievable !
  • J
    There’s a larger correction under foot and I’m trying to be patient to not catch a falling knife, but my notification alarms keep going off that normally would cause me to increase my position.

    Any guesses at the floor?
  • O
    🤔 Bill Gates says $QS Not ready to offer product till AFTER 2023 - And yet RMO is CURRENTLY DELIVERING PRODUCT 🤑. Well, here’s what I read in the link // On Feb. 16, the Bill Gates- and Volkswagen-backed startup revealed it can produce multilayered battery cells. Its four-layer battery is still short of the 12 or so needed to be commercially viable. But the company is confident enough in its ability to make progress that it decided to build a "pre-pilot" production facility to make "enough batteries for hundreds of long-range battery electric test vehicles per year" by 2023. 🚨
  • n
    Folks, this is the only credible game in town for the future of battery technology.
    The risk is worth taking.
    So I'm here for the long term and holding.
  • M
    Mike T
    Nasdaq down 300 points. Just have money ready to buy if QS drops more. Average down is key. QS will announced progress on 8 to 10 layers within the next few months. $25 would be ideal price. I bought at $58 and $51. Now waiting to average down. QS is one stock you want to buy and hold couple of years longer. If Tesla can go up to $4,000 without a solid state battery then QS should be able to go up to $2,000 when they start production of battery packs for the EV market. Imagine if they announced small batteries for the consumer electronics market like laptops or cell phones? No more fired or cell phones? Airlines might require solid state batteries for travelers on flying airlines in the future. You never know for safety reasons.
  • B
    people in this chat should sign up to the company's newsletters. if you invested in this company because you believe in it for the long term then why worry? the whole market is taking a hit. I hope you did not invest thi king you would get rich over night. because you won't . that ride is over. if you invested and took profits good for you. I did as well. but I am still in it for the long run because I believe in the comoany
  • G
    Fisker loses lawsuit to QS, announces cessation of solid state research. Guess what part of the settlement was not reported? Perhaps Fisker will instead buy its batteries from QS? That would make 2 auto OEMs on QS' order books. But Fisker is partnering with Ford on EV. Now it seems Ford could also be another OEM customer. There is a lot of potential good news around the corner. Jagdeep said that they've been talking to other auto OEMs, now they announced an unplanned for pilot factory. Why build an unplanned asap? Perhaps all the auto OEMs need batteries for testing and vehicle design purposes [which they do, it's a rhetorical question]. So, build an emergency factory to get the test batteries into the hands of MANY auto OEMs ASAP.
    Really, do people not see the production vectors here?? QS is so well positioned, it'll be a many hundred dollar stock within 18 months.
  • T
    Keep loading up!!!
  • M
    Mike T
    Sold many other stocks today. I have cash ready to buy when markets stop dropping anymore. Don’t know the bottom. Don’t you wish you can see the future?
  • R
    Res Publica
    Sold all @ 127 not so long ago; I'm back in:)
  • J
    Market correction is well over!
    QS BA TSM QCOM SMH CVAC NVAX NAIL are up wonderfully!