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  • In the short-term QUAD does not seem to be like a good trade. have you guys heard of awesome_stock_s. i started receiving their allerts and so far i am happy.
  • How can this company have over $4 billion in sales but less than $7 million in cash on hand?
  • Reversal starting now

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  • What happened to QUAD?
  • To🌱think🌱is🌱easy.🌱To🌱act🌱is🌱difficult. http://dataunion.tistory.com/11987

    Quad_Graphics NYSE $QUAD Correlation Histogram
    X axis : Stocks Price Correlation Coefficient Y axis : Quantity of stocks Sep-2016 1,000 Day Parameter 4,338 NYSE Stocks Price Analysis This stock mode of correlation coefficient is 0.5 In other words, the correlation coefficient of the other stocks
  • Considering how poorly RRD is doing...making new week lows every day....QUAD is doing surprisingly well.
  • Estimates have been RAISED across the borad for QUAD. Look at the earnings estimates on yahoo, if you know how to do that, instead of LYING and saying that QUAD's earnings estimates have not been RAISED. QUAD is the ONLY stock in its space with INCREASED EARNINGS and REVENUE estimates, unless you are saying that the information that yahoo has posted under the blue "Analysts" icon is a lie.
  • QUAD appears to suggest upside opportunity given the performance % (quarter|performance % (q)|performance (quarter)} at -8.54%. Yo you should really check out goog, they seem on point with their stocks.
  • QUAD BEAT earnings estimates and INCREASED Estimates! Should be a recipe for QUAD going UP $3 per share, right? That should happen, but QUAD investors have gone into total FEAR and PANIC mode and are selling their QUAD shares in a huge herd (because everyone is doing it). Does not make any sense, but that is what FEAR does. STOP selling your QUAD shares at a LOSS, all because of FEAR.
  • The trading setup for QUAD looks very alluring with institutional ownership hitting 73.30%. The last time things got this interesting there were explosions. check out aw-esomeSTOCKS, its a pretty reliable service. of course you have to do your own due diligence, but they generally point you in the right direction.
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  • Cramer told RRD to buy QUAD last night on his show. He also was all gung ho for RRD to break itself up into 3 companies. They did. And all 3 have cratered since. I'm not so sure Cramer is the best guy to follow re. the printing business.
  • Amazon opening 375 book stores across the USA.

  • Quad Closing Plants as of now Manassas, Va. and Salt Lake City will e closing in Jan. 2017 more to come these are retail printing
  • Some guy in Barrons this weekend who's made 200% this year on QUAD now calls it a takeover candidate!!!! LOL....sounds like he wants to sell his shares to somebody else. A billion in debt added to a 1.2 billion market cap while sales shrink 1-2% per quarter. Who would pay over 2 billion ( marketcap + debt) for that?
  • I'm curious about "analysts estimates". As far as I can tell there are only 2. 1 "outperform" and 1 "hold".
    Estimates for this year are for around $1.40 and next year around $1.55. Stock trades for around 17-18 x earnings with a yield around 4.4%. Sales are dropping 1-2% per quarter....dropping.....and expected to continue to do so for the foreseeable future.
    They basically print magazines....a slowly eroding industry....and direct mail advertising.....also eroding. They have invested in some serious technology in terms of state of the art printing and collating of mail/database lists.
    They carry roughly $1 billion in debt on top of their $1.2 billion market cap. Cash flow is adequate to cover the dividend but the likelihood it ever is increased is very low. They can service the debt. Adding more debt to acquire more growth is much more likely than increasing the dividend to boost the share price.
    RRD which split into companies.....has not taken off. Remember RRD outbid QUAD for a smaller printer about 1 -1 1/2 yrs ago. Lucky for QUAD they lost out on that deal.
    I simply don't know how QUAD finds growth? They can manage/pay down debt to squeeze out some pennies of extra profit...but that option is dwindling as sales continue to fade.
    $27/sh seems really ripe for me. There are many similar dividends out there without this risk. T and PONDX come to mind. VZ too. Even F seems like a safer bet.
    QUAD is a "HOLD" for dividend income...which is why I own it.
    I have some out of money calls sold short. I may let them take my shares at $28.
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  • Gee I was right again they are in the process of closing more retail plants Manassas, Va. Salt Lake City,UT. and more to come looks like financial trouble maybe Joel better wake up with the people he has working for him as they don't know what they are doing only there for their paycheck
  • Since RRD has split into 3 entities it's tanked. Even Cramer who was all for RRD (and never mentioned QUAD..ever...once) is now down on it.
    I had 1/2 my shares called away last week as I had sold $22.50 calls for $2 earlier this year. So I'm fine with my $24.50 total price on those shares. The other 1/2 is covered with $25 calls at $3 each....so I'm safe up to $28. I'll be surprised if QUAD gets back there.
    I'm expecting a pop tomorrow with earnings....look at non-GAAP....that's what they want. But GAAP earnings are anemic...and those are the ones that matter.
    This is a FCF/ dividend play. I'm still thinking $20 is a fair value. If interest rates popook out.
    You can match QUADs dividend with simple old T or even PONDX. Both more more reliable.
  • Quad to be closing more plants in the near future cant keep all plants working