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  • B
    Without LazeratorTroll company short sellers, my average price won’t come down from 107.60 (5.38 pre-split) to $12.98...I spend lot of time to research about Rite Fundamentals and crooked Scamley who destroyed the company and share value while sleeping with Albertsons management, same as LazeratorTroll sleeping with short agency trolls. I decided to consolidate all of my investment into Rite Aid and grabbed thousands and thousands of cheap shares from desperate trolls...this helped me to bring down my average price to just tiny $12.98...I can’t wait to see millions of dollars profits 😂😂😂
  • z
    Can't pop on the news!! Won't be able to compete with the other big drug store like CVS and Walgreen!!! No $15 for the rest of the year!! Ending the year at $10-$13 the most!!
  • K
    MATH IS MATH....SOMEONE VERY BRAVE posted they invested $1,190,000 MORE to bring a $107,600 starting investment (1000 shares at $107.60) to = a $12.98 Avg. now, = $1,297,600 Total Invested now.
    MATH IS MATH....100 Shares @ 107.60 =$10,760...You still need to invest $119,000 MORE to get to
    $129,760 to equal A $12.98 Average now. MATH IS MATH = An Engineering degree from Southern Methodist University....GO MUSTANGS !!
  • M
    Money Maker Long or Short
    Totally agreed. RAD will be the first to go folks. Amazon is not a competitor to be taken lightly. The e-commerce juggernaut is notorious for being willing to incur large losses as it enters and disrupts new industries. This utter disregard for short-term profits could allow Amazon to quickly gain share in the prescription medication market -- and make it more difficult for traditional pharmacies to compete effectively.
  • U
    There isn’t a single day where I don’t ask myself what drove me to invest in rite aid and average down,
    I blame no one but myself for not checking the credentials of the management at the time, headed by standley the 4th, Bodaken, Lofton and Syms, and previous managements for which the ceo was prisoned for corruption,
    My average pps is extremely high, therefore I’m asking myself for exit strategies implementations with minimal loses at different scenarios,
    With a steady range of $11-14 and mean reversing trading practices by smart money, and at 35% short there are no immediate exits paths ,
    Narrow volatility and lack of buyers/sellers extrapolate no momentum,
    Can anyone but lazerator has any suggestions,
  • d
    so my post about rad getting 65 m for Covid testing is deleted,,,
    anyway,,,you guys go to
    I borrow desk and you will see the the shorts got to pay 2.5 to 3 percent interest now on borrow shares,,,before was under 1 percent,,,
    this is big news,,,rad shares are getting scarce and hard to find,,,,,,
  • G
    It will go up a dollar today and next week it'll be down $.75 everyday. How many times are people gonna get fooled by the same trick play?
  • G
    Dow @ 30,000. Markets have been on fire for 4 years (minus covid time), and RAD couldn't make $1.00 in that time. Well, how do you think the next 4 years will be different? Maybe Heyward will sell for some magic beans.
  • r
    laz is right. Longs are all in the red. they have to be since the stock is sitting at 65 cents a share. i know i am. i have some shares at 120. its not complicated. the company was sold for 9 ro wba so ibought on the run up. i averaged down to about 28 bucks a share but i am still in the red.
  • G
    Billi, the daily novels you write extolling the wonders that are RAD, do very little other than wear out your keyboard. Rad couldn't do "jack" in order to make shareholders whole. Living in the future does no good today.
  • z
    No Xmas rally here!!
  • M
    Money Maker Long or Short
    What some folks don't understand is that 99% of companies that have 20%+ of their shares shorted are either badly run businesses, not competitive enough, really close to or are in process of going through bankruptcy. RAD is one of those companies. So no short conspiracy here folks. Investors almost never short profitable companies and as we have known for the last 2 decades RAD is not a profitable company and will never ever be profitable.
  • t
    Make up rad losses with ABML gains American battery technology company look up Ryan Meslert and be sold on Abml and toss rad worst of its kind pharma AMAZON PHARMA NEWS COMING
  • H
    “Amazon’s launch of an online pharmacy is a meaningful threat to brick and mortar pharmacies,” Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management professor Craig Garthwaite said.

    “These retail pharmacies must now offer more than just easy access to a prescription.”
  • J
    Jim Belushi
    I want to lose some money so I went ahead and bought a thousand shares of Rite Aid..
  • E
    Sell it
  • H
    It's clear to us that they're living borrowed time, We can't see how industry's weakest players like Rite Aid could survive scenario where Amazon comes after them.

    We just can't see that!
  • T
    Truth speaker
    RAD has been on Death Row for a couple of years now. Now, the final appeals are being denied—you know what’s that means. They are just not on borrowed time they are on borrowed money as well. There is no way out at this point. Why would any company buy them? Amazon and the Pandemic are hastening their demise.
    They don’t bring much to the table except an outdated business model and a ton of debt. In 2021 or 2022 , they will be a memory. Sorry, that’s the truth. 😉
  • A
    AMZN Virtual Stores Will Bury RAD. The Ramifications are endless to a company hanging on by a thread. AMZN is not a fly by nighter and RAD doesn’t have the Margins to play with. Start with Insurance and walk your Way down to the stores and every aspect of AMZN’s Virtual Stores will hurt RAD and what little roadmap it has..........................ace
  • z
    Wil never see any number above $15 again!!!!!