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  • RD today broke above the upper Bollinger band. I hope it continue ascending from here.
  • In the short-term RDS-B does not seem to be like a good trade. Yo you should really check out awe-SOME-stocks, they seem on point with their stocks.
  • RD is leading the Majors this summer, first to do a higher high turn up while others have not broken upward.
  • Almost time for me to sell my A shares and buy B shares. I'll give it a little longer on the hope that the gap closes even further
  • Buy both and stop asking. Sheshhhhhh
  • Question is it better to buy the B shares if you plan on not reinvesting the dividend?
  • Oil is rebounding with the down turn of production in the us. This might be a good sign of a good bounce in rds-a next week. Any thoughts from retired or ray and any of the experienced posters on the board.
  • Trade

    RDS closed yesterday above 52.50 so the puts that I sold last week expired worthless and I kept the $0.55/share equivalent ($0.54+/share after commissions) that I sold them for.

    For comparison, had I bought the stock rather than selling the puts, the gain would have been about $1/share...however, with the puts, I had no capital investment so the % gain was much higher.
  • Oil is taking quite a hit today, it was bumping up against the lower bollinger and the seemingly unrest over oil prices among the OPEC members and Russia.
  • Top portfolio manager pickes $RDS-A over $XOM and $CVX:

    Peter Havens of Baldwin Management Picks From Royal Dutch Shell (ADR), Exxon Mobil (NYSE:XOM) or Chevron (NYSE:CVX) - The Wall Street Transcript
    Peter H. Havens is the Chairman and Founder of Baldwin Management. In a recent exclusive interview with the Wall Street Transcript, he details his investment criteria for picking the best large multinational oil stock among Royal Dutch Shell (ADR),
  • Options vs. Stock

    I was asked the advantages of trading stock vs. options.

    The main advantage of buying stock for a trade (when one believes the stock price is at a bottom) vs. options is that, if the stock price increases, one usually will make more absolute $ when buying the stock.

    The advantages of selling the options (naked puts and covered calls) vs trading the stock are: lower potential losses; no capital required (money comes into account rather than going out); much higher rates of return; less difficult and risky than to short the stock; one can roll the option until the stock price is favorable.

    This is not to say that one is better than the other...they are just different with different risks
  • OT Just thinking that Buffett must believe that oil prices will remain low if not he would not have loaded up on airline stocks imho. anyone disagree with this theory?
  • Payday, Thanks Shell
  • Ray, you've been quiet the past few days. Do you think we've seen the bottom and are ready for a bounce? Always enjoy reading your posts/opinions.
  • Trade

    Possibly, crude oil has found temporary price support (until the next inventory numbers or rig count - never sure about anything these days). Assuming that is the case, I sold June 30 52.50 puts for $0.55. So, at the end of June, I either buy RDSA for the equivalent of 51.95/share (if the stock is put to me) or I keep the equivalent of $0.55/share. The other choice that I have (assuming share price is below 52.50 near June 30), is to roll the options to a later date.

    Not sure if others are trading but, if so, hope you do well (yes, holding long term for a dividend above 7% is good - which I also do - but enjoy being active by trading as well).
  • Should have added yesterday. Oh well.
  • Crude price keeps going down. I'll get more shares with my dividend. If Shell got down to $50 that would be a great price to pick up more shares.
  • Since you're reading this post I'll assume you have some interested in an investment in large integrated oil company as part of your portfolio holdings.

    I already have a position in RDS-B and I'm looking to add at what I believe is the right time.

    So ….. I did a quick and dirty comparison of four of the largest companies ….. the results are:

    RDS-B YTD performance -.08% Yield 6.71%
    XOM YTD performance -8.31% Yield 3.72%
    BP YTD performance -3.58% Yield 6.66%
    CVX YTD performance -8.7% Yield 4.02%

    Just for your information.
  • I see Shell hitting $60 plus a share by eoy. I also see them over the next couple of years getting their breakeven down to $35 a barrel of oil. Also the scrip will be dropped early next year. JMO
  • 2nd Q Results

    With Q2 crude oil prices averaging about $5/bbl less than Q1 prices, I do not see a higher earnings for Q2 for RDS as most analysts have predicted. So, I am a little cautious about higher share prices when the results are issues (late July). If one is going to trade the X-date, one might want to be cautious during the earnings announcement.

    Just my view...