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74.09-2.63 (-3.43%)
At close: 4:02PM EDT
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  • The housing market is so hot, and this is not going to stop under 100.
  • The market cap is almost same as BBBY. BBBY PE=5, RH PE=250. Are these guys making iphones or supercomputers or flying cars?
  • It's not a good company. It's just a trash.
  • THINK ABOUT THIS.....This company just announced this morning it bought back 20.22m shares or 49.6% of the shares outstanding in 1h'17. They financed this buy back with DEBT and also just announced this morning they entered into a SECOND LIEN LOAN for $100m. So now we know who the buyer of last resort has been pushing this stock up. Question is, given company just announced they COMPLETED their $700m buyback --- WHO ELSE IS GOING TO BE BUYING THIS STOCK NOW? This is a great case study and the perfect example of financial engineering . THere can always be a squeeze higher given 42% of the stock float is short but now I think there's a higher probability this stock sells off significantly. With a nod towards full disclosure. I am short the stock here.
  • Absurd valuation. PE 250. The bubble will burst hard.
  • Welcome back Harold I was worried you did a bridge jump!
  • The company has no future, but the management is buying all the deeps. At some point soon this bubble will burst. It will happen instantly. Longs won't have the chance to get out of the trade.
  • P/E=186 more than Amazon! That is ridiculous.
  • It's heading to $40.00. The management was the only buyer, and it's over. Nobody will buy this trash. So it's overbought as a hell. Imagine how many sellers will start to sell.
  • Financial engineering has created a monster unbalanced market for RH. There are 13 mln shares short chasing 28 mln live shares. Most of the 28 is with institutions so a short squeeze of biblical proportions is set up. All that is needed is the MM to drive the price above $75. Shorts feel the heat and get margin calls which further drives the price up. I can see this stock peaking about $100 ps leaving squeezed shorts in it's wake. RH management can then sell some of the stock they bought to repay the loans that funded the repurchase.
  • Listen closely

    Can you hear the lamentations of the shorts
  • Bank of America caught shorting RH? I see 100+
  • PE is still under 20?
  • Short getting hit...
  • the real PE of this stock is 12. quite cheap!
  • Hey Harold have you read the PR yet or did you lose your glasses?

    I'm waiting for your apology
  • Don't worry your brokers will dump your remaining assets tomorrow to cover your enormous losses
  • Only 21 mm shares outstanding per PR

    Not 28 mm

    13 mm short good luck Harold
  • Shorts, are you feeling a cold hand squeezing your eggs? If you think this is a short squeeze, you are correct! You can cover at any time, but the longer you wait, the higher the price.

    I know, the fundamentals do not warrant a higher price. True. But a short squeeze is like a hard dyck: You cannot reason with it.
  • Desperation Hardware is what this will be called when it returns to the 52 week lows.