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RCI Hospitality Holdings, Inc. (RICK)

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  • There is ongoing concern on Eric's ability to meet the delivery dates for Bombshell openings. I understand problems do occur for these projects but if you are going to announce in quarterly meetings and in recent PR news delivery times you better hit them or the company appears operationally sub par. Now that the company has reached a greater audience it would be in the best interest of shareholders that the company demonstrate on a a consistent basis that they are in control of such matters. Come on guys appearance is very important here. Missing a delivery date by two months is not acceptable.
  • Wow 6.9% SSS growth. Very impressive. It will be interesting to see what the EPS will be this quarter. Somewhere between 40 and 45 cents I am guessing. If they do that growth again in Q4 $30 should be attainable before year end. Glad to read that they are planning to build 3 more Bombshells next year as well. Once they establish those clubs franchising should be easier assuming those restaurants are successful. Nice job Eric.
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  • We should get the fiscal Q3 revenues shortly. An interesting number with the two recent acquisitions. Hope the PR will give some detail and will break down the number.
  • Have they sold any Bombshells franchises yet?
  • Rick's under Eric Langan's presidency has grown tremendously in last 15 years and still growing.
  • Today, we had double the normal volume, and the price was up 5%. Either, the street finally realized the stock is undervalued, or we have good news on the franchise front. I'll take either one because I'm trying to get the money back from my younger wilder days.
  • Both analyst have raised their estimates for 2018. One is at $1.90 now. Not bad at all.
  • Langan should never say/use EBITDA again!

    Buffett wrote. “When Wall Streeters tout EBITDA as a valuation guide, button your wallet.”
  • Scarlett's Cabaret Miami

    Now THAT'S a club purchase. That's real growth! Hopefully Eric's numbers for the club hold up and can even improve somehow.
  • St. Louis? Riot city?

    3 clubs on 1 property?

    "Separately, RCI said another subsidiary had acquired the club's building and land from its landlord, as well as adjacent land that could be used to open another club, and a nearby building and land that it intends to lease to a third party to operate another gentlemen's club."

    I'm loving my new short position now baby!
  • Interesting acquisition in St Louis. The club they purchased is not what is interesting since they only paid $1M, it's the land in order to build a better club. I like that. So now they are expected to have 6 new/upgraded clubs, 3 bombshells, 1 Foxy, 1 Studio 80, and now St. Louis, as well as the potential of building a new club by Jan of 2018. Not bad at all. with all these additional units $150k in sales next year should be achievable. Earning should exceed $1.60 next year as well. And if the rate of tax turns out to be 15% then we are off to the races. At that point paying down the debt will be the best way to immediately increase shareholder value. That would be interesting to see. Regardless I like the direction the company is going.
  • Woman hit with stay bullet at St. Louis Cardinals game!

    Police said it came from outside the stadium. Just another night in St. Louis, home of RICK's latest addition.
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  • This stock is going to soar under the new administration. I think the next quarter you'll see the optimism come through in the numbers plus tax returns and hopefully cuts.
  • Disappointed by the call and the dividend declaration - the major reasons the stock has moved up is due cleaning up legal issues - the initiation of dividends, and the commitment to Bombshells. The strip club business is only cost effective if they build a club not buy a club. Debt expansion with additional risks will not be looked upon kindly by the markets if used for strip clubs. Given all the cash expectations there is no reason why Eric did not raise dividends. Would be very good for shareholders and would signal to the market that this is another reason to buy the stock. After two years of descent decision making recent events signal that Eric might be not fully realizing why the stock is rising. His love and risk taking of his strip club roots hopefully will not blind him to see that Bombshells is the true opportunity here. Fingers crossed he doesn't screw up good thing after so much time and effort.
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    RICK misses by .04
  • Eric won't have to fly jet far for Superbowl this year!

    Patriots 34-20 is my prediction.

    Thanks RICK for an amazing 2016
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