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Riot Blockchain, Inc. (RIOT)

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35.40+4.37 (+14.08%)
At close: 4:00PM EDT
35.79 +0.39 (1.10%)
Pre-Market: 06:45AM EDT
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    They had some interesting insights about RIOT on (http://Stocks-tracker.com). Definitely made me think twice about the company.
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    HUT 8 is cheap to buy compared to US nasdaq peers even though it is fundamentally strong. This discrepancy has only existed because it has been trading on the OTC. Tomorrow though it debuts on the Nasdaq. This means that right now this is both a value play (until it catches up to US peers) and a top growth play. Long: #RIOT #HUT #MARA
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    Top Bullish Charts | June 2021 💰💵📈

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    $BFARF conversation
    Looks like the uplisting is right around the corner. The latest filing stated that they now have the right to issue (from time to time) the shares they need in order to accomplish their 2021-22 growth objectives:

    ● Obtain the Company’s target of having 3.0 Exahash of computing power by the end of 2021;
    ● Obtain the Company’s target of having 8.0 Exahash of computing power by the end of 2022, for an
    aggregate increase of computing power of approximately 6.5 Exahash. At the prevailing cost of computing
    power, the Company anticipates that it may cost from $450 million to $500 million to increase its computing power by 6.5 Exahash.
    ● Complete the buildout of an additional 78 MW of electrical infrastructure in Quebec in the second half of
    2021 at an estimated cost of approximately $15,000,000;
    ● Maintain the Company’s Bitcoin retention program to grow the quantity of Bitcoin maintained on the
    Company’s balance sheet;
    ● Perform studies in the first half of 2021 to explore the costs and feasibility of exploiting the 210 MW nonbinding memorandum of understanding entered into with a South American energy producer at
    $0.022/KwH; and
    ● Engage with the Quebec government as well as other government and private sector energy suppliers to
    locate a site capable of housing a 50MW or larger mining facility.

    Welcome to the big-time. The boys at BitFarms are swinging for the fences. If you're $MARA, $RIOT, $HVBTF, or especially $HUTMF... you've got some manning up to do.
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    and just like that we love elon. he needs btc to stay above 36k so he can profit and sell btc for tsla earnings!
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    SOS is about to pop
    Shortiez getting squeezed
    90% hydroelectric
    #SOS #RIOT
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    Question about valuation of RIOT: I read that RIOT has 2000 bitcoins total . At 40K per bitcoin that is 80 million dollars. Market cap is well over 2 billion. Market cap/hard asset (bitcoin only) = 25. Yes there is also the physical assets like mining equipments but really does the valuation make any sense at all? Not trying to be a troll here , but could someone explain?
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    riot is shorted 17%. hopefully they cover or else they will be down huge. riot will be back in 40-50s in a week or 2
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    $HUT.TO conversation
    anyone concerned with HUT8 dilution news today go check $MARA, $RIOT and others, and see how many additional tons of shares they have issued over the months to expand their operation. Dilution is logical for crypto mining companies, the alternative is selling coins which is not wise as coins have lots of upside potential.
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    don’t sell until it hits $60 stop selling at this price!!
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    $BFARF conversation
    Weekend update for all of my $BFARF, $DMGGF, $HUTMF, $HVBTF, $MARA, and $RIOT Buddies and Buddettes.

    Tip of the hat to $HUTMF for posting a NASDAQ listing date for June 15 (or around that day). Well Done!

    Tip of the hat to $MARA for being up 9.03% from last week’s close!

    Tip of the hat to $RIOT and $HUTMF for being up 6.45% and 3.37%, respectively, from last week’s close!

    Safest-place-for-your-money-Award, this coming week, goes to $HUTMF.

    In other news:

    $BFARF (my largest holding) is on schedule to list on the NASDAQ before the next halving in 2024. Don’t you just love it when a good plan comes together?

    As for Bitcoin, I think I have posted here that WHERE we are in the monthly cycle seems to have more weight than even the price of Bitcoin for high-speed trading algorithms that trade our stocks. I think today was a good example of that. Even though Bitcoin was at the closing highs for the week, our stocks sold off ($MARA closed up $.04), in anticipation of another drop in price.

    I don’t think June will repeat the past. I think we are too close to resistance to make options worth the effort, and long-term HODLers are up. Just my 2 cents.

    Health update:

    Traditional health practitioners have refused to see me. So, I went to a local Witchdoctor, I know – Yellow Pages, go figure. I explained my anxiety due to waiting, daily, for $BFARF to list on the NASDAQ. I told her they had a PR this week that said they would list “shortly.” True story. So, I checked back every hour to see – NOTHING.

    She brought out a Doll and wrote “BARF” on it. I said she misspelled the name, but she told me that was “part of the cure.” She gave me some pins and sent me home to stick the Doll every time I worried about my stock.

    After two hours, the Doll was in shreds. So, I went on line and pulled up a picture of a similar Doll, got my pins out, and now my monitor is ruined. OTOH, I can’t see anything, so I’ve stopped checking.


    Good luck to all and have a safe/happy weekend!
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    Joe MAX
    Watch BTC may pull back shortly.. jmo
    Head shoulder pattern on BTC jmo
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    Yall think this might drop after market?
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    Ky Tuong Ly
    Biggest news from El Salvador is not only making btc legal tender but also making btc exempt from capital gains tax and offering permanent residency in lieu of an investment of 3 btc in the country. The results of that could be a migration of large btc whales moving to El Salvador just to avoid the massive capital gains taxes elsewhere. It could become the new crypto Cayman Islands. Massive news. #mara #riot #bfarf
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    ‘Riot’, ‘Mara’, ‘Any (full green mining no carbon outlet)’

    Best Btc mining stocks on te market right now

    #Riot #Mara #Any
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    SOS Limited
    we have 2X the volume of $MARA and $RIOT.
    they cant hold us down forever!
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    Shorts covering on RIOT, MARA, and SOS, they're scared after no drop at 10am $MARA $RIOT $SOS
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    Joe MAX
    AS called On friday.. 41K bitcoin .. and laughed at...
    Lmao thanks riot 31 to 37.50 3K shares over weekend.. Booyah!!!
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    Months ago, I was told the short position was about 13%.
    Weeks ago, I was td the short position was about 19%.
    Now I have been told th short position I about 34%.
    Those guys got roasted today. If those numbers are correct. We may see more of the same this week as many will have to cover.