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    Rakuten Overview

    We are a leading e-commerce company in Japan in terms of Gross Merchandise Sales, or GMS, for e-commerce product sales in 2020, according to FUJI KEIZAI CO., LTD. Under the concept of “single brand, single membership,” we seek to integrate our core businesses as part of our “Rakuten Ecosystem” business model through which Rakuten members can access a wide variety of our services with a single Rakuten ID and participate in a single loyalty program. See “Business—Our Business Operations—Membership and Incentive Programs.”

    We operate Rakuten Ichiba, one of Japan’s two largest e-commerce platforms based on product sales in 2020, according to FUJI KEIZAI CO., LTD., and Rakuten Travel, one of Japan’s two leading online travel agencies in terms of Gross Transaction Value, or GTV, according to the Japan Tourism Agency, or the JTA. We are expanding overseas to establish several e-commerce platforms using a similar B2B2C marketplace model. We also offer e-books, e-book readers and online video-streaming and music-streaming services. We provide online financial services, including credit card, online banking, online securities, life insurance, general insurance, electronic payments and cryptocurrency trading services. We launched the world’s first end-to-end, fully virtualized, cloud-native mobile network in April 2020 and began offering high-speed 5G service in September 2020. As part of our marketing strategy to bring our Internet-based services to a wider segment of the Japanese population, we also operate a professional baseball team in Japan, the Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles, a professional soccer team in Japan, Vissel Kobe, and we have partnerships with FC Barcelona, one of the world’s most esteemed soccer clubs, and the Golden State Warriors, a leading team in the National Basketball Association, in order to boost our brand recognition around the globe. Global GTV for the Rakuten group, including transactions in our domestic and overseas e-commerce, Rakuten Travel, Rakuten Card and Rakuten Edy businesses, reached ¥22.3 trillion for the year ended December 31, 2020.

    We divide our operations into three segments:

    Internet Services: includes businesses running various e-commerce sites such as our primary online shopping platform, Rakuten Ichiba, online cash back sites and online travel booking sites, along with businesses for sales of advertising on these sites and our businesses related to professional sports teams.

    FinTech: includes businesses engaged in providing services over the Internet such as credit cards, online banking, online securities, life insurance, general insurance, electronic payments and cryptocurrency trading.

    Mobile: includes businesses engaged in communication and messaging services, such as our MNO business (and also includes our MVNO business, which is no longer accepting new service activations) and our mobile messaging and VoIP businesses. Our Mobile segment also includes our digital contents businesses such as our e-book business and video and music streaming services.

    Our consolidated revenue was ¥1,101,480 million, ¥1,263,932 million and ¥1,455,538 million for the years ended December 31, 2018, 2019 and 2020, respectively.

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    I am sure, that Viber had won users from Whatsapp since January

    Audience of messengers in Russia 2021, by application

    Published by D. Elagina, Apr 21, 2021

    The most popular messenger application by number of monthly users in Russia as of January was WhatsApp, with an audience of over 74 million. Viber ranked second with more than 37 million users per month. Telegram, which was unblocked by the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media of Russia (Roskomnadzor) in June 2020, was placed third with approximately 32 million users.

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    Open and virtualized RANs are the future of mobile networks

    Sanket S. Nesargi
    Craig Wigginton
    Naima Hoque Essing
    Jeff Loucks
    Kevin Westcott

    The open RAN market is still in its early days. We estimate that there are currently 35 active open RAN deployments across the globe,1 many of which involve MNOs testing open RAN in greenfield, rural, and emerging markets. Although deployments are starting slowly, they could easily double in 2021. While it may take anywhere from three to five years for the technology to fully mature, open RAN adoption should accelerate rapidly thanks to the logic of its network design and its strategic alignment with carrier needs. Economic and competitive forces are also converging to drive the market forward. If this trend continues, the open RAN market has the potential to grow substantially, with some estimating double-digit growth rates2 that will push open RAN to approach 10% of the total RAN market by 20253 from less than 1% today.4 Moreover, if governments force MNOs to replace installed 5G RAN equipment from restricted vendors, the growth rate may be even higher.

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    Englishnization: Embracing a global vision

    1 day ago

    Take Rakuten Mobile as an example. While we started by serving customers in Japan, we are now working to transform the global telecom industry through the Rakuten Communications Platform, offering our innovative network architecture to customers around the world.

    At this time of critical global expansion, our three objectives for first launching Englishnization are as important as ever:

    1. For business growth: Competing in a globalized world
    Simply put, companies that don’t globalize will not be able to compete in the economy of the future. Japan used to account for almost 15% of the global economy. Now it’s closer to 5%. And in the future, it will probably be 2-3%. Looking forward 20 years from now, we will need to be global to continue to grow and compete. It’s not a choice — it’s something we have to do.

    Even for those working at businesses primarily serving local customers in Japan, I encourage everyone to keep working to improve their English. At the end of the day, every business has the potential to have global impact.What we are doing in mobile is a tremendous example of this. Not only are we working to democratize mobile in Japan by bringing prices down for customers but because of our innovative

    2. For the team: Creating a “one team” culture
    Many of our employees joined the company because they see Rakuten as a global leader, not just a Japan leader. This includes engineers and other experts from around the world. I don’t want to draw a line between Japanese and non-Japanese employees. We have to be one team: That is why I want everyone to be able to communicate in English.
    Of course, I’m not saying it has to be perfect English. I, for one, make many grammatical errors. But that’s fine. I don’t worry about it. As long as we can understand each other, we don’t need “native” English to do great things together.

    3. For the individual: Developing global perspectives
    Finally, and perhaps most importantly, I hope that through Englishnization we can help open the eyes of our all of our employees; to help broaden their perspectives about what’s going on in the world. Not only is it important for us as employees of a global tech leader; it’s important to us as global citizens.

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    Consumer Pulse Report – Watch Chat Read Shop
    January 28, 2021

    Rakuten is your lifestyle companion to watch (TV), chat (Viber), read (Kobo), shop (Mall).

    Previous surveys conducted on our proprietary panels have shown that the consumers are being impacted by COVID-19 and as such it is critical to know your consumer in these times.

    With the objective of discovering what consumers in Asia, US & UK are “Watching, Chatting, Reading & Shopping” we surveyed 7,200 respondents equally sampled from China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States and Vietnam.

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    An important message to the big number of Rakuten Mobile’s oberserver around the world

    Rakuten Mobile achieved 1.77 Gbps throughput in a recent test on its millimeter wave network in Japan.
    Altiostar touted performance and automation capabilities of the virtualized cloud-native 5G network, which launched in September using the vendor’s Open vRAN software. Rakuten has an equity stake in Altiostar.
    “This is a significant milestone for the Rakuten Mobile and Altiostar partnership towards commercial realization of a high performing, cloud-native 5G RAN architecture,” said Ashraf Dahod, CEO of Altiostar, in a statement. “The Altiostar container-based solution allows Rakuten Mobile to quickly provision new sites and turn up service for a customer in record time."

    The announcement was light on details about the test, which took place in December, but noted the download speed was a gigabit higher than average download speeds in Japan based on Q3 speed tests from Ookla. Those results showed the fastest 10% of users in Japan saw average download speeds of 719.42 Mbps.

    That’s a big jump from 4G LTE as Opensignal in September showed Rakuten Mobile’s user speeds were much slower than the average of Japan’s three other wireless carriers – at just 21.6 Mbps compared to 46.9 Mbps. A November report from Tutela showed users were getting a better experience when connected to Rakuten’s own 4G network, but speeds dragged as users roamed on other carrier’s networks more than 45% of the time because of limited coverage.

    More recently in February, Opensignal reported large increases in the share of connections to Rakuten’s own network as the operator continued to build out – and still reported better on-net speeds versus when users roam.

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    Many of our services have strong positions in their respective markets, which promotes further cross-use of our services We are one of Japan’s most recognizable brands. Many of our services hold leading positions across multiple industries in Japan, making it easy and natural for users to try our other services.

    The following is a selection of our market-leading businesses:

    For domestic e-commerce, our Rakuten Ichiba business is one of the two leading e-commerce businesses in Japan, with a market share of approximately 25.2% based on e-commerce product sales in 2020, according to FUJI KEIZAI CO., LTD.

    For credit cards, Rakuten Card had the highest GTV among credit card issuers in Japan based on the value of purchase transactions in the domestic market for 2017, as estimated by Yano Research Institute, Ltd.

    For online securities businesses, Rakuten Securities had the highest number of new account openings among online-only brokerage firms in Japan during 2020 based on public disclosure materials.

    For online banking, Rakuten Bank had the highest number of accounts as of December 2020 for online banks without physical branches in Japan based on public disclosure materials.

    For online travel booking, Rakuten Travel is one of the two leading players in the Japanese market based on booked GTV as of December 2020 based on public disclosure materials.

    For electronic payments, Rakuten Payment was rated highest in overall satisfaction according to MDD Research Institute’s January 2021 smartphone payment (QR code) satisfaction survey.

    Because Rakuten Super Points, our primary group-wide reward program, can be earned and redeemed through most of the services offered in the Rakuten Ecosystem, including Rakuten Ichiba and Rakuten Card, our users have a strong incentive to use our other services. As of December 31, 2020, our cross-use ratio reached 73.0%. Our cross-use ratio is defined as the ratio of the number of Rakuten members in Japan who have utilized two or more Rakuten services eligible to earn Rakuten Super Points during the past twelve months to the number of all members that utilized any such service during the last month of that period.
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    Rakuten Group's quarterly fintech revenue 2010-2020

    Published by C. Diep, Apr 23, 2021

    In the fourth quarter of 2020, the fintech sector revenue of the Rakuten Group amounted to around 151 billion Japanese yen, up almost 14 percent compared to the fourth quarter of the previous year. Rakuten offers services such as Rakuten Card, Rakuten Bank, and Rakuten Securities. The company is headquartered in Tokyo, where it was founded in 1997.

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    Rakuten is an important owner of Shopback

    ShopBack Simplifies Shopping

    ShopBack, the #1 rewards and discovery platform in Asia-Pacific, enables shoppers across the region to shop "The Smarter Way”. It is a one-stop rewards and discovery platform for users to earn cashback, while delivering performance-based marketing to merchants. First launched in Singapore in 2014, ShopBack has since expanded its reach to Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Taiwan, Australia, and more recently, Vietnam and Korea. In Singapore, the company has also extended its service offering with ShopBack GO, an app-based rewards platform for in-store shopping, dining, and entertainment. We are a passionate team that wants to drive innovation and build a product that we love and are all proud of!

    ShopBack partners with over 4,000 merchants including Taobao, Expedia, Shopee, ZALORA to reward its users with cashback across a wide range of categories including general merchandise, travel bookings, fashion, health and beauty, groceries, and food delivery. To date, US$130m in cashback has been awarded to our over 20 million users.

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    Rakuten invested in Taster

    By Dan Taylor, April 29th, 2021

    Taster, the London-based company behind a series of digital restaurant brands, has raised $37 million in a Series B round led by Octopus Ventures.

    The financing also saw participation from Rakuten as well as existing investors Battery Ventures, LocalGlobe, and Heartcore Capital.

    The funding is expected to expand the company’s presence across its three existing markets, as well as drive expansion into new cities. Taster aims to be operational in 40 cities by the end of 2021, as well as support the launch of at least two new consumer brands.

    “Taster’s proposition is incredibly exciting. From the food itself, to the packaging and online experience, everything is designed specifically for the take-away customer, resulting in a far superior experience and very high levels of repeat business,” says Octopus Ventures’ Rebecca Hunt. “It’s also the first digital food brand concept to scale using a licensed partner model. By partnering with existing experts in food preparation to run local kitchens, it can scale rapidly while ensuring consistency of food quality, as well as operational efficiency. We firmly believe this will be a winning combination and Anton’s experience at Deliveroo gives Taster another unfair advantage in this rapidly growing market.”

    Founded in 2017 by Anton Soulier, one of the first employees at Deliveroo, Taster currently has teams operating in London, Paris, and Madrid, all coordinating 70+ restaurants in eleven cities across the UK, France, and Spain.

    In 2020 alone the company delivered over one million meals, with revenues more than doubling in the past year. In Paris, Taster’s restaurants are topped only by McDonald’s and Burger King when it comes to gross merchandise value.

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    The ipone by Rakuten Mobile

    More important than selling the iPhone, however, is that the iPhone is officially available through the Rakuten Mobile line. It was possible to make calls using the Rakuten Mobile SIM and eSIM and communicate with the iPhone, but 5G cannot be used and the Rakuten Mobile line and partner line (roaming to the KDDI line) are set automatically. There were some restrictions, such as: B. no switching.

    However, with the sale of Apple products this time, the Rakuten Mobile line is officially compatible with the iPhone, and it seems that it can be used without the above restrictions. In particular, if the model is an iPhone 6s or higher with iOS 14.4 or higher, the line from Rakuten Mobile can be used. It also supports online contracts with eSIM and eKYC so you can start using it immediately after you apply.

    However, from the past there are many people who feel that iPhones can only be handled by cellular companies that have a large number of customers and procure a large number of iPhones. Maybe. But why did Rakuten Mobile manage to sell the iPhone a year after the full service began?

    One of the reasons may be that the number of Rakuten Mobile contracts has increased. Rakuten Mobile seems to be seeing a rapid increase in the number of applications since the year-long free campaign it ran until recently and the launch of “Rakuten UN-LIMIT VI” where the monthly fee is 0 yen when it is 1 GB or less per month. By April 8, 2021, the number of applications had exceeded 3.9 million.

    Surprising reason Rakuten Mobile iPhone (Masahiro Sano) – Engadget can sell Japanese version
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    Those playbooks are part of the Rakuten Communications Platform (RCP)

    To enable software and hardware from different vendors to be onboarded and integrated seamlessly, the product teams at Rakuten Mobile design product frameworks upfront. That includes templates, policies, interfaces and payloads. This DNA and thought process is not limited to onboarding, but to operations as well.

    By working hand-in-hand with its suppliers, Rakuten Mobile acquired the detailed expertise it needs to be able to mix and match the best applications, systems and solutions. “We have built frameworks, templates and integration platforms,” explains Atri. “Today, if we need to replace one of our partners with another one, we know what to change. For the radio network, for example, we had to go through 10 to 12 different spreadsheets of parameters, values, rules and logic. We went through the detail of each and every parameter: What is static, why it is static, what is dynamic and why it has to be dynamic.”

    Rakuten Mobile had to do this work in-house because no other operator in the world had deployed a fully cloud-native open RAN mobile network before – there wasn’t a body of existing knowledge it could tap into. “We did it end-to-end,” explains Atri.

    Rakuten Mobile’s hands-on approach has enabled it to employ innovative technologies developed by ‘challenger vendors’ such as Altiostar, Robin.io, Airspan, QCT and NEC, rather than simply deploying monolithic systems from the major vendors.

    By building end-to-end frameworks that support interoperability, Rakuten Mobile is developing a playbook to guide other operators who want to deploy an advanced cloud-native network using technologies from multiple partners. Those playbooks are part of the Rakuten Communications Platform (RCP).

    The RCP marketplace offers apps for the entire telecommunications network lifecycle, from planning and building to operating and enhancing. It also hosts apps for network related tasks such as asset management, OSS, BSS, workflows, rollout, field force management, orchestration, observability, ticket and incident management.

    The platform itself is built on an API-centric approach, using configuration templates. It is app, service and vendor agnostic. This means mobile network operators can work with the technology partners of their choice from the various options available on the marketplace, and configure apps for various network tasks according to their own specific needs.

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    April 1, 2021

    Ligado’s 5G Mobile Private Network Solution is a Gamechanger for U.S. Businesses

    Scott Wiener

    This week, I had the privilege of (virtually!) joining the Competitive Carriers Association’s (CCA) Mobile Carriers Show with Light Reading’s Mike Dano to discuss the importance of Ligado’s 5G Mobile Private Networks for U.S. enterprises, especially after the last year that upended so much of how American businesses operate.

    The COVID-19 pandemic has had a tremendous impact on businesses, accelerating digital transformation everywhere. Connectivity that is reliable and secure is no longer a nice-to-have; it is a need-to-have. The problem, however, is that industries – especially the critical infrastructure companies that make up America’s backbone – are still largely operating on a disparate set of mobile network and IT systems that they have limited control over. While enterprise customers have unique physical or technological requirements for their connectivity and computing platforms, the networks they use today are somewhat of a one-size-fits-all option for enterprise customers. So it’s clear that America’s critical infrastructure companies need an upgrade, and they need it now.

    5G Mobile Private Networks will enable a variety of different types of applications and deliver solutions for operations like factory automation to health monitoring to Industry 4.0 transformation —and much more. And while private networks are not new, powering them with high-speed, reliable and secure 5G Mobile Private Networks make them ideal for greater adoption as enterprise customers start implementing their digital transformation strategies at a faster pace.

    The bottom line is this: 5G Mobile Private Networks are going to be increasingly necessary for American enterprise. And it’s a market opportunity that Ligado is well-positioned to serve.

    Ligado’s 5G Mobile Private Network solution provides the scale of a public network with the control and security of a private one, all in a cost-efficient model. We bring two specific advantages to this opportunity: our nationwide mid-band spectrum to dedicate to these networks, and commercial flexibility due to our greenfield position that isn’t burdened by legacy network infrastructure. These advantages mean we can bring 5G to private networks, focusing on mission-critical applications. And we can also deploy our solution nationwide, reaching both rural and urban areas, which we believe will help modernize our nation’s infrastructure – a needed step that is foundational for economic growth.

    Our first step in meeting this opportunity was to team up with Rakuten Mobile to launch trials using licensed and unlicensed spectrum that will showcase our 5G Mobile Private Network solution for enterprise customers in the U.S. The combination of Ligado’s licensed spectrum and Rakuten Mobile’s O-RAN technology makes for a great product solution for the enterprise space and will create a cost-efficient and scalable roadmap for 5G Mobile Private Networks going forward. Essentially, this is a product that will bring together feature rich, yet adaptable and scalable capabilities for network control and configuration that support enterprise digital transformation.

    2021 is an exciting time. We’ve got good stuff happening – we’ve identified the market opportunity and are developing a product solution. We’re standing it up in field trials and we want as many partners as possible to come and innovate with us. And we are optimistic about our goal to help modernize America’s critical infrastructure and industries.

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    Long-term predictions of ABI Research

    And if the growth predicted in its Open RAN and vRAN addressable markets and stakeholders report is realised, ABI Research has calculated that total spending on O-RAN RUs for the public outdoor macro cell network will reach $69.5bn by 2030, with cumulative unit shipments expected to reach 15.7 million.
    At the same time, the total revenue of O-RAN RUs for the enterprise indoor small cell network could reach $39.8bn in 2030, with cumulative unit shipments expected to hit 205.5 million.

    “The key benefits of O-RAN bring multi-vendor interoperability for innovations and reduce time to market for deploying new network functionality,” said Jiancao Hou, 5G and mobile network infrastructure senior analyst at ABI Research. “Powered by network virtualisation, O-RAN will help network operators and various industrial enterprise verticals enable network automation and intelligent radio resource control, therefore reducing network integration expenses and operational complexity.

    Analyst confident of prospects for comms technology enabling multi-supplier interoperability for innovations and reducing time to market for deploying new network functionality.
    Analyst confident of prospects for comms technology enabling multi-supplier interoperability for innovations and reducing time to market for deploying new network functionality.
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    Announcing the Rakuten Advertising 2021 Preferred & Platinum Agency Partners.

    By Rakuten Advertising | April 22, 2021 | NEWS

    From award-winning customer support to innovative technology, the Rakuten Advertising Agency Support team has one goal in mind for our agency partnerships – success. Our Agency Services Program provides our affiliate agency partners with the necessary solutions, tools and support to fuel consistent growth for their clients.

    These agency partnerships continue to move the industry forward and drive meaningful performance for brands around the world. As a result of this success, we are proud to announce the following recipients of Rakuten Advertising Platinum Agency Partner and Rakuten Advertising Preferred Agency Partner status.

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    Rakuten Mobile introduces iPhone 12

    J oseph Waring
    22 APR 2021

    Japanese mobile newcomer Rakuten Mobile made a huge step towards levelling the playing field with rivals, detailing plans to begin adding Apple’s iPhone 12 line-up to its range from the end of the month.

    CMO Naho Kono (pictured) told the media the company will offer the “most reasonably priced” iPhones in the country as part of its Unlimit VI plan, with flexible data options.

    Rakuten Mobile will start accepting orders online and at retail outlets tomorrow (23 April) and also plans to soon offer all iPhone models running iOS 14.4 and later.

    Marc Einstein, chief analyst at Japan-based research company ITR, told Mobile World Live carrying the iPhone 12 is a positive development for Rakuten Mobile, as not offering the most popular smartphone model in Japan was a large barrier to growth.

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    ViacomCBS Networks International and Rakuten Announce Streaming, Content and E-Commerce Partnership in Japan

    - Nick+ to launch in Japan on Rakuten TV; Rakuten to host Nickelodeon’s first-ever digital storefront in Asia on Japan’s leading e-commerce platform, Rakuten IchibaRak

    Tokyo, April 20, 2021 - ViacomCBS Networks International (VCNI), a unit of ViacomCBS Inc. (NASDAQ: VIAC) and Rakuten Group, Inc. today announced the signing of a broad long-term agreement, which includes the launch of Nick+, Nickelodeon’s kids’ streaming service, on Rakuten’s video-on-demand platform Rakuten TV in Japan, covering mobile, STB/dongle, web and Smart TV devices. The partnership also includes the creation of a dedicated Nickelodeon zone on Japan’s leading e-commerce platform, Rakuten Ichiba.

    “This long-term agreement with Rakuten, a key player in the media and e-commerce industry, connects the world of streaming to the world of consumer products for the first time. The integration of Nick+ and the Nickelodeon digital storefront into the Rakuten Ecosystem will enable us to create an interconnected Nickelodeon experience for consumers and leverage strategic cross-platform promotional opportunities,” said Raffaele Annecchino, President & CEO of ViacomCBS Networks International. “This innovative deal is testament to ViacomCBS’ expertise in developing unique and versatile partnerships and it will allow us to explore additional collaboration opportunities outside of Asia in the future.”

    "We are very excited to partner with ViacomCBS Networks International to bring their iconic brands and top-tier content to new audiences through our streaming and e-commerce platforms," said Koji Ando, Rakuten Group Managing Executive Officer and Senior Vice President of Rakuten's Communications & Energy Company. "Through these new initiatives, families across the country will have even more reasons to engage with our services and enjoy the rich customer experience of the Rakuten Ecosystem. We look forward to building on this partnership to deliver even more entertaining content and initiatives in the future."

    Nick+, a subscription service, is planned for launch on Rakuten TV on April 28, 2021, bringing many of the most popular series from the Nickelodeon library to Japanese audiences. Kids and families will be able to watch on demand favorite shows like SpongeBob SquarePants, PAW Patrol, Blaze and the Monster Machines, Bubble Guppies, Dora the Explorer, Blue's Clues & You!, Deer Squad, The Loud House, Game Shakers, The Thundermans and more.

    In addition to hit kids and family entertainment via the Nick+ service, Rakuten will host the first-ever Nickelodeon digital storefront in Asia on the Rakuten Ichiba internet shopping mall in Japan. Showcasing a collection of select Nickelodeon products from multiple merchants, Japanese audiences will be able to easily purchase products featuring some of the brand’s most beloved characters from iconic franchises such as SpongeBob SquarePants, PAW Patrol, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on the new dedicated e-commerce zone on Rakuten Ichiba. Products will cover multiple categories, including fashion, stationery and collectibles.

    About Rakuten TV (Japan)
    A live streaming and video-on-demand service provided by Rakuten offering users in Japan approximately 210,000 pieces of content covering movies, dramas, anime, sports, such as Pacific League Japanese pro baseball, and stage shows. The videos can be viewed on various devices, including smartphones, computers and TVs.

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    Business alliance overview

    Both Groups have agreed on the following business alliance collaboration items (as of April 28, 2021):

    Creation of shared logistics centers
    Creation of shared delivery and pick-up systems
    Collaborations and initiatives between Japan Post and Rakuten to expand usage of Rakuten Fulfillment Centers and Japan Post’s “Yu-Pack” parcels
    Establishment of a new joint venture by Japan Post and Rakuten to conduct the above initiatives (see section 2 below for more details), and joint commercialization of a digital transformation platform for logistics (Target: July 2021)

    Utilization of post office event space to create customer counters to accept new signup applications for Rakuten Mobile and other functions
    Utilization of Japan Post Group’s post office and delivery network for marketing initiatives
    Conducting trials ahead of nationwide implementation of above initiatives. Trials planned to start at approximately 10 post offices in May 2021.

    Digital transformation
    Consultation and discussion on Japan Post Group and Rakuten Group personnel exchange to support the digital transformation of Japan Post Group
    Additional support from Rakuten Group to support the digital transformation of Japan Post Group

    Financial services
    Preparations to offer a Japan Post Bank Design branded Rakuten Card in 2021
    Consultation and discussion regarding a credit card to be issued by Japan Post Bank using the Rakuten Card platform, based on progress of Japan Post Bank Design branded Rakuten Card
    Consultation and discussion on other cashless payment-related collaboration
    Consultation and discussion on collaboration in the insurance field

    Consultation and discussion on sales of products offered by Japan Post on Rakuten-operated websites
    Consultation and discussion on accepting order applications for products sold on Rakuten Ichiba at post offices

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    ShopStyle is a subsidiary of Rakuten Reward