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SugarBud Craft Growers Corp. (RLLRF)

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    Shipping to Ontario now within weeks. BIG BIG market we just landed! Online sales to. 🥂🥂🥂👍💪💪💪💪👊
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    Put out some DD to reddit guys. Didnt advise anyone (dont worry SEC!). This is what I put out: (also a good read for any new investors to SUGR)

    $SUGR (Sugarbud Craft Cannabis) - Rating: EXTREMELY bullish - Consolidation break soon - A short DD
    Stock Info
    Hey guys,

    This is a Canadian cannabis play. US TICKER IS $RLLRF

    Sugarbud has been crushing it lately. They are due to break out of consolidation when earnings release at the end of this month / early next month. This is a huge oppertunity IMO and am so extremely bullish on it. This is a 1-5 year play depending on when you want to get out, but *in my opinion* this will be $1.50 - $2.50 in 2-5 years. The volume is increasing, with the majority of days doubling the average trade volume. Lots being bought, not lots being sold.

    Shares are currently in consolidation around 6-7 cents.

    Recent news:

    - 02/16/21 - Partnered with Velvet Management Inc (https://www.globenewswire.com/news-release/2021/02/16/2175919/0/en/Sugarbud-Expands-National-Distribution-Reach-Announces-Sales-Agency-Partnership-With-Velvet-Management-Inc.html)

    *They will be shipping nationwide soon, profits are going to boom*

    -02/18/21 - Selling in Yukon through YLC (https://www.globenewswire.com/news-release/2021/02/18/2177873/0/en/Sugarbud-Expands-Distribution-Announces-Supply-Agreement-with-Yukon-Liquor-Corporation.html)

    They are in 3 provinces right now, and their stock price is based on earnings made in one singular quarter of last year. The company is incredibly well managed and laser focued. They have been meeting their phase plans and crushing them, look back at what they set out vs where they are now. They are exactly on track.


    -Aeroponic stacked grow (4 plants stacked vertically) meaning they can produce as much as a bigger greenhouse with less room, and have managed to do it cheaper - most growers produce for ~$2-$3.50 / per gram. Sugarbud does it for ~$1.50

    -Processed only by hand - Hand trimmer, hang dried, cold cured for 14-28 days and then packaged in glass

    -Focused on high quality, high terpene, high THC strains. (exactly what the market needs & wants)

    -Craft cannabis at a mid tier price (for the market as it stands currently) - around $40-45 per 3.5 grams.

    -Outstanding genetics, have partnered with Phylos Bioscience Inc. Have a pool of over 400 different high quality cultivars(https://www.globenewswire.com/news-release/2019/01/31/1708230/0/en/SugarBud-Announces-Strategic-Relationship-With-Phylos-Bioscience-Inc-Regarding-the-Characterization-and-Analysis-of-SugarBud-s-Genetic-Library.html)

    -License to sell themselves should be approved ~Q3 this year

    -Cannabis 2.0 vapes (final product and license already approved) are due to be released ~Q3 this year

    -Craft concentrate products due to be released ~Q4 this year (license approved)

    -Low debt & strong balance sheet

    -Where they are being sold currently, they are sold out



    Check it out and let me know what you guys think. This is the last gem in the Canadian Cannabis space IMHO, hop on and enjoy the ride. If you dont thats fine too, just give us some high fives on our way up and Ill make sure to do the same, im sure youve got a gem waiting to explode as well!

    Hope everyone is in the green today.
    CALGARY, Alberta, Feb. 16, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Sugarbud Craft Growers Corp. (TSXV: SUGR, SUGR.WT, SUGR.WS, SUGR.DB) ("Sugarbud" or the "Company") is...
    CALGARY, Alberta, Feb. 16, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Sugarbud Craft Growers Corp. (TSXV: SUGR, SUGR.WT, SUGR.WS, SUGR.DB) ("Sugarbud" or the "Company") is...
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    in w 311,111 shares. was gonna sell 111,111 shares at 0.075 w 100% return but cancelling that order now. gonna hold for at least another full yr report
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    Sales starting next week in BC and Ontario. Doesn’t get much better! No brainer revenue will be up! Just a matter of how high. 10 x
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    They have National sales agreements with 2 companies now, Cannmart Inc and Velvet! Low debt and a great product! Revenue is going to increase exponentially. This 6 cents is a joke. Can’t believe people are selling at that level. This one is a hard hold for me. 👍. Don’t want that feeling when your not in the train and it leaves the station.
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    Was talking to the owner of a shop here at home in Alberta about SUGR, great news she got some brought in and will continue to stock her shop 👍🏼🇨🇦
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    bc will be a tell tail sign of how good there product is considering bc I full of premium flower
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    nice week
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    Ontario is ours! You know it is a big one when it comes out on close!
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    Principal Skinner
    Sold out in Banff, AB right now. Staff favourites from many dispensaries according to SUGR's Instagram account. This will be the summer of Seymour
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    Well that's good news.
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    cant wait for earnings in march then Q3 & Q4 of this year. this thing is so under rated. 11 mil shorts will lose quite soon, should provide a bump too. If you buy, trust me, hold it.
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    Now officially have 650,000 shares up from 150,000 at the beginning of the month. Solid earnings should put this at 0.15 easily. If you HOLD, it will go to at least 0.40 - 0.45 by the end of the year. If earnings STAY solid and they create more distribution deals...$1.50 - $2.00 by 2025 (to be safe). Hold hold hold. Let the short sellers sell. Big boys will buy the dips!
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    anyone know which strains they grow?
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    Great news keeps coming..
    now let's GO!!
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    Show us some revenue and we will be off to the races! Distribution is now in place across the country with the new alliance’s announced recently. We are sitting good and will move up quickly with sales in place.
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    This will move very soon. Stock up on the cheapies.
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    Holding up very well. I’m impressed.