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RumbleON, Inc. (RMBL)

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40.30+1.34 (+3.44%)
At close: 4:00PM EDT
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  • D
    Dick Done-Wright
    We all know an equity dilution is coming to pay for part of the acquisition. So why not wait to buy when the stock dips on the announcement of the equity dilution/share offering?
  • m
    RIDENOW generating approximately $899.4 million in total revenue, $90.3 million in net income in 2020. Based on this alone it should be valued at 1B+. P/S industry average is sitting at 1.2-1.5 for the industry. This combined company will have 900m+840m(rmbl 2019) = 1.7B in sales x factor = 2B minimum valuation. The merger will create horizontal synergies and reduce costs for RMBL resulting in increased profits. Steal of the century here.

    Current valuation after merger = 2.2m shares currently + 5.8M shares after deal = 8m shares at 50 bucks = 400m market cap. For what will be a 2B in sales company that will be generating income.
  • R
    Robert Duvall
    This stock price makes no sense....I know it's a relatively unknown stock.....you can tell that just by the volume.....Ric has got it right....$3.49 in 2016....with only $7M in sales annually....they now had $270M in just one quarter.....I agree with Ric.....I don't get it.....other than it's being deliberately driven down here by market makers to pick up cheap shares and this thing is going to explode one day.... with or without news.....
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  • B
    We're looking at a company with potential $1 Billion revenues that posted a profit in the last quarter. Should be valued at $5 billion market cap sometime next year.. That's 100X investment today my friends.
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    bitcoin tulips
    Sold my 2015 Mercedes through Rumble platform. Super easy. Got my check real fast.
    Stock should head higher like other online used car sellers.
    Target $60
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    Robert Duvall
    It's curious that insiders aren't buying down here....same quarter last year RMBL was at almost $11.00.....when they did $14M for the quarter.....this past quarter was $270M for the quarter.....almost 20X more......and the share price is the lowest ever.......?????
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    A reverse stock split often signals a company in distress since it raises the value of otherwise low-priced shares.
    The desire to increase share prices to remain relevant and to avoid being delisted are the most common reasons for corporations to pursue this strategy.
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    Ducky Davis
    I bailed out as fast as I could this morning at .5350. New stock offering of 18 million shares at .57 dilutes close to 50% plus now no chance of regaining listing compliance. Good luck to all. I did make money by flipping this several timing the last couple of months
  • M
    I'm don't get it. It popped yesterday an falls by half today. What gives why such big sell off for?
  • Y
    A huge volume holding tomorrow of course will in no way sell at such a price waiting for $ 50
  • G
    I hate to say it but I posted on this very board 2 months ago that RMBL would be trading at 1.00 and things have only gotten worse since I made that statement. I think the only thing left to do is get 3 dozen U hauls and call it a day because I have read all the reports and I do not believe current management is capable of making this venture profitable I hope I am wrong but I don't believe I am just my honest opinion and I wish everyone the best.
  • G
    Few questions Harry what has changed from the time the stock has fallen from $11 to below $1 ? Has the company stopped losing money nothing I have read has indicated that to me. Has the company resolved there cash burn rate and have they stated they will not need further funding I have not heard or seen that anywhere. Bottom line is nothing has changed so be very careful before buying this stock. Understand that management and large shareholders know they need to keep the share price above $1.00 or they will be delisted and that would be the end off to OTC land. Just my honest opinion wish everyone the best.
  • A
    The only publicly traded ultraviolet light disinfectant company Vyst is being discovered!!!
  • K
    "HTGM" take a look, earnings after the bell, excessive walkdown for shares?? we shall see, Solid Cash position and balance sheet. im in.
  • K
    K B
    its just consolidating. low volume = slow price moves. once those sales numbers get better then it will move big.
  • a
    I gotta learn my lesson... in these stocks that boom overnight, I always buy in, and my fear when I see the price dive a little cause me to sell for a minor loss. Have I had patience, I could have turned this into a nice W. Good luck to everyone trading this and be careful. I hope you all are able to take profit!
  • a
    Bought a little but this is now ripe for a secondary offering

    Hope I’m wrong
  • S
    35M volume and price is dropping. This was a mistake!
  • M
    Long and strong lets hope im right.