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Rockwell Medical, Inc. (RMTI)

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  • Heard on the Street----Ravich convinces BOD to make sweeping changes to assure stockholder gains.

    Rumor has it that Mark Ravich has convinced Rockwell's BOD to mix Triferic powder into a solution of Calcitriol so that one injection of the mixture will prevent the need for IV iron and prevent Vitamin D deficiency at the same time. It is reported that Chioini is delighted with this proposal. Chioini stated, "This proposal will revolutionize the the dialysis industry once we gain FDA approval. We expect FDA approval within the next few weeks. We plan to withhold Triferic and Calcitriol from the market until then. It is better to wait and do things right than to worry about making money. We know our stockholders will understand."
  • FYI .....From equities dot com ..Friday the 23rd posted by CB2 on St....

    Rockwell Medical Inc. (RMTI) Moves Higher on Volume Spike for June 23

    Rockwell Medical Inc. (RMTI) traded on unusually high volume on Jun. 23, as the stock gained 3.27% to close at $8.52. On the day, Rockwell Medical Inc. saw 314,399 shares trade hands on 1,163 trades. Considering that the stock averages only a daily volume of 196,959 shares a day over the last month, this represents a pretty significant bump in volume over the norm.

    Generally speaking, when a stock experiences a sudden spike in trading volume, it may be seen as a bullish signal for investors. An increase in volume means more market awareness for the company, potentially setting up a more meaningful move in stock price. The added volume also provides a level of support and stability for price advances.

    The stock has traded between $8.98 and $3.55 over the last 52-weeks, its 50-day SMA is now $7.52, and its 200-day SMA $6.55. Rockwell Medical Inc. has a P/B ratio of 8.78.
  • YAWN...............Hopefully our NEW BOD member shed some light on what is REALLY going on with Triferic and Calcitrol lack of execution
  • Let's see if we get any positive stock movement by EOD as they did exactly what I mentioned so far on Friday. Closed a gap and we've been down. The weekly does look great as confirmed by cb2 on ST as well.

    I know most don't care that much about this day to day stuff but let's keep that chart looking strong and let's get some positive news to make it stronger!
  • PUMPS BETTER BUY AT ANY PRICE----Latest word from Wixom is that the announcement planned for today by FOX and NBC News TV Trucks will be delayed until tomorrow so that the big news on Triferic and Calcitriol both can be made. The announcements will show that Rob has transformed the dialysis business.
  • I hear that some poster who lives near the Rmti headquarters in Wixom reported that two TV trucks, one from FOX and one from NBC, had pulled into the HQ parking lot and were running cables and microphones around. Could this be that Rob will make a significant announcement concerning something? He could make an announcement tonight but most likely around 9:00am in the morning before the market opens. Any ideas what is going on?
  • "yahoo reader", YOU HAD BETTER BUY AND TELL McFRY he's better buY whether his funds have cleared the bank or not. This is like getting Amazon or Microsoft way back at $8.25. Think of all the stock splits, a $50 PPS and dividends. SEE YOU AT OUR BIG REUNION.
  • IN the last minutes there was either a purchase for 150,000 shares or a short buying to cover trying to make a run for it. I like that nobody big is selling this stock anymore...so if it's shorts or longs, this price is going to move fast..I trade some but have a 1000 shares that I don't touch. But yeah this stock I think is about ready to run..
  • why the sudden POP at 3:45 ?
  • Ode to "yahoo reader"------in rhyme.
    Yahoo Reada saw Ms. Seema and they talked bout his big dreama.
    What he got was not his dreama although his butt got one big reama.
  • Is this the CALM before the storm?
  • 91,554 shares traded today. Pathetic
    Volume is driven by the news and the analysts.
    There aren't any analysts and there ain't any news.
    Vibes not good !
  • Moose, you have vibes, don't you? Or at least you did. You knew about the block of unhappy shareholders way back and that was a vibe. You mean to tell me you no longer have vibes populating your ears?

    Phoenix, aren't you the one drilling it into our heads, or at least attempting to, that you'll be buying RMTI down at $3? Why has it based up to $8? Maybe because your fear-mongering didn't work?
  • I know we're talking about China here, but thoughts on whatever information was presented for the acceptance of ESA sparing and how maybe a friendlier US FDA or healthcare system might receive this same information?

    announced today that it received notice from the State Intellectual Property Office of the People's Republic of China (SIPO) that patent claims relating to ESA Sparing, Compositions and Use for Triferic have been accepted for grant in China.
  • Just an observation regarding Richard (RMG). Has the board noticed that he has not posted while RMTI is on the rise? To me he is an obvious representation of someone who is part of the short manipulation of Rockwell. He will only show up when RMTI is getting hit and then post doom and gloom.

  • OOPSs --It might have been stock SALES @ $7.20 rather than " BUYS " --
  • Admirable

    You need to change your name - how about "Discreditable". I assume u sold your holding at $8.27. No need to post your comments going forward
  • FYI the short interest barely moved down just over 19k shares. I don't have it in front of me but looked a short while ago it remains near the lowest data points in the last 12 months according to the Nasdaq site.
  • I would only add that there is some comfort in a rising price but the volume is terrible. Whatever happens it will be either spectacular or disastrous.
    Either no shares to buy or no one to buy our shares.
    One thing I know for sure is that our new company governance policy is all bs, so don't expect to hear anything you can rely on.
  • FYI ..More on Trump and drug pricing . From CNBC 42 minutes ago.

    Trump drug pricing order may be weeks away
    The White House may wait until after the Senate calls a vote on health reform before issuing an executive order on drug pricing.
    The proposals focus on policies such as value-based pricing instead of major changes like seeking to give Medicare the power to negotiate on the price of drugs.
    Donald Trump made several campaign promises about targeting the price of prescription drugs. Now, he plans to make good on those promises, sources say, but any action may be weeks away and lack the teeth that scared investors away from the biotech sector.

    The White House may wait until after the Senate calls a vote on health reform before issuing an executive order on drug pricing, according to people familiar with the administration's approach, who asked to remain anonymous as the plans aren't yet public.

    Moreover, the proposals being considered don't address major changes such as seeking to give Medicare the power to negotiate on the price of drugs, focusing instead on policies such as value-based pricing.